5 Places To Stay In Maldives

January 29th, 2015 by cooldude

maldives travelThe Republic of Maldives is located in the Asian sub continent which consist of a list of twenty five atolls which are arranged in a north to south direction between the Indian and the Arabian Ocean and which is situated between the Island of Minicoy and the archipelago of Chagos.

Among the five places that one can wish to visit in the Maldives are the Shangri-La’s Villingili, the Kurumba Maldives, the Gili Lankanfushi Maldives and the Kandooma Maldives and last but not the least the Velassaru Maldives.

a) Shangri-La’s Villingili which is located in the southern most part of the Maldives is one of the biggest and best resorts in the Maldives that offers great and spectacular services. The Shangri la Villingili has a great water villa and is lined with spectacular beaches which are a home of spectacular and coloured water creatures.

b) The Kurumba is another famous island in the Maldives which is famous for its coconut trees and other palm beaches. One particular aspect of Kurumba is that it is extremely gorgeous .The Kurumba Island offers a whole range of water sports like water skiing, jet skiing and so on and so forth.

c) The Gili Lankan fushi Maldives this island is famous because of its advanced open water diving which it offers in the safest possible manner. Among the other items which are offered among the water sports are the super fast rides on the speed boat. In addition to this the food which is offered on this resort is of spectacular quality and the service is also world class. However the major attraction of this particularly spectacular island is its Dive and Water sports section.

D) Kandooma Maldives is one such place in the Maldives which is extremely serene, sublime blissful as well as breath taking. This particular place is very quiet and private and tries to explore the personal dimension of man. The kandooma Maldives is like heaven on earth with its white sand beaches quiet waters as well as first class amenities.

e) Velassaru Maldives is another very cool and comfortable place in the Maldives with its beaches, reefs, palm and coconut trees, speedboats, scuba diving. The food that is found in this particularly stunning place in the Maldives is extremely delicious and mouth watering. The experience that one gathers from being in a place like this is truly spectacular and heart warming.

Thus the five places which are mentioned above constitute the best places to stay in the Maldives Islands which is rich in its white sand beaches, water sports, ranging from scuba diving to jet skinning water skiing, speed boating, ocean rafting and so on and so forth. In addition to the variety of sports and games which are found in these islands of Maldives the food and drinks which are found in these islands are world class in quality. The Islands in Maldives therefore make up a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining holiday experience for all and sundry.

6 Places To Visit In Virginia

November 3rd, 2014 by cooldude

travel to VirginiaVirginia is hailed for lovers and so for dirty dancing. There are lots of fun things about Virginia as there is a large number of amusement parks. It attracts tourists all over the place. There are places in Virginia which has been hailed as World Heritage Sites. Under the safest places in Virginia comes the town of Virginia, Blacksburg, Falls Church and others. As far as attractions are concerned canal walk, battlefield park of Manassas, bridges and gardens galore, shops, legacy of the colonial world, museums, libraries and national cemetery are attractions.

1. Virginia Marine Science Museum - to see aquarium you must visit the place as you can see sharks and the entire environment of the marine life is awesome. It is hailed as the top most aquariums in the country. It is a habitat for live animals. Marshy habitat, aviary and trail of nature are also found. Trips on boats for watching dolphins and sharks are also found. Along with adventure it becomes educational.

2. DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum - in Williamsburg huge collection of objects is found. Antiques of the American and British era, silver, pewter and porcelain along with firearms of civilian and military are also stacked up. Adjacent to the museum is Rockfeller art and Museum where folk art of the American culture is to be seen.

3. Virginia University - Charlottesville nestles the University of Virginia. Around the sprawling space Palladian architecture is evident. It is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the terraced lawn undoubtedly which is the highlight. From the grounds Carter Mountain can be seen. It also comes under top universities publicly.

4. Shenandoah Caverns - there is a gift shop in the cavern and in elevator which brings you down. It is the red limestone surrounding the passage. The hall of it is S shaped, long galleries, ceiling that are soaring and gravel path of white and red colour. At the end of the cave you will find lots of adventures to indulge in. There is a museum there too which houses polar bears of nine feet tall.

5. County of Fairfax - there are a host of tourist sites to witness in Fairfax county. All about history, music and art are to be found in Fairfax and no wonder you are thrown back to the novel of The Mayor of Casterbridge.

6. Virginia Beach - the beaches of Virginia are maintained well. There are vendors all across the place who sells umbrellas, chairs of sling-back, biggie boards and this is the place which nestles the themed park and the water park.

Be it the beaches, fun activities, rural charm or beautiful restaurants Virginia has got it all under one roof. It truly is an inspiration for the lovers so much so that it has become an anthem almost. From Norfolk you can view the ocean facing beach which is a marvel to glare at. You have museum called the Nauticus nearby. Sea beach, ocean beach and hordes of other beaches still remain a top draw.

Where To Go In San Francisco

September 13th, 2014 by cooldude
The world famous Golden Gate in San Francisco

Among the most famous travel destinations in the USA, San Francisco holds a good position. The city is located on the coast of San Francisco Golden GateCalifornia. The place is known for its moderate climate, one with chilly winters and warm summers. It has steep streets that overlook beautiful views of the surroundings mountains. The city’s huge array of activities, attractions and personality-infused neighborhoods appeal to tourists of all ages. There are a number of tourist attractions in San Francisco .some of them include:

• Alcatraz: It is a small island that is situated in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California, USA. The rocky island rises to an average height of 135ft approximately. It has served as many different purposes. Initially it used to be a lighthouse, then it became a site of military fortification. Soon, it became a military prison and then a federal prison. It has always been a site of landmark and national recreation. At present the place is a historic site that is operated by the national park service. It is open to tourists and visitors. The island can be reached by a ferry ride. The ferry runs from Fisherman’s Wharf located in San Francisco.

• The Napa Valley: California is one of the most famous places as vine-growing areas. Currently the valley proudly features three hundred wineries. It grows many varieties of grapes. Some of the grape types are Chardonnay, Sauvignon and other famous kinds too are grown. Almost five million and more people visit this valley every year.

• Ride the cable cars: the best way to see the steep hills of San Francisco is by taking a ride of its world famous cable cars. You can observe and enjoy the traditional feel of the place. It is so good to see how the people still use their old historic means of transportation to travel from one side to another. This makes it one of the top things that you would want to do in San Francisco.

Mars exploratorium San francisco

The exploratorium in San Francisco lets you see microscopic imaging and explore the planet of Mars in details

• Aquarium: You could spend a day enjoying at the marine nature center. You get a chance to be close to the sharks, bat rays and many other animals. The clear acrylic tunnels that have been made allows you to have a personal experience. There are almost 20,000 marine animals that live in the filtered water of the bay. This is a place that represents the diversity of ecosystems and aquatic life.

• Exploratorium: It is a place that hosts microscopic imaging station. It also lets you enjoy the adventures of the Mars Rover. You might think of it as a place for science lovers and nerds but you shall be amazed to see how it can take you by awe. It is an iconic destination where the cow’s eye dissection display and many more such things are a must watch.

• Golden Gate Bridge: it is one San Francisco’s most renowned landmark. It is a bridge that can be crossed in cars, by bike or on foot and over 9 million visitors come here to be a part of it. You can enjoy the view of San Francisco from the bridge.

Three Must Visit Countries In Your Trip To Europe

July 25th, 2014 by cooldude

Trip To EuropeAlthough Europe is one of the smallest continents in the world there is a lot that it has to offer. There are profound differences between the cultures and ways of life in its countries. Central Europe is eager to welcome you to discover its treasures. The Pyrenees mountains straddle the border between France and Spain while the Balkan Peninsula forms the southeast part of Europe encompassing its different cultures. It has some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches to the most adventurous places. It has something for every mood and every kind of person. Some of the top countries that you should visit in your trip to Europe are:


For half-timbered medieval towns to cosmopolitan cities, Germany offers a perfect mix of modernity and tradition. Every part of Germany has something different to offer. In the north there are the perfect coast lines, the east much history of the world wars, the west has got the big cities and splendid architecture and lastly there are beautiful alps and wonderful castles to the south. The whole of Germany seems to be architecturally well-made. It is a wonderful blend of historic sites as well as modern architecture. It has the biggest zoo in entire Europe. It also has the third largest theme park and the largest roller-coaster ride. So, if you think that Germany is all about history, it is not. There is a lot of other fun things to do.


If not in the whole world atleast in Europe Italy has the richest history. It has the most number of UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country in the world. Italy has always been a very popular tourist spot and so people there tend to have taken it for granted and have stopped working hard for tourism. Italy opens its arms wide open for everybody and gives a warm welcome. However, the closed-mindedness of people can sometimes be rude and problematic. Italy is famous for its food and culture and you could spend weeks and still feel that you are missing out on something. It is a place for awe-inspiring art that influenced western civilization and stunning historical ruins and also for the best wine. It offers the most bang for the buck.


It is one of the most visited places with millions of tourists every year. Besides the fashion and film festivals there is great food and great places to visit in and around France. There are quite a few things you could do with family too. Some of the major attractions being the Eiffel Tower and the French Rivera, the beautiful lush gardens, the Disneyland Paris, the Champs Eyleys and many more. It has a cold climate with the tallest mountain in Europe. The language commonly spoke is French. The language can at times be a burden and a problem. However leaving that all side, all in all you are missing out a lot if you miss this country.

Attractions of Taiwan

May 3rd, 2014 by cooldude

Attractions of TaiwanAre you looking forward to enjoy a perfect summer holiday with your family abroad that too within an economy budget? Well, forget about Malaysia, Bangkok or Pattaya. Taiwan is the newest tourist hotspot that offers a large array of attractive destinations right from fun parks, forest, memorials, temples, parks and gardens, islands and many more. If you do not want to miss out the popular tourist sites in Taiwan, then read the following details and know about the must-visit spots in Taiwan.

Mountains and rivers: If you love visiting mountains and enjoy its scenic beauty then you can visit Alishan Mountain, the major rock range of Taiwan. On the other hand, if rock climbing is your fetish, you can visit Mount Dabajian, Mount Shou or Mount Yu. These are places to try out different adventurous venture in Taiwan. Fengshan is the main river of Taiwan. It draws sizeable tourist round the year, sitting beside calm and quite Love River can revive your romanticism in Taiwan.

Yehliu Geopark: If you want witness how weathering changes the architecture of a geographical region, then visiting Yehliu Geopark should be your primary objective in Taiwan. Weathering by air has created magnificent limestone structures in this park.

Night market in Taichung: Shopping is an integral part of visiting any foreign country. It is applicable for Taiwan too. If you visit the Fengjja night market, you will arrive at the shoppers’ paradise. You name it, you get it is the theme of Fengjja night market, which remains open with full of glitz and glamour all the night every day. Right from latest electronic gadgets to fancy apparels, wines everything is available in this place which witnesses plenty of tourists round the year. Happening night clubs, pubs, indoor games corners, casinos are also available in Fengjja night market.

Beaches: Taiwan is the place where every natural beauty touches your feet. If you love long beaches, sea shore full of white sand and cerulean sky, then you can visit Chihsingtan beach. You can enjoy sumptuous sea food in the seaside eateries at this beach. Fullong beach is also famous among couples visiting Taiwan for the first time. This beach is comparatively less crowded and quiet.

Alternative jaunts: If you love aqua world, then visiting national marine biology museum of Taiwan in Pingtung Town could be another option. Peace memorial park, Whale Cave also attracts tourists significantly.

Top 10 travel destinations in South Asia

February 14th, 2014 by cooldude

travel destinations in South AsiaSouth Asia mainly comprises the countries which lie between the Indian Ocean and the Himalayan Range and the Indus river valleys and the Ganga. It is a triangular shaped landmass that has some of the best destinations which you may visit. Given below are the top ten travel destinations in South Asia:

• Bangkok- this place is full of Buddhist temples which are exquisitely decorated. The gourmet meal together with the dance and architecture makes this place a must visit. The nightclubs and the restaurants are amazing and you should never miss Siam Niramit, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and The Grand Palace.

• Tokyo- Tokyo is an exciting place to be in with its modern drabness. When you visit Tokyo you should first visit The Imperial Palace which is home to the Emperor. In addition to this the Edo Tokyo Museum should also be visited. The Sensoji Temple also attracts many tourists as it is the oldest temple in the city. You should also see the Tokyo Tower and Meiji Jingu.

• Beijing- the works of Kublai Khan and the historical artifacts which are present in Beijing are some of the reasons why this place is so popular. It is home to some historical places such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Hall of Preserving Harmony and many other places. You should not miss out on the Great Wall of Mutianyu, the Temple of Heaven and The Palace Museum.

• Shanghai- it is regarded as the modern face of China which is filled with people who love shopping and good food. It has a beeline of stores, fashionable restaurants and the city is always fun filled. The Bund, Shanghai Museum and Oriental Pearl Tower should not be missed when you visit Shanghai.

• Siem Reap- it is a fast growing city and the night life here is wonderful. It has some ancient temples which make the city all the more beautiful. The Angkor Archaeological Park, the Bayon Temple and the Angkor Wat are some places which you must visit when you are in Siem Reap.

• Chiang Mai- the restaurants, hotels, trendy bars and ancient temples are the main attraction here. Patara Elephant Farm, Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra That Doi Suthep are also some important places where you can visit.

• Hong Kong- it is home to some of the best restaurants and bakeries and it is widely known for the egg tarts, pineapple buns and fish balls. Some of the beautiful places to visit in Hong Kong are Hong Kong Skyline, Victoria Harbor and Big Buddha.

• Singapore- it is a busting Petropolis but is also one of the safest and cleanest cities in South Asia. Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore Zoo and National Orchid Garden are some of the great places where the tourists visit when they are in Singapore.

• Kyoto- this is a very romantic place with some great destinations to visit such as Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple and Golden Pavilion.

• Male- this is an island in Maldives and is filled with beautiful places like National Museum, Dive The World Maldives and Male Fish Market.

Honeymoon trip to Mexico

December 30th, 2013 by cooldude

Honeymoon trip to MexicoNewly married? Looking for options where you can go for a lovely honeymoon? But do not want it to empty your pockets totally? Well the answer you are looking for might just be Mexico. Mexico being a very short plane ride from most cities in the US, travelling expenses might be pretty nominal. Also its beaches and its beauty make Mexico an ideal honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. Below are some of the most romantic locations for a honeymoon in Mexico.

Banyan Mayakoba Riviera Maya

The Banyan Mayakoba Riviera Maya is a resort located on the Yucatan Peninsula shore and can be reached by a shuttle ride from the Cancun International Airport. The resort has over 130 private pool villas, each providing a view of the Caribbean Sea. It also has other facilities such as spa treatments and golf courses. 10 minutes ahead of the resort and you will find Playa del Carmen, a fun place for you to spend the day off from the resort with your spouse.

Valentin Imperial Maya

This might be the ideal place for your honeymoon, because the Valentin Imperial Maya resort is a strictly adults only resort. It is located on a beach, the Playa del Secreto (Secret Beach), and is not far from Cancun. Here you and your spouse can enjoy nine restaurants, eleven bars, two swimming pools and a direct access to the beach. The resort being all inclusive, you can enjoy everything that it has to offer.

El Dorado Maroma

45 minutes south of the Cancun Airport is the El Dorado Maramo, one of the most romantic resorts in Mexico, and again strictly adults. You can choose from a variety of suites, such as Jacuzzi suites and Oceanside view suites. If you do not want to just relax on the beach, you can participate in diving, kayaking and sports fishing with your better half.

Exciting Vacation to California

December 1st, 2013 by cooldude

Vacation to CaliforniaThe conditions of California are very favorable to go travelling in the vacations. Tourism is the main source of earnings for the people in California. No matter what you want to enjoy, you will definitely find here. You will find over 120 beaches and some of them are over 1000 miles long in length. Some of the must places to visit are:

a) Hidden Valley: This place is located in the Joshua Tree National Park which is surrounded on all sides by walls of granite. The sold rock that is found here has enough of places for holding by hands and foot so it is a very exciting place for rock climbers. This national park is located is located in a desert area near Los Angeles. This place also has boulders jumbled up in the way of building blocks and hence it is also a favorite spot for boulder climbers.
b) Coronado Beach: This island is linked to San Diego by a bridge. This is a very enjoyable place for surfing, sailing, playing volleyball, riding bike and basking in the sun. There are residential areas, restaurants and boutiques. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the pacific ocean.
c) The thousand Island Lake is located in the Inyo National Forest. This alpine lake was made famous by the black and white photography of Ansel Adam. This forest is located in the Sierra Nevada region of California. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Banner Peak and the volcanic geology. Fishing is a very famous sport here. You can also grill the fish for your dinner.
d) Sea Ranch in Sonoma County: This place is located at a distance of about 100 miles from San Francisco, It can be a very important holiday spot. There houses are built with timber frames and the use of unpainted wood is done on the exteriors of the house.

Tips to mind while traveling with tiny tots

November 21st, 2013 by cooldude

traveling with tiny totsDo you have a proposed journey or travel schedule in the pipeline? Are you kind of worried because you have got tiny tots to take care of? Well it appears that you tend to have some ungrounded fears. Having tiny tots is a situation but it cannot ruin the mirth that you are going to have. Here are some of the most important tips to mind while traveling with tiny tots. Keep a close eye on them.

• In the first place you are definitely going to make it sure that you are going to keep certain important things with you. You do need to carry antibacterial soaps, clothes, liquids, sick bags, toilet rolls as well as all other vital stuffs. You bet that they are going to come real handy during the travel.
• You do need to make it a point that you are going to select or pick up a light schedule. If the itinerary is light then the kids are not going to get bored up. Chances are that they are not going to fall ill as well.
• You do need to make it a point that you are going to carry a particularly beneficial stuff which happens to be none other than the rubbish bags. You bet that they are going to come real handy during the travel.
• You do need to make it a point that you are going to halt at some museums. Zoos, theme parks etc. As a matter of fact, these are the exact places which are going to act as attractions to them. You bet that your kids are going to like them very much.

These are definitely the most important tips to mind while traveling with tiny tots, Make it sure that you are not at all going to skimp on these vital ones. They are really going to make your travel or journey an experience to cherish in your memory.

Why go to Amsterdam?

October 27th, 2013 by cooldude

Amsterdam travelAmsterdam offers an unforgettable trip to everyone who set their feet in this city. Given its splendid attractions this Dutch capital manages to attract eager tourists all throughout the year and never lets them go back without the most beautiful experience. Amsterdam the capital city of Netherlands is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, doing anything here would give you something to remember forever. Whether it be taking a trip to the national museum, just waking by the canals or even having a good cuppa from any of the cafes of the city- any of this would fill you with a good mood.

An enchanting garden called Begijhnof is a must see place in Amsterdam. This beautiful garden is planted in the midst of the archaic Dutch houses. The serenity and calmness surrounding this place takes you away to a whole new world-A world without the usual chaos and hubbub of city life. The Van Gogh museum is another must see place in Amsterdam. If you are interested in art and architecture this is the place you should not miss. This museum contains the largest collection of the paintings of Van Gogh. There are around 550 sketches and 200 paintings and letters from the artist. The Dutch capital also has this very interesting must-visit Anne Frank house.

Amsterdam is also referred to as ‘the Venice of the North’. This is because of the most famous attraction here being the 3 main canals and a number of its counterparts which make up the main tourist destination. You can either cycle along the canals or plan out a cruise, both will be worth it. Then there is the National museum of Netherlands- Rijksmuseum which you must visit. It has works from the 17th century which is marked as the golden era of the Dutch.

These sightseeing places make Amsterdam worth visiting.