A tourist guide to Engelberg

There are very few tourists who have heard about Engelberg, but the ones who are into bike trekking would know the place well. It is a minute community which is situated in central Switzerland. Engelberg is famous for the various sports activities it hosts; bike trekking being one of the most famous ones. This place is fun for the tourists who are up and ready to explore the rugged mountains while hiking.

There are some beautiful resorts and spas in Engelberg where you can spend good time of yours. During the winter season Engelberg is the hot spot among the winter athletes. The population of this community is somewhere around 3,500 only. Most of the people of Engelberg are enthusiastic athletes and love to go for hiking and practice other winter sports. They are pleasant to talk to and they welcome their guests warmly. Engelberg is a place which athletes interested in winter sports should visit once at least.

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