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Top Tips To Travel Cheap

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Travelling cheapJust because you are tight on your budget doesn’t mean that you cannot have a trip of your choice. When you want to go somewhere with all your heart and one way is blocked, you must not leave it what you need to do is to other ways and alternatives to get that. Travelling is not as expensive as you think of it. It all depends upon you as to how expensive you want you’re travelling. If you want you can also travel cheap and yet enjoy your trip to the fullest. If you want to travel cheap, first of all you need to decide which the spot where you want to go is. After deciding the spot, you must make some research and then hunt for the ways to travel cheap to that spot. You need to set your budget and take care of your budget all the time of your trip. You need to find out those corners where you can cut the corners and be able to travel cheap. Also see to it whether you have any friends or relatives who have travelled that spot, if yes then you can talk to them and ask for the advice and get to know the place where you want to travel and see which tip is useful for travelling cheap. You need to try out every tips and tricks from funny to philosophical, from silly to serious which can help you travel cheap. Here are some of the ways or advices or tips which can help you travel cheap.

  • Pack light

The key to travel cheap is to pack light. If you take 6 pairs of jeans along with you then there is no scope you are hiking any mountain with so much weight or you can catch the last minute train. When you want to travel cheap, you need to be ready for any kind of circumstances and hands full of over weighted luggage wouldn’t let you travel cheap. Thus take only those things which are totally necessary and leave the rest of the things at your home only. Leave the extra stuff behind and you will find them right where you left them, they are not going to have extra legs to run away. Also keep those things with sentimental value at your home only like your favorite jewelry or the watch your grandmother gifted you. Bringing these valuable things with you is like giving invitation to disaster. Pack and take only those things which would not mind being replaced. Also if you are packing light it will help in travelling cheap as you would not have to pay for overweight luggage or extra checked bags.

  • Camp out

If it is possible and comfortable with you, you must try and do camping for at least some of the part of your journey. If you are travelling to any of the developed countries, there are plethora of campsites which are comfortable and it will also be perfect for you to travel cheap. It will save many of your bucks. Thus instead of going for some expensive resort or hotel, you must opt for camping and save some of your bucks. This can be the perfect option for a seasoned camper specifically those who don’t mind carrying their own tent. But don’t forget to choose a site which is safe especially when you are travelling alone. You cannot risk your safety, for travelling cheap.

  • Get a hostel with kitchen

If camping is not your cup of tea then you must go for a backpacker friendly hostel. Try and find for the accommodations where there is breakfast involved or even better if there is a kitchen allotted with some of the basic utensils and cooking items. These is one of the useful tips to travel cheap. Make your meal yourself and save some of your bucks and fulfill the goal of travelling cheap. By doing so, you can also meet up and bond up with other such travellers.

  • Bring your own snacks

Of course carrying snacks with you during the trip is not so exciting ideas but when you want to travel cheap, it can be very effective idea for you. Only meals are not enough when you are travelling all day long. Thus having some snacks in between the meals will definitely help you to control your hunger and stay active and engaged during all your adventures. When you are travelling other countries, the local vendors of there will charge higher as you are familiar with that place and its charge. To save yourself from such cheatings, you can have your own snacks and save some valuable bucks and fulfill the objective of travelling cheap.

  • Buy a train pass

In several areas like Asia or Western Europe, you are availed with the facility of pre purchasing train pass and then travel almost freely over certain period of time. This is really a great tip of travelling cheap. By doing so, you can save many of your bucks. If you know you have to travel a lot in that area then you must go for the pass and save you a fortune of money in your trip.

  • Walk instead of taking cab

It might seem more convenient to take a cab and reach to your destination quickly but you can do it when you have lots of money to spend but while you are travelling cheap, you must always think of cost cutting instead of comfort. If the distance between two destinations is not too much, then you must consider walking from one destination to another instead of taking a cab and spending much money. If the distance is way too much which cannot be walked then you must consider taking a bus of metro instead of cab as it is way more cheaper options than cab.