Attractions of Taiwan

Attractions of TaiwanAre you looking forward to enjoy a perfect summer holiday with your family abroad that too within an economy budget? Well, forget about Malaysia, Bangkok or Pattaya. Taiwan is the newest tourist hotspot that offers a large array of attractive destinations right from fun parks, forest, memorials, temples, parks and gardens, islands and many more. If you do not want to miss out the popular tourist sites in Taiwan, then read the following details and know about the must-visit spots in Taiwan.

Mountains and rivers: If you love visiting mountains and enjoy its scenic beauty then you can visit Alishan Mountain, the major rock range of Taiwan. On the other hand, if rock climbing is your fetish, you can visit Mount Dabajian, Mount Shou or Mount Yu. These are places to try out different adventurous venture in Taiwan. Fengshan is the main river of Taiwan. It draws sizeable tourist round the year, sitting beside calm and quite Love River can revive your romanticism in Taiwan.

Yehliu Geopark: If you want witness how weathering changes the architecture of a geographical region, then visiting Yehliu Geopark should be your primary objective in Taiwan. Weathering by air has created magnificent limestone structures in this park.

Night market in Taichung: Shopping is an integral part of visiting any foreign country. It is applicable for Taiwan too. If you visit the Fengjja night market, you will arrive at the shoppers’ paradise. You name it, you get it is the theme of Fengjja night market, which remains open with full of glitz and glamour all the night every day. Right from latest electronic gadgets to fancy apparels, wines everything is available in this place which witnesses plenty of tourists round the year. Happening night clubs, pubs, indoor games corners, casinos are also available in Fengjja night market.

Beaches: Taiwan is the place where every natural beauty touches your feet. If you love long beaches, sea shore full of white sand and cerulean sky, then you can visit Chihsingtan beach. You can enjoy sumptuous sea food in the seaside eateries at this beach. Fullong beach is also famous among couples visiting Taiwan for the first time. This beach is comparatively less crowded and quiet.

Alternative jaunts: If you love aqua world, then visiting national marine biology museum of Taiwan in Pingtung Town could be another option. Peace memorial park, Whale Cave also attracts tourists significantly.

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