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Destinations for party animals

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

If you are a party animal who loves to fly overseas to party and enjoy the nightlife which other countries have to offer then following are three destinations which you should go for. One of them is in Spain; Ibiza is the place to be in Spain. Party animals from all over the world gather at this place which is known as the world’s party capital. This place is famous for its beach parties which go all night long and for days at times.

Bloomingdale Aan Zee in Holland which conducts the weekend party on Sunday which is famous to attract huge numbers. Even here you get to enjoy the beach-side along with some really good music. Thirdly, Camp Bay in Cape Town, South Africa is already famous for the magnificent beach, and it also hosts some breathtaking beach parties year round. Play volleyball all day and then dance to some great music all night-long.

New Zealand travel destination: Experience Mother Nature at her magnificent best

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

New Zealand has always been among the top tourist destinations in the recent years. There are quite a few reasons why this country is doing so well in terms of tourist destination spot. New Zealand has lots to offer to its tourists; rich culture, warm and friendly people, great infrastructure with excellent accommodation facilities for tourists round the year. New Zealand is even the youngest country of the world.

Apart from these, the climate of New Zealand is very pleasant. People from the colder countries come down to New Zealand during the winters because of the pleasant winter experience in New Zealand. There are countless sightseeing spots in this country and the cities out here are very clean. Safety is another reason why people enjoy their stay in New Zealand. This country witnesses very less crimes, accidents and a healthy environment. New Zealand does show Mother Nature at its best.

Holiday itinerary when in Brazil

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Without a guide you would find yourself so confused as to which places to visit in Brazil. Brazil has some of the most magnificent sightseeing spots in the world. The natural beauty of Brazil is magnificent because of the mountainous regions, the lakes, rivers, waterfalls and the green forests with the wildlife. A town named Bonito is located in the southern border region of Pantanal. It is home to wildlife, lush vegetation and some breathtaking underwater caves.

The beaches in Brazil are the place where you can enjoy your stay a lot. Buzios beach resort is the place one should visit if he or she loves spending time at the beach side. Exploring the jungle is something tourists enjoy doing in Brazil. One can find good food and some really good dishes made with coconut. The people of Brazil are very enthusiastic people and love spending time and helping tourists.

Fabulous travel destination in South Africa

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

If South Africa is the place you are planning to visit for your next overseas travel adventure then be ready to explore some beautiful places on earth. Cape Town and the Kruger National Park are the two places which a tourist never misses visiting when in South Africa. But there is a lot more about South Africa which attracts tourists from all around the globe.

Visit the Cape Wine-lands where you get to see the beautiful wine growing right in front of your eyes. There are about 200 plus different wine estates situated in this stretch of Wine-land. If you love marine animals and would want to see a whale then Hermanus is the place to go to. You can watch the giant whales up close when they come to calve and mate. In the Eastern Cape Province you have some game reserves which are filled with exciting wildlife experiences.

Surfer’s delight: top 5 surfing spots in Australia

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

The east coast of Australia is like a paradise to the ones who enjoy surfing. One can find professional surfers on the east coast beaches of Australia. To select the top 5 spots amongst hundreds is not an easy task. Bells Beach Victoria is amongst the famous beaches in the east coast of Australia. The lack of sand on this beach shore makes it the most desirable surfing spot because of consistent high waves.

The North Narrabeen New South Wales beach located in Sydney has offshore deep waters which assists good wave breaks. Then there is the Kirra Beach Gold Coast in Queensland which is amongst the best place to go surfing in Australia. Tamarama Beach in Sydney New South Wales is another hot-spot for surfing. The fifth spot for surfing in Australia is the Byron Bay Beach in New South Wales which promises great surfing as well as an excellent atmosphere.

Most popular destinations for food lovers

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

For a food lover, one cannot categorize or list down specific destinations which have the best cuisine in the world. It all depends on what you love to eat and which cuisines are your favorites. If you enjoy having spicy food then the South Asian countries are the best to provide you with dishes which are really spicy and hot. You can try a variety of dishes at any of the South Asian countries, especially in India.

The food in Rome is also delicious. Any food lover who visits Italy will not miss the chance to go to Rome and enjoy some of its popular food markets like the Campo Dei Fiori food market. There are several well known restaurants too in Rome. The Mexican cuisine is also very popular worldwide. A food lover would love to indulge in the Mexican dishes. Some of the ingredients in the Mexican dishes are not found in any other cuisine.