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Think outside the box: Unfamiliar travel destinations for you

Monday, December 26th, 2011

If you love to travel and looking beyond the run-of-the-mill spots this time, here are some valuable tips on the unfamilar and exotic travel destinations for you. Firstly, there’s Mutou County of China which can reached through Tibet. Motou has a rich heritage and is considered as the sacred land of Tibet as per the Buddhist scriptures. Apart from the religious significance, the place also offers for varied plant species and exotic wildlife.

Then, you have the Macquarie Island in Australia which is situated between Antarctica and Tasmania. It’s a great research and tourist hotspot as the island is one among the few places to show an ophiolite, part of earth’s crust exposed over sea level.

There’s Deception Island in Antarctica where you can experience extremely lesser tempratures. Besides, the place is also visited to witness the remnants of the Antarctic bases ruined by volcanoes & swim in its surprisingly warm seas.