Attractions Paraguay offers

A South American country with an enriched collaboration of historical and contemporary attraction is known as Paraguay. This country has a great mix of modern revelations and ancient historic background, Paraguay situated on the hills by Paraguay river. You will love the waterfront district where most of the city`s action takes place. You will surely enjoy the vast attraction of this country which is affordable and very lowest price of any travel destination in the world.

Paraguay offers you one of the finest botanical garden and zoo include of the famous zoological park. The national museum and the fine arts and The Andrés Barbero Ethnographic Museum are the another center of attraction. The local waterfalls are the must watch for its scenic beauty. You should also visit the local markets The Petrossi which is situated in the center part of the southern American culture. It is very interesting and colorful place for watching the beautiful scenarios. Finally Paraguay is a passionate place for thrill and gambling so don`t miss the casinos as well which are mostly situated in Asuncion, which is the capital city.

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