6 Places To Visit In Virginia

travel to VirginiaVirginia is hailed for lovers and so for dirty dancing. There are lots of fun things about Virginia as there is a large number of amusement parks. It attracts tourists all over the place. There are places in Virginia which has been hailed as World Heritage Sites. Under the safest places in Virginia comes the town of Virginia, Blacksburg, Falls Church and others. As far as attractions are concerned canal walk, battlefield park of Manassas, bridges and gardens galore, shops, legacy of the colonial world, museums, libraries and national cemetery are attractions.

1. Virginia Marine Science Museum – to see aquarium you must visit the place as you can see sharks and the entire environment of the marine life is awesome. It is hailed as the top most aquariums in the country. It is a habitat for live animals. Marshy habitat, aviary and trail of nature are also found. Trips on boats for watching dolphins and sharks are also found. Along with adventure it becomes educational.

2. DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum – in Williamsburg huge collection of objects is found. Antiques of the American and British era, silver, pewter and porcelain along with firearms of civilian and military are also stacked up. Adjacent to the museum is Rockfeller art and Museum where folk art of the American culture is to be seen.

3. Virginia University – Charlottesville nestles the University of Virginia. Around the sprawling space Palladian architecture is evident. It is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the terraced lawn undoubtedly which is the highlight. From the grounds Carter Mountain can be seen. It also comes under top universities publicly.

4. Shenandoah Caverns – there is a gift shop in the cavern and in elevator which brings you down. It is the red limestone surrounding the passage. The hall of it is S shaped, long galleries, ceiling that are soaring and gravel path of white and red colour. At the end of the cave you will find lots of adventures to indulge in. There is a museum there too which houses polar bears of nine feet tall.

5. County of Fairfax – there are a host of tourist sites to witness in Fairfax county. All about history, music and art are to be found in Fairfax and no wonder you are thrown back to the novel of The Mayor of Casterbridge.

6. Virginia Beach – the beaches of Virginia are maintained well. There are vendors all across the place who sells umbrellas, chairs of sling-back, biggie boards and this is the place which nestles the themed park and the water park.

Be it the beaches, fun activities, rural charm or beautiful restaurants Virginia has got it all under one roof. It truly is an inspiration for the lovers so much so that it has become an anthem almost. From Norfolk you can view the ocean facing beach which is a marvel to glare at. You have museum called the Nauticus nearby. Sea beach, ocean beach and hordes of other beaches still remain a top draw.

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