Tips on Saving Money while Traveling Europe

December 14th, 2016 by wholeworld

Saving on Traveling Europe

Planning of travelling to Europe? Europe is probably one of the most popular regions for traveling in the world. Europe is so popular for beautiful small towns, impressive history, easy transportation and live pubs. Trust me, it’s a great place for visiting if you’re planning for your first trip to abroad, because the system of transposition is excellent and the tourist infrastructure is some of the best in the world. There’s a great path to watch different diversities in things to do and see in Europe. so if you’re facing limited amount of money or budget and time, it’s advisable for picking up your destination to travel very wisely. Some of the areas to abroad are more expensive as compared to others, so if you’re picking up the right cities and countries, you’ll definitely find that your money will take you a lot more farther than your expectations. Travelling to Europe will help you in determining your budget accurately without spending much more from your pockets.

Save money while travelling Europe:

  • If you’re short of time and want to enjoy the most out of your traveling tour in Europe, it’s advisable of heading towards the northern areas of Europe. It’s really easy to fly to London because there are plenty of connections of flights that are usually cheaper in price. Spend some of your time in London by exploring the city and visiting its beautiful museums for increasing the satisfaction ratio in your experience to Europe.
  • Europe outskirts

    Day time scenic view of Europe

    There are many cities close to London that you can fly over which comprise of less travel expenditure and you can easily get the transportation. You can also start your trip of travelling Europe by starting it from Prague. You can experience the rich and ancient history of the area. Then travel to the head south into the Budapest and live yourself up in the cosmopolitan city before moving to other destination.

  • For the backpacker’s budget. Europe has always proved to be expenditure over your travelling plan. Even some areas are more expensive than others, but wherever you travel there are certain tips which will help you ion saving your money. It is important for picking up the right place for travelling that will help you in saving your money.
  • One of the best ways to travel Europe is the check and keeping your cost in way of travelling in shoulder seasons. Generally it is advisable of travelling between the low and peak seasons. The weather in this type of season will be confortable for the travellers and most of the sites will be still open for the travellers to explore.
  • You will be able to enjoy a lot because the ratio of crowd will be minimal in that weather and will help be helpful in enjoying the attractions by yourself. Another way for keeping your food budget in check is to keep your lunch to be the largest meal of your day. In most of the large cities in the world, you can easily get the businessman’s lunch at a cheaper price.
  • It means that it will set off against the dessert, appetizers and main dish all in one. It is advisable of not eating or having your lunch at your hotel because they might be serving you will huge amount of price difference to be observed in the local food and the hotel food.
  • Then the dinner you skip or get the lighter one for saving on your budget. And if you’re travelling as couple, it might be cheaper for you to stay in hotel rather than staying at a hostel. The downside of this option is you might not get the kitchen to cook and would enjoy more privacy than the hostel.
  • Europe - Local food

    Local food in Europe

    For the matters of explore history, sports and shopping to Europe, check for your travelling tour and budget which you have decided. There are many reasons fir visiting Europe. As Europe is considered to be a place with rich history, which depicts some of the best museums in the world. a history or art architecture could help you spend days lost in this incredible designs of the museums.

  • If you’re on a budget, it’s advisable of doing some search ahead of the time. Even many of the museum trips have discount day once in a week or a month. Try out for scheduling your museum visit on that day that will help you in saving on your pockets.
  • Most of the touristy cities have the discount method and they even often help you to get discount or even free entrance into the museum including the other things. Europe is basically amongst the costliest countries to visit but there are still hidden gems where you can easily get by on backpacker’s budget.
  • Eastern Europe is one of the cheapest parts of Europe which you can plan for your trip. Consider exploring your trip to Baltics, where cities such as Tallinn offers with incredible history and offers a better nightlife view that draws the attention of young crowd.
  • In the southern most corners of Europe, country like Italy, and places like Naples, is more affordable as compared to the northern country parts. Cities of Europe are generally more expensive as compared to different small towns. if you’re planning of saving your money while travelling Europe, head outside of the big cities of Europe and look forward for some interesting and quaint small towns that offers a large selection in accommodation.
  • It is advisable of planning in ahead while traveling Europe. You’ll generally get the best rates on trains, flights, hotels if you make the reservations in advance. This involves more planning process before you head ahead for your trip. It might take away your little amount of flexibility, but it will help you in saving on your pocket in long run. It’s advisable doing some research before you travel to Europe, it will help you in knowing the basics of the place or country you are visiting for your travelling experience.

Top Destinations For Cruise Travel

November 10th, 2016 by Nicholas
Destinations for cruise travel

Places for cruise travel

Do you have any dream of sailing in the sunset being carefree and not thinking about the rest world? If you have any such dream, then the best way to get it fulfilled is going for a cruise travel. If you haven’t been on cruise till now and want to try something new in life then cruise travel is perfect fit for you. Cruise travel is really an experience on its own. Travelling in the deep blue waters, leaving the rest world behind with beautiful turtles and fishes, watching sunset in waters. Yes you might have imagined all this and felt like awww.. You can feel it in real by going on a cruise travel. A cruise travel also offers a great vacation as it involves almost everything from food to accommodation from transfers to entertainment, it has all included. One of the greatest advantages is that you can travel multiple destinations and you don’t have to go through the packing and unpacking every single time you leave a destination. It’s just like taking your home along with you on a vacation. If you have finally decided to go for a cruise travel then here is a list of few famous destinations for cruise travel. These are picked spots for cruise travel whichever destination you pick; you are going to enjoy your experience.

  • The Caribbean

One of the most popular destinations for cruise travel in the whole world is the Caribbean cruise ships. They operate all around the year in specific regions. A Caribbean cruise offer great value for your money as you can visit plenty of islands without even having to worry about visa, air tickets, hotel bookings and such other expenses. There are many Caribbean cruises like Dominica, Barbados, Jamaica, Mexico, Aruba and many others. You can pick any one from them. There are certain cruise travels which may also include a day on any of the private island half-moon cay which is famous for couples or castaway cay which is popular for family stay. Caribbean beaches also avail with the host for activities. It gives activities like horse riding on the shore of the beach and swimming with the dolphins.  A Caribbean cruise travel gives great getaway for family. Majority of the Caribbean cruise travel departs from the getaway ports in Florida. The best time to go for cruise travel to Caribbean is from November to May and the peak season is from December to April.

  • Alaska

Alaska is a great destination for cruise travel. The most gorgeous thing about Alaska is its breathtaking beautiful scenery, its wildlife and also its spectacular glaciers. Alaska is considered to be one of the best places to go for cruise travel. Opting for an Alaskan cruise can be a great introduction to one of the biggest state US. It is one of the most famous cruise travels in the whole world which comes after Caribbean. Cruise travel covers some of the amazing fjords, mountains, glaciers along with Alaska’s beautiful coastline and also the plenty of islands, inlets and bays. All of the cruises go along with the so called inside passage which is mind blowing labyrinth of islands, mountains and fjords. This route will start from the Vancouver and it will go all the way to Juneau which is quirky capital of Alaska. It will also include Glacier Bay National park. Some of the cruises will also go beyond the Juneau to Golf of Alaska. One week long cruise will also include on land tour by coach which includes on land tour by any coach which is followed by three days exploration of the Denali national Park. Alaska cruise travel generally departs from San Francisco Vancouver or Seattle. The best time to go for Alaska cruise travel is from May to the mid of September and peak season is from June to August.

  • The Mediterranean

Southern Europe is the spot for some sand, sun and cruise travel in the Mediterranean Sea, this are the best ways to enjoy this region. The natural beauty of this particular area will leave you amazed and it is really worth soaking yourself in the diverse culture of this country. From splendid Italy to sunny Spain From tiny Malta to vast Greek islands, Mediterranean cruise travel has it all. Eastern Mediterranean cruise travel basically include Greek island of Santorin, Turkey, Crete and Mykonos. Western Mediterranean cruise travel includes places like Rome, Venice, Sicily in Italy, Barcelona, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez. Southern cruise travel includes spots like Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. If you are looking for something luxurious then go for French Riviera or Italian where in you can run your shoulders with famous and rich people, may be you can find one or two celebrities over there. If you are having kids in tow, most of the cruises will have lots of entertainment options for kids on the shore and also ashore. Starting from video games to toys and books, from swimming to snorkeling and kayaking, the kids has many options. The departure of this cruise travel sails from many different ports based upon its routes. Barcelona, Lisbon, Athens, Venice are some of the departure points of this cruise travel. The best time to travel is from April to November and the perk season is from May to August.

  • Hawaii

Say aloha to this place by taking a cruise travel around the beautiful archipelago of eight major islands. It is formed because of the volcanic activity of an undersea mountain range. Hawaii is a place which is all about wild and natural beauty Most of the cruise travels covers the islands of Maui, Molokai, Kauai, Lanai, Oahu, Niihau and Kahoolawe. Each of the islands has something very different and unique to offer from gorgeous waterfalls in Maui to Haleakala national park, from hiking trails in Oahu to four wheel adventure trail in Kauai which also has impressive waimea canyon. Waikiki beach and Head Mountain are also worth visiting in Hawaii.

Top Cities To Visit In Asia For Budget Travel

October 27th, 2016 by Nicholas

Basically every destination in Asia outside of Japan will be affordable for most of the travellers. But as you cannot visit each and every destination Asia, just because it is affordable, you need some selected cities to visit in Asia. The main expense in any place would be its stay. In Asia, the hotels are also nice and budgeted and it is easier to find such hotels in Asia as compared to that of in other places. If you properly know how and where to find, you can easily get clean and lovely rooms at family run hotels which will charge just half of what you spent on hotel booking sites. Hence there are many cities to visit in Asia which avails you with such budgetary benefits but only if you know the right spots. To guide you with these cities here is a list of cities to visit in Asia for budget travel.

  • Hanoi, Vietnam

View of hanoi, vietnam

Scene of hanoi, vietnam

Hanoi is ancient city of Vietnam along with being the capital city. It has easy to visit and compact center which is a great mix of Asian and colonial architecture. However the motorbike traffic can feel really overwhelming for those persons who are new to Asia. It is one of the top cities to visit in Asia and it’s really fun to learn how to cross the road safely in daredevil fashion.  It is one of the top cities to visit in Asia because it also has notoriously excellent food. It has unarguably best street side Pho soup in the whole country. If you share the chair with local people on the sidewalk, you can eat really amazing food with really no cost. Even if you visit tourist restaurants, they also offer tasty food with reasonable rates. The places like Ho Chi Minh’s Tomb and the Hanoi Hilton prison are totally free or let’s say very cheap to visit and have fun from.

  • Goa, India

Eveneing view of goa, india

Beaches of goa, India

India usually refers to temples and culture but this western Indian state is not for religious excursions, in fact it is a fantastic place having cheap group of beach towns which are perfect for relaxing and chilling in sun. It has such a heady reputation but despite of this fact also there are virtually no chain restaurants or hotels which makes these place feels very authentic and local even though majority of the visitors are Europeans. This is one of the best cities to visit in Asia as there is no rule or restrictions regarding consumption of alcohol. In fact let’s say it’s a hub for alcohol. Goa is considered as a drinking paradise as it has giant alcohol bottles of kingfisher which costs just 2$ even at beach shacks. The hotels which are found at low end are very basic but of course better quality is available if you go for higher budgets.


  • Hoi An, Vietnam

Night view of hoi-an, vietnam

Night scene of hoi-an, vietnam

There are only few people who are not charmed by beauty of Vietnam. But for majority of the people, visit to Hoi is like a highlight to the whole Vietnam. This is small town and is a protected Chinese style fishing village which is a UNESCO heritage site. The modern city which surrounds Hoi also has a very pleasant feel along with budgeted hotels. It is one of the best cities to visit in Asia as it can give bit of a feel of Disneyland feel. This city is very much unique and extremely beautiful. The best thing here is its food which is one of the finest in Asia. There are certain local dishes of here which is nowhere else except here. You will be availed with farm fresh food and it will also be inexpensive. These is one of the best cities to visit in Asia on budget as it has the world’s cheapest beer which is known as Bia Hoi. Don’t miss out this one of the cheapest cities to visit in Asia.


  • Pokhara, Nepal

Beautiful view of pokhara, nepal

natural scene of pokhara, nepal

The basic highlight of Nepal for most of the people is its extraordinarily beautiful scenery and the trekking which goes along with it. Visitors generally fly to the capital of kathmandu but actually pokhara is the real tourism hub in Nepal and one of the best cities to visit in Asia. It is the starting point for majority of the treks including the very famous Annapura circuit. Most of the time travellers would be busy hiking all around majority of the time; it would be really tough to find an elegant and pleasant backpacker town like pokhara. It has a lakeside neighborhood which is really low key and is lined up with cheap restaurants and guesthouses. You will also get countless shops selling name brand trekking gear and souvenirs. The only issue is that it will rainy or chilly or hazy at least for six months in the whole year. Hence it is advisable to pick your dates very carefully while going to visit one of the best cities to visit in Asia.

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temples of chiang-mai, thailand

Evening view of chiang-mai, thailand

In between Bangkok and Thai islands, there lies an enormous shopping city and also a touristy beach area which is known as Chiang Mai. This is one of the best cities to visit in Asia as it has abundance of beautiful temples to visit along with being cheaper and low key. Hence its best place to visit in Asia for budget travels. It’s a good place to go and relax and enjoy the cool evenings along with the fascinated night markets. It’s also a great place for trekking in the area along with visiting small and less touristy places and hence it’s a great base for long trips. The food available in Chiang Mai is one of the highlight with little variation on majority of the popular dishes found in Bangkok and elsewhere with even lower prices. The weather of Chiang Mai is also beautiful which most of the people likes to visit. Thus while you are in Asia don’t forget to go at this one of the best cities to visit in Asia.



Best Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi

September 21st, 2016 by wholeworld

The capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi is well known in all premises. It is an industrial city supplying with attractive watersides too. It is stretches on a T-shaped area that comes in the premise of Persian Gulf. Rapid development and increasing urbanization is the result of more tourists attracted towards Abu Dhabi. Due to its increasing development, tourism has lead to another level of transformation for tourist. Compared to earlier time, Abu Dhabi has been changed totally. Scope of tourism is increased a lot and more exciting things are resulting towards it. Bustling modern city, technological change, Beautiful skyscrapers, unique high rise building and architecture and what not are waiting your way to visit.

Historical architectures are its evidence of having fruitful monument like The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Capital Gate and Qasr Al Hosn are some of its examples. Whereas, Yas Island is constructed recently for increasing the charm of Abu Dhabi. Beautiful beaches and landscaping are served for tourist in Abu Dhabi. They are well equipped and safe for you. Not only that, many number of wildlife themes, parks and gardens are enhancing the view of Abu Dhabi that you should visit while touring to Abu Dhabi. You will find top rater attractions for tourist that is going to have best impact on your travelling experience. Entertainment, outdoor activities, culture and night life are waiting for you to explore with warm heart.

Places to explore in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi invites you to explore your inspiration with your loved ones. Iconic monuments and history is at its core steps of having their guests.

  • Heritage village


Tourists visiting Heritage village

Heritage village – scenic beauty of historical Abu Dhabi

Let the list of top rated attractions of Abu Dhabi starts from the popular Heritage village. Its specialty will lead you back in time before the oil boom period. It is observed as the replica of Abu Dhabi’s Bedouin encampment in past years. In simple words, can say as, can experience and have the idea of past Emirati life patterns. It is situated on a appealing beach arena in Abu Dhabi that can be counted in the list of best places in Abu Dhabi. The core economies that prevails here is the trading of pearl diving and day-to-day traditional and local agriculture features. Sit back and enjoy the view of vintage Abu Dhabi at your steps by visiting heritage village.


  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


Sunny view of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – beauty and inspiration

One of the landmark architecture that you can conclude to is the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Beautifully constructed, vintage architecture, essence of history of Abu Dhabi and what not are served to the tourists in the form of this architecture. Taste of Islamic culture is observed including the elements of Fatamid designs, and Ottoman patterns that increase its glance for the tourist to visit it. It was liable for a grand opening in 2007 after the construction of 20 long years. The styling, use of mirrors, and spectacular carvings will make you astonished. It is one of the biggest Mosque of United Arab Emirates that can hold up the capacity of approximately 40,000 at a time. Guided tours are availed for knowing better, and allowance to non-Muslims in all the areas of premise.


  • Emirates Park Zoo


kids feeding giraffe at Emirates Park Zoo

Exploring Emirates Park Zoo

One of the most attracted places in Abu Dhabi for both locals and the tourists is the Emirates Park Zoo. For family outings, it is among the best place to visit in Abu Dhabi. Park comprise of large animal theaters that provides adequate information about the species of animals and their generations. It’s only a short drive from Abu Dhabi and rest well help you in exploring your day well. Rare animals are being watched out in here like white tigers, and giraffes. You cannot miss of having the sight of feeding the domestic zoo animals at petting zone in Emirates Park Zoo. Children can have way more fun here, than you have expected of.


  • Falcon Hospital, Abu Dhabi


Person holding falcon bird in hands

Falcon Hospital- most popular in the world

Specialized veterinary hospital for injured and ill falcons that is Falcon hospital situated in Abu Dhabi. Interested visitors or tourist must grab for such opportunity of visiting this hospital. You are going to gain way more information about it. This hospital allows you to get close with the falcons that are admitted in it. Even you may have the chance of holding one of the birds in your hands. Spending some hours and knowing the birds properly is the important experience that you can avail in Falcon hospital, Abu Dhabi.


  • Ferrari world


Red Roof of gigantic Ferrari world

Ferrari world theme park

World’s first Ferrari theme park is presenting you with most attractive rides and fun sports to enjoy with your family members. There are plenty of choices for you and your family to explore. It’s huge and iconic red roof presents it power and beauty. New flying aced rides are waiting for you to have a blast. Ferrari roller coaster is considered to be having the highest looping in the world. Not only this, it is counted in the list of world’s fastest roller coaster that runs to the maximum speed of 250kmph in 5 seconds. In short Ferrari world is the treasure of fun games and excitement with lots of exploring moments for the whole family.


  • Liwa Oasis


Liwa Oasis - best Sand dunes in the world

Experince the scenic beauty of Liwa Oasis

Want to have a ride outside the city? Liwa Oasis is the right choice to explore for. it is a great escape of having a trip out of the city for enhancing the beauty of perfect desert sand and beautiful landscaping. Among the largest sand dunes in the world, Liwa oasis terms to be included in the list. It is present in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi that you should not miss at all while planning your trip for Abu Dhabi. Many things that you can have over here such as trying sand skiing, enjoying the sand safari and camel trekking that can help you in increasing your view of visiting and finding Abu Dhabi to be most attractive spot for your trip.


Luxurious hotels and many more of other attractions are waiting your way of visiting one of the beautiful city named Abu Dhabi.










Top Tips To Travel Cheap

August 23rd, 2016 by Nicholas

Travelling cheapJust because you are tight on your budget doesn’t mean that you cannot have a trip of your choice. When you want to go somewhere with all your heart and one way is blocked, you must not leave it what you need to do is to other ways and alternatives to get that. Travelling is not as expensive as you think of it. It all depends upon you as to how expensive you want you’re travelling. If you want you can also travel cheap and yet enjoy your trip to the fullest. If you want to travel cheap, first of all you need to decide which the spot where you want to go is. After deciding the spot, you must make some research and then hunt for the ways to travel cheap to that spot. You need to set your budget and take care of your budget all the time of your trip. You need to find out those corners where you can cut the corners and be able to travel cheap. Also see to it whether you have any friends or relatives who have travelled that spot, if yes then you can talk to them and ask for the advice and get to know the place where you want to travel and see which tip is useful for travelling cheap. You need to try out every tips and tricks from funny to philosophical, from silly to serious which can help you travel cheap. Here are some of the ways or advices or tips which can help you travel cheap.

  • Pack light

The key to travel cheap is to pack light. If you take 6 pairs of jeans along with you then there is no scope you are hiking any mountain with so much weight or you can catch the last minute train. When you want to travel cheap, you need to be ready for any kind of circumstances and hands full of over weighted luggage wouldn’t let you travel cheap. Thus take only those things which are totally necessary and leave the rest of the things at your home only. Leave the extra stuff behind and you will find them right where you left them, they are not going to have extra legs to run away. Also keep those things with sentimental value at your home only like your favorite jewelry or the watch your grandmother gifted you. Bringing these valuable things with you is like giving invitation to disaster. Pack and take only those things which would not mind being replaced. Also if you are packing light it will help in travelling cheap as you would not have to pay for overweight luggage or extra checked bags.

  • Camp out

If it is possible and comfortable with you, you must try and do camping for at least some of the part of your journey. If you are travelling to any of the developed countries, there are plethora of campsites which are comfortable and it will also be perfect for you to travel cheap. It will save many of your bucks. Thus instead of going for some expensive resort or hotel, you must opt for camping and save some of your bucks. This can be the perfect option for a seasoned camper specifically those who don’t mind carrying their own tent. But don’t forget to choose a site which is safe especially when you are travelling alone. You cannot risk your safety, for travelling cheap.

  • Get a hostel with kitchen

If camping is not your cup of tea then you must go for a backpacker friendly hostel. Try and find for the accommodations where there is breakfast involved or even better if there is a kitchen allotted with some of the basic utensils and cooking items. These is one of the useful tips to travel cheap. Make your meal yourself and save some of your bucks and fulfill the goal of travelling cheap. By doing so, you can also meet up and bond up with other such travellers.

  • Bring your own snacks

Of course carrying snacks with you during the trip is not so exciting ideas but when you want to travel cheap, it can be very effective idea for you. Only meals are not enough when you are travelling all day long. Thus having some snacks in between the meals will definitely help you to control your hunger and stay active and engaged during all your adventures. When you are travelling other countries, the local vendors of there will charge higher as you are familiar with that place and its charge. To save yourself from such cheatings, you can have your own snacks and save some valuable bucks and fulfill the objective of travelling cheap.

  • Buy a train pass

In several areas like Asia or Western Europe, you are availed with the facility of pre purchasing train pass and then travel almost freely over certain period of time. This is really a great tip of travelling cheap. By doing so, you can save many of your bucks. If you know you have to travel a lot in that area then you must go for the pass and save you a fortune of money in your trip.

  • Walk instead of taking cab

It might seem more convenient to take a cab and reach to your destination quickly but you can do it when you have lots of money to spend but while you are travelling cheap, you must always think of cost cutting instead of comfort. If the distance between two destinations is not too much, then you must consider walking from one destination to another instead of taking a cab and spending much money. If the distance is way too much which cannot be walked then you must consider taking a bus of metro instead of cab as it is way more cheaper options than cab.

Quick Facts About Phuket

July 27th, 2016 by Nicholas

Facts of phuketIf you have never been in Phuket ever before then you probably don’t know what to know about Phuket except from those annoying pictures which people usually post on Facebook. If you are having a plan to visit Phuket, you must know some of the facts about Phuket. If you don’t want to surf the internet for hours and take every different detail from different page and want a quick overview on Phuket then here are some of the quick and interesting facts about Phuket. These quick facts about Phuket is not meant to give you every single detail about Phuket and it does not have everything about Phuket, but it is an time saving article which can give you big picture of Phuket in just few minutes.  Those who want to have details about Phuket but don’t like to read much, here is such an article which just what you will like to have.

  • About Phuket

Phuket is combination of both an island and a province. It is the largest island of whole Thailand and it is as big as the size of Singapore. Phuket is situated on the south west coast of Thailand in Andaman Sea and it is connected to the mainland with the Sarasin Bridge. The currency of Thailand is Thai baht and the electricity of Phuket is 220 volt. Majority of the population of Phuket is Buddhist and Phuket also has its international airport which is mostly deserved by the Thai airways, Nok air and Air Asia.

  • Phuket history and name

Many of the times, Phuket is pronounced as pooket and the original name of Phuket was jungceylon. Now there is a shopping mall named Jungceylon shopping mall. Before it became Phuket city, the main town of Phuket was Thalang which is not much far from the Phuket airport. The main source of income of this beautiful place is tourism. Tourism has now became so much prevalent in Phuket, before it there was this tin mining which brought Phuket on the world map and was famous since 16th century. There is a different Kathu mining museum which is built in a remote location to preserve and cherish the whole tin mine history. Cashew nuts, palm oil, frozen fish and latex pineapples are also some of the main sources of income in Phuket.

  • Beaches of Phuket

Phuket is on a whole a collection of beaches. It houses 36 beautiful and trendy beaches. All the beaches of Phuket are very much famous and popular for its white and pristine water and sandy beach. The most famouis among all the beaches of Phuket is Patong beach, Kata beach, Kamala Beach, karon beach and Bangtao beach. Apart from these beaches, there are also some peaceful and nice beaches in northern part of Phuket like Naithon beach, haad sai Gaew beach and Maikhao beach. East coast of Phuket is wholly covered by mangroves in the north and it is rocky in the south, there are an exceptional beach which is hidden like Laem Ka.


Top Places To Visit In USA

June 11th, 2016 by Nicholas

USAPlenty of travellers weighed as to which destination to pick for getting their best experience for travel or which is the destination to be rated on the top list. Undoubtedly, the answer of most of the people was USA. Yes of course USA is such a destination which will satisfy all your expectation you think from going for a vacation. If you want to go for adventurous travel, USA can offer you with that, if you want romantic hideaway then USA can also offer you with that, if you want a family spot to have some quality time with your family then USA can also offer you that. In short USA is such a destination which is perfect whenever you go or whoever you go with. USA is such a big place so while you are exploring USA you cannot visit it on a whole. To simplify your confusion here are some of the fantastic places to be visited while you are hunting for some of the best experiences in USA. USA can offer you with the best accommodation, beautiful sandy beaches, mesmerizing dining, national park, and many such exciting things. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in USA which wide offer you with the best time you can ever get while vacationing.

  • Maui

Maui is one of the best places to visit in USA as it has vibrant mountains and beautiful beaches which can be considered best across the globe. Maui is one of the best places to visit in USA as it is one of the best places to escape from the world and enjoy your vacationing time. Not only Maui has beautiful scenery but it also has varied range of activities to do and have fun from.  Maui is a Hawaiian island and it is one of the best Hawaiian Islands. While you are at one of the best places to visit in USA, you cannot miss out to try the delicious sea food of Maui. Also lounge against the sands of kaihalulu and also cruise across the road to hana and have some adventurous experience. You can also explore the interesting history of Maui and know its beautiful culture. You have the nostalgic experience by diving in the pristine beaches of Maui. You can also enjoy activities like snorkelling and scuba diving and watch the famous sea turtles. Don’t forget to watch the famous hula dancers dancing by the fire. Maui is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in USA, thus if you are in USA, don’t miss out Maui. Maui is also home to world’s largest dormant volcano, so you can also try exploring that.

  • Yellowstone

The name itself is very tempting and the place is also such and considered to be one of the best places to visit in USA. The things which make Yellowstone the best place to visit in USA is multicoloured pools, steaming geysers, bubbling hot springs, enormous hiking trails which stretch for miles. If you are a nature lover then also Yellow is one of the best places to visit in USA as it has the one of the most beautiful national park which will gaze the eyes of nature lovers. There is plethora of things which will excite the nature lover. Yellowstone is one of the best places to visit in USA as animal fans are going to love to visit wolf discovery centre and grizzly. Yellow also offers you with dramatic peaks and pristine and world famous lakes and makes it one of the best places to visit in USA. Yellowstone is one of the unspoiled natural destinations which can give you a nice and romantic getaway from the fast moving and loud world. Yellowstone is a perfect outdoor paradise and undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in USA.

  • Grand canyon

To see the most fantasying and inspiring views and spots which will leave your eyes wide open, have a trip to grand canyon and visit one of the best places to visit in USA. Either to choose to hike at the bright angel trails or you choose to raft the Colorado river, you will surely have plenty of picture perfect moments and bucket full of memories to take back home when get back. It is one of the best places to visit in USA as it is such a gorgeous places where once visited, you will surely want to come back and relive those moments and memories. Even the most experienced of the travellers get eye struck when they get the sight of Grand Canyon’s beautiful ridges and rock formations and the wide expanse of gorges.  It is considered as one of the best places to visit in USA because it has such stock of varied activities to do and have fun from. Just exploring the vintage points of grand canyon is one such activity which can take hours The best thing to do in one of the  best places to visit in USA is to have hiking tour as it will let you see the original and mesmerizing grand canyon.

  • San Francisco

San Francisco is one such place to visit in USA which is enriched by tremendous cultures. The culture of here is affected by diverse ethnic groups and several social movements. This is one of the best places to visit in USA as it has a jumbled combination of colourful and delightful neighbourhood with spectacular views. It is such a place which amazes you with the adventure, art, imaginative cuisine. This city is considered to be one of the best places to visit in USA as it has jaw dropping views           and top classy cuisine, cozy and cool cafes and plethora of nightlife spots where you can have fun of the night. It’s a total tourist spot and you will a great experience while exploring this delightful spot.


Famous Beaches of USA

May 23rd, 2016 by wholeworld

Beaches are considered to be something in the world which we are in always need of. Yes, you heard it right. The actual satisfaction which we get when we visit the beach arena is something we cannot get by sitting at our home. The natural fragrance, beachy wind, the coconut trees, with blossoming nature, shimmery water, with little bit of taste of the culture of that place, etc. and many more of such things which we can enjoy when we are planning of visiting the famous beaches of USA. I know USA is being considered amongst the huge countries but just think that you are planning of visiting it and you don’t have adequate knowledge of the place you are visiting than? For this instance situation it is better to have all the information before visiting the beaches of USA so that you can have the utmost fun over there.

This article will help you in knowing and getting you more knowledge about the famous beaches of USA which you can visit and enjoy with your family of your loved ones. For little knowledge let me provide you with some of the explain which you can go for ta the time of knowing about the famous beaches of USA like, Myrtle beach, South Caroline, clear water beach, Florida, etc. and many more of the options of the famous beaches of USA which you can go and enjoy to your extremes.

Famous beaches of USA

  • As we are discussing about the famous beaches of USA which you can go for than mark my words there are many options which you can exercise when you are planning for your vacation because beaches are considered to be such place which the travellers are in love to visit whether it is near or far. Who will not love to have the natural fragrance and the natural touch of the god’s creation which he has supplied to us? The further discussion will help you with all the knowledge which you are in need of when it comes for the question of famous beaches of USA to go for.
  • Clearwater beach, Florida

Clearwater beach, FloridaThe beach which is considered to be all in one is the Clearwater beach which is being situated in Florida. If you are planning of going for the tour with your family members than mark my words, Clearwater beach is considered to be your beach which can help you in not only enjoying the sport but will also help you in enthusiastically getting through it. You can get the best relaxing effects with the help of having sunbath, and playing up with the famous beach game that is the volley ball games. There are many things which you can go for like you can go for the renting of fishing boards, parasailing, taking the dolphin ride, etc. and many more of such things to be attempted. This beach is being stretch for up to 3 long miles which is being supplied with the beautiful white sand and the blossomy water which makes you feel rejuvenating.

  • Coronado, California

Coronado, CaliforniaAs stated that there are many different and famous beaches of USA which you can enjoy with. The further stated beach is considered to be one of the best beaches which you can go for when you are planning of visiting USA. Coronado beach which is situated in California is 1.5 miles stretched which is just appealing and interesting as its name is. Its full name is Coronado central beach. If you are planning to visit it, than the best season to visit this beach is from December to February where you can take the advantage or privilege of having the fun of watching the whales or the dolphins which is considered to be having the best feeling ever. Sand sculptors, tide poolers, board surfers, are considered to be the most attractive things which you will find in this beach. Most of the surfers are being found in the early mornings.

  • East Hampton, New York

East Hampton, New YorkIn the list of the famous beaches of USA one which we cannot forget to mention up is the east Hampton beach which is being situated in New York. It is considered to be that beach of USA which you can visit any time in the whole of the year. Yes, you heard it right. Well, we can say it that east Hampton is considered to be one of the beloved place of New York which you can go for when you are planning of visiting it. The white sand with the roaring of the waves is just your thing which you can enjoy when you are visiting one of the beautiful beaches of USA. But don’t forget to enjoy up with the lobsters when you are taking the round of the beach because it is considered to be something special about the beach which you are visiting.

  • Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, New JerseyI know it becomes very difficult when you come across a varied choices of beaches of USA which you can go for in your vacation but let me help you option in this matter by showing you up with another option of the famous beach of USA which you can go for is the Cape May which is situated in New Jersey. Well, this beach is considered to be having the crown glory which you can go for of the region in New Jersey. I know everyone is fond of seeing dolphins than mark my words, this beach is considered to be your jam which you can go for. Bring up with your binoculars which will help you in exploring up with the view of dolphins which are mostly noticed in that area. The core motive of this article was to provide you up with all the details regarding the famous beaches of USA which you can go for when you are planning for the visiting USA for your trip with your loved ones or your family members.


Tips of Selecting your Cruise

May 18th, 2016 by wholeworld

selecting your cruiseSailing is considered to be the most amazing thing which everyone would love to go with. I know sometimes we just want the sea for us and the travelling experience with it rather than going by air. Want to enjoy the immensity of water with the essence of sky showing its mirror image in the sea. Wow the perfect description which everyone would love to enjoy with. For this you need to select your cruise deals because we all know that travelling through cruise is considered to be of having hire fare than as compared to the air fare. Well, if you will ask me than there are many options with you who can help you in the matters of selecting your cruise which you want to travel for your trip with your loved ones and the family members.

Well, for further instance this article will help you in providing tips of selecting your cruise which you can go for when it comes for the matters of having the best travelling experience. Mark my words, travelling and selecting your cruise will help you in getting all sorts of experiences which is considered to be the best amongst all the experiences so far which you have made. Well, there are certain matters which you need to keep in mind at the time of selecting your cruise like the package which is appropriate for your journey, ticket fare, days spending on the cruise, etc. and many more of the things which you can go for at the time of selecting your cruise for your travel.

Tips of selecting your cruise

  • There are many things which you need to keep in mind at the time of dealing with the process of selecting your cruise. The first and the foremost thing which you need to comply with ay the time of dealing with the selecting your cruise for your travel is to select the place where you want to travel. It is very important to decide and go for the destination first which can help you in making the further plans of the journey which you have opted for in your vacation. Keep that in mind that every region and country has their own rules and regulations and accordingly all the cruises are also have no similarities. You can travel anywhere through cruse but one thing I want to clear out that if you are going for the selecting your cruise than cruise is going to take more days than if you are travelling through air.
  • Another important thing which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for selecting your cruise is the budget which you have planned for. Budget is considered to be the core subjects because if you are not having much of budget than you might not be able to travel in cruise because the fares of cruises are much more. While if you are having more of the budget than you can definitely go for the travelling through selecting your cruise. It is not mandatory that only rich person can travel up in the cruise but it is on the traveller that in which way he is tackling the way whether he wants to travel in cruise or he wants to avoid it because of more costing factor which can affects the investment which you have saved for.
  • selecting your cruiseAnother important factor which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for selecting your cruise is the time which you are selecting for the matters of dealing with it. There is many times where you can observe sale or more cost effecting time which can help you in getting all the tickets at a reasonable fare which can be more beneficial for the traveller who is planning for traveling by selecting your cruise of your wish to travel up the places which you have decided for your vacation. Well, it is more advisable to go for the shoulder seasons than the pick season. Because if you are thinking of buying for the tickets in pick season then I know you are going to pay more as compared to be paid in the shoulder seasons. Not only that but when you are travelling to a foreign place please have a look at the season because if the foreign country season is of festival than the ticket fare can be considered to be more than the normal ones.
  • You can also take the help of the expert which can help you in guiding you as you are going to travel through the cruise and going to experience it for the first time. Well, if you will all me than it will be more beneficial for the traveller because the experts will give them the best advice which they can exercise when they are planning and going for selecting your cruise for the matters of travelling in your vacation. There is reason behind the travel agent that we notice most of the tickets out there are booked with the help of the travelling agents because they have better and compatible knowledge of the things which is required for the matters of selecting your cruise. Not only that but it also depends up on the choice of yours because each and every cruise have their distinct features which is been observed in accordance to the wishes of the traveller who is planning for selecting your cruise.
  • At the time of going for the selecting your cruise you need to also go for the inner ambience and the facilities which are going to be available to you when you come for the travelling of your trip which you have decided. This small thing affects the trip because if the ambiences of inside of the cruise are being supplied with all the itineraries than you can have better and more fun as compared to other travelling aspects. The main motive of this article was to supply you with all the information which you will be in need of at the time of selecting your cruise for the matters of travelling with your loved ones or your family members for your trip.


World’s Best Places For Adventure Travel

May 7th, 2016 by Nicholas

Adventure travelTravel is leisure. Each and every person in the whole world love to travel may the objective of travel or places they want to travel might be different. Some might like romantic destination to travel while some want beach destination while there are some who wants some kid’s friendly destination to have a vacation with their children while there are some of having adventure in their travel. Usually we all have spent our vacations travelling on the beach spending time there and coming back with same boring activities and stories to tell. Don’t you want something really exciting in your life? Something different which haven’t done yet? Something more fascinating and allowing you tell such stories to your friend who will just amaze them? Believe me this type of vacations is even more relaxing then your normal casual beach vacations. Adventure travel is the best experiences you can have in your whole life time. May be adventure travel can look bit scary in the beginning but it is full of life and energy. A vacation full of adventure travel will give a bucket over filled with life time experiences which you will never forget. If the word adventure travel comes to you very exhausting then you should relax yourself. As having adventure travel does not mean you have you have to become an athlete, you can have a bike ride or jeep ride in jungle exploring wild life. Here are some of the best places for adventure travel. So pull up your socks and get ready for the adventure ride to begin.

  • Outback adventure in Australia

Australia’s outback is the most sprawling and uninhabited and beautifully rugged and by far one of the last frontier left of the modern age. It is an indigenous place and it is a fabulous opportunity of exploring yourself. The aboriginal people come here and believe in the tradition that walkabout is the signal of achieving the age of adulthood from youth. What type adventure better than this you can expect rather than having a walkabout in the countryside of Australia. There are few people residing here and this place is totally dedicated to nature and it is not spoiled by adding the modern touch to it. You can get beautiful flowers, plenty of wildlife and many exotic birds and thus many tourists are attracted to such an adventure travel. You can have self-guided tours or you can have group excursions. You can enjoy this adventure travel for few days or you can also for few weeks. Even after spending few weeks in this place you will not get bored instead you will be intimidated by this place.

  • Spring break in ice land

Ice land is very popular island and it is one big volcanic island. Ice land is famous for the hot springs; in fact Iceland has the more hot springs as compared to any other country in the world having hot springs. Ice land has such geothermal activity under the ground which heats the bubbles up out of the ground for an average of 176 degree Celsius. This water which is boiling comes out of the ground and it collides with the water which is ice cold flowing from the mountains and making this beautiful hot springs. Ice land is such an adventure travel and you will not find much of the people residing over there. That means if you want to stay there and have your fabulous adventure travel you will not find any courtyard Marriott or motel 6.You have to mop across one or the other steamy pool and thus it is advisable to hire a guide and have your adventure travel accomplished.

  • Scandinavia by sled

If you are a person who loves dogs then this might become your favorite adventure travel. Just think you are teaming up with five gorgeous huskies and have sled across Norway and Sweden. You can follow the ancient traveller’s route along the edges of river and also pass some traditional settlements. You can also pass through the glooming and magnificent Norwegian mountains all this things with the pack of your favorite huskies accompanying you in your favorite adventure travel. Another astonishing destination is of Sweden’s birch forests but it is not yet touched by mankind. Don’t forget to lay your fishing line in one of the fresh lake to catch up the arctic char in your adventure travel. The best part is to spend evening with white and fluffy snow with beautiful stars and moon twinkling in the sky with local foods and warm fireplaces while staying in a cozy and subtle farmhouse. You can get this dogs trip all the time while your stay. They will take you to each and every place. This will be one of your favorite adventure travel as you are travelling with dogs and this is really one such experience which you don’t get very often.

  • New Zealand on the rocks

If relaxing on the deck of the boat or sitting on a breezy veranda or enjoying sunny patio is not your idea of adventure travel then may be try out this one. New Zealand is famous since a long time for its beautiful and rugged terrain. In past decade rock climbers have appreciated New Zealand as one of the adventure travel spot. There is a string of mountain peaks which works the way down the country’s south island just like the backbone and reach to the coastline. The weather you find in this adventure travel spot is almost perfect throughout the year, the air is also clean and serene and not to forget unpolluted and the views you can catch from the peak are truly fabulous. This fabulous thing has put New Zealand on the top list of international destinations for climbing. There are beautiful landscapes which are mixed up with high quality lime stone rock to give a perfect adventure travel spot.