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Best Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

The capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi is well known in all premises. It is an industrial city supplying with attractive watersides too. It is stretches on a T-shaped area that comes in the premise of Persian Gulf. Rapid development and increasing urbanization is the result of more tourists attracted towards Abu Dhabi. Due to its increasing development, tourism has lead to another level of transformation for tourist. Compared to earlier time, Abu Dhabi has been changed totally. Scope of tourism is increased a lot and more exciting things are resulting towards it. Bustling modern city, technological change, Beautiful skyscrapers, unique high rise building and architecture and what not are waiting your way to visit.

Historical architectures are its evidence of having fruitful monument like The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Capital Gate and Qasr Al Hosn are some of its examples. Whereas, Yas Island is constructed recently for increasing the charm of Abu Dhabi. Beautiful beaches and landscaping are served for tourist in Abu Dhabi. They are well equipped and safe for you. Not only that, many number of wildlife themes, parks and gardens are enhancing the view of Abu Dhabi that you should visit while touring to Abu Dhabi. You will find top rater attractions for tourist that is going to have best impact on your travelling experience. Entertainment, outdoor activities, culture and night life are waiting for you to explore with warm heart.

Places to explore in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi invites you to explore your inspiration with your loved ones. Iconic monuments and history is at its core steps of having their guests.

  • Heritage village


Tourists visiting Heritage village

Heritage village – scenic beauty of historical Abu Dhabi

Let the list of top rated attractions of Abu Dhabi starts from the popular Heritage village. Its specialty will lead you back in time before the oil boom period. It is observed as the replica of Abu Dhabi’s Bedouin encampment in past years. In simple words, can say as, can experience and have the idea of past Emirati life patterns. It is situated on a appealing beach arena in Abu Dhabi that can be counted in the list of best places in Abu Dhabi. The core economies that prevails here is the trading of pearl diving and day-to-day traditional and local agriculture features. Sit back and enjoy the view of vintage Abu Dhabi at your steps by visiting heritage village.


  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


Sunny view of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – beauty and inspiration

One of the landmark architecture that you can conclude to is the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Beautifully constructed, vintage architecture, essence of history of Abu Dhabi and what not are served to the tourists in the form of this architecture. Taste of Islamic culture is observed including the elements of Fatamid designs, and Ottoman patterns that increase its glance for the tourist to visit it. It was liable for a grand opening in 2007 after the construction of 20 long years. The styling, use of mirrors, and spectacular carvings will make you astonished. It is one of the biggest Mosque of United Arab Emirates that can hold up the capacity of approximately 40,000 at a time. Guided tours are availed for knowing better, and allowance to non-Muslims in all the areas of premise.


  • Emirates Park Zoo


kids feeding giraffe at Emirates Park Zoo

Exploring Emirates Park Zoo

One of the most attracted places in Abu Dhabi for both locals and the tourists is the Emirates Park Zoo. For family outings, it is among the best place to visit in Abu Dhabi. Park comprise of large animal theaters that provides adequate information about the species of animals and their generations. It’s only a short drive from Abu Dhabi and rest well help you in exploring your day well. Rare animals are being watched out in here like white tigers, and giraffes. You cannot miss of having the sight of feeding the domestic zoo animals at petting zone in Emirates Park Zoo. Children can have way more fun here, than you have expected of.


  • Falcon Hospital, Abu Dhabi


Person holding falcon bird in hands

Falcon Hospital- most popular in the world

Specialized veterinary hospital for injured and ill falcons that is Falcon hospital situated in Abu Dhabi. Interested visitors or tourist must grab for such opportunity of visiting this hospital. You are going to gain way more information about it. This hospital allows you to get close with the falcons that are admitted in it. Even you may have the chance of holding one of the birds in your hands. Spending some hours and knowing the birds properly is the important experience that you can avail in Falcon hospital, Abu Dhabi.


  • Ferrari world


Red Roof of gigantic Ferrari world

Ferrari world theme park

World’s first Ferrari theme park is presenting you with most attractive rides and fun sports to enjoy with your family members. There are plenty of choices for you and your family to explore. It’s huge and iconic red roof presents it power and beauty. New flying aced rides are waiting for you to have a blast. Ferrari roller coaster is considered to be having the highest looping in the world. Not only this, it is counted in the list of world’s fastest roller coaster that runs to the maximum speed of 250kmph in 5 seconds. In short Ferrari world is the treasure of fun games and excitement with lots of exploring moments for the whole family.


  • Liwa Oasis


Liwa Oasis - best Sand dunes in the world

Experince the scenic beauty of Liwa Oasis

Want to have a ride outside the city? Liwa Oasis is the right choice to explore for. it is a great escape of having a trip out of the city for enhancing the beauty of perfect desert sand and beautiful landscaping. Among the largest sand dunes in the world, Liwa oasis terms to be included in the list. It is present in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi that you should not miss at all while planning your trip for Abu Dhabi. Many things that you can have over here such as trying sand skiing, enjoying the sand safari and camel trekking that can help you in increasing your view of visiting and finding Abu Dhabi to be most attractive spot for your trip.


Luxurious hotels and many more of other attractions are waiting your way of visiting one of the beautiful city named Abu Dhabi.