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A tourist guide to Engelberg

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

There are very few tourists who have heard about Engelberg, but the ones who are into bike trekking would know the place well. It is a minute community which is situated in central Switzerland. Engelberg is famous for the various sports activities it hosts; bike trekking being one of the most famous ones. This place is fun for the tourists who are up and ready to explore the rugged mountains while hiking.

There are some beautiful resorts and spas in Engelberg where you can spend good time of yours. During the winter season Engelberg is the hot spot among the winter athletes. The population of this community is somewhere around 3,500 only. Most of the people of Engelberg are enthusiastic athletes and love to go for hiking and practice other winter sports. They are pleasant to talk to and they welcome their guests warmly. Engelberg is a place which athletes interested in winter sports should visit once at least.

Must visit destination when in Thailand

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Thailand has been one of the favorite holiday destination spots for westerners. Over the years the number of tourists visiting Thailand has increased in numbers. The exotic feel which Thailand provides, along with some wonderful places to visit makes it one of the most desirable places of visit for tourists. Those who love to party should visit the Koh Phangan where the “full moon party” takes place. The night at this party is sure to be a memorable one.

Chiang Mai is just the opposite of Koh Phangan. This place is peaceful with very less foreigners. You will bump into quite a few Buddhist monks at this place. The Thai food you will get here is different and delicious. From Chiang Mai you can start a trekking journey on an Elephant, ride on bamboo rafts, etc. Bangkok is a must to visit if you are in Thailand. The Thai girls, golden palaces and the cuisine in Bangkok will just stun you.

Exotic cruise options for you

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Cruise holidays are some of the most sought after traveling options for many of us owing to the wealth of exotic experiences it offers with. There are a great lot of cruise destinations to hit on and enjoy and here are some ideas.

Firstly, you can head to British Isles along with other N.European capitals. One will find a good number of cruises leaving from England that take you to explore Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Wales and Netherlands. You can even reserve a cruise navigating the Baltic Sea body and have the stops at Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Cruising across the River Amazon basin is the best way to witness the tropics. One can also book a 2 week cruise trip taking you to New Zealand and Australia. But if you are looking for an unconventional experience, sail along the South East Asian coast to experience the beauty of ancient oriental culture.

Gorgeous Hawaii: ignite passion back in your life

Friday, January 20th, 2012

A trip to gorgeous Hawaii is the best way to bring back the passion in your life. So if you are planning for an exotic anniversary celebration this year, the Hawaiian Islands are your place to be.

The islands of Hawaii have always been regarded as some of the best destinations for a romantic holiday. The beaches here look beautiful with their pristine sand stretch, soft touch of velvet waters, the warm sunny ambience and the scenic volcanoes. The overall surrounding looks fantastic and is the perfect to bring back the mushy feelings of your early courtship days.

Apart from the amazing scenic vista, Hawaii also offers for top notch dining and accommodation facilities like the Maui Villas. If you are especially on a romantic holiday in Hawaii, don’t miss out on the Hawaiian dinner cruises that are sure to take out your romantic best. You can avail the dinner cruises in Hawaii for your wedding celebration or even just for a casual romantic evening with your life long partner.

Don’t judge a destination by its size: Bulgaria, Destinations fit for the kings

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Bulgaria might be a quaint little country but the beautiful place can never fall short when it comes to its wealth of attractions. The picturesque East European nation is a wonderful tourist detination given its diverse culture, rich history, ski slopes, stunning landscapes and the exotic resorts along the Black Sea. People coming here love to soak themselves in the warm sun shine lying on the amazing beaches.

Its capital city Sofia is famous for numerous architectural and cultural attractions for the tourists here. The other popular cities in Bulgaria are the coastal cities of Varna and Bourgas. Varna is pretty interesting with its excellent blend of modern and medieval styles. You will find magnificent medieval architectural expressions everywhere in the city as well as the most trendy resort accomodations.

The city of Bourgas is an industrial zone and is one of the most developed places here. The place is scattered with a great range upscale hotels, electrifying nightclubs, countless clubs and bars.

Itinerary for your romantic week in Paris

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Paris, the capital city of France, is regarded as one of the most sought after romantic destinations of the world. So if you are on a plan to spend a romantic week here with your lady love beside, here is the ideal itinerary.

Start off your romantic getaway in Paris with a tour to Eiffel Tower.The world famous steel structure looks the best when illuminated with several lights at night. The next place on your list has to be the globally acclaimed Louvre Museum which houses more than 3, 00, 000 exhibits by renowned artists from all over. The most notable displays are Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

Then, a walk along the banks of River Seine hand in hand with your lady is going to be an everlasting romantic memory for both of you. Besides, never miss out on the famous Champs Elysees as the place is clustered with a great host of shopping, dining and wining destinations.

The Caribbean islands: a perfect mélange of adventure and romance

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

The Caribbean islands are one of the most visited tourist destinations owing to its wonderful ambience that brings a perfect milieu of adventure and romance. No matter whatever your interests are while visiting the Caribbean lands, its beautiful scenic view and many amusements are sure to satiate your wander lust.

If you are on a plan for a romantic getaway with your special one, the Caribbean islands of Anguilla, Bonaire, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Guadalope etc. offers for an excellent holiday. These islands come up an amazing series of beautiful beaches dotted with great resorts and wonderful dining and shopping zones.

The same islands offer for thrilling adventure activities. The tourists coming here always get to try their hands on biking along the coast line and also on a great number of water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, diving or sailing. Of these scuba diving is the most popular here and there are more than thirty locations in the Caribbean islands for deep sea diving.

Most romantic honeymoon destinations in America

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Are you all set for your big fat American wedding and looking for the most romantic destination to honeymoon here? That is great and the article here gives you a few suggestions on the top most romantic honeymoon spots in U.S.A.

You can fly to Hawaii as it’s a dream destination for many honeymooners. The couples love to spend their special days here on the vast stretch of sandy beaches, wonderful relaxing weather and the velvet waters and of course the world class accomodation facilities. There is Las Vegas, a perfect place for an electrifying honeymoon. You and your better half are sure to love the thrilling nightclubs, grand hotels, great wining and dining destinations and the wonderful amusement opportunities Vegas comes with.

Another popular honeymoon destination in America is California. The place has several attractions like the amazing cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento where you will get plenty of fancy restaurants, great top notch hotels, lodges, beautiful packages and excellent special packages for honeymooners.

Top five summer travel spots in Eastern Europe

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Are you in quest of some interesting travel destinations in Eastern Europe for your upcoming summer vacation? Well, here are some tips on 5 of them. Firstly, you have the city of Prague, a highly sough after travel destination for its excellent blend of culture, history, architecture and cuisine.

Then, you have Montenegro, situated at the Adriatic coast. It’s a wonderful country famous for its spectacular views and very pristine coastline. Besides, it also offers for many adventurous activities for the travelers. You can also take a tour across Romania as apart from the spine chilling spooky stories the country presents an excellent opportunity for many adventures. It’s an apt location for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Again, you have the country of Slovenia, located in E.Alps and feature a panoramic scenic beauty. The country is dotted with several impressive historical and architectural sights and its capital Ljubjana looks truly beautiful. Last but not the least, Hungary is a must visit for everybody owing to its relaxing continental ambience, beautiful cities, amazing landscapes and a very unique culture.

Have a nose for art: Vatican City is the place to be

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The Vatican City is one of the most sought after tourist destinations if you have an eye for art and its wonderful expressions. The place truly features captivating architectural wonders which is sure to impress any art connoiseur.

Among the wealth of attractions here, one cannot simply miss out on St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s one among the largest churches across the globe and is beautifully crafted with detailed attention to every intricacy of the architecture here. Besides, Vatican is also treasured for its wonderful museums. These Vatican museums are massive in structure and display an excellent collection of artifacts including the works of Raphael, the globally famous artist.

Then, there is Sistine Chapel, another amazing specimen of Vatican art. This is the chapel where the great Pope resides and the building dispays excellent art works on its walls created by some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period, like Michelangelo.