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Quick Facts About Phuket

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Facts of phuketIf you have never been in Phuket ever before then you probably don’t know what to know about Phuket except from those annoying pictures which people usually post on Facebook. If you are having a plan to visit Phuket, you must know some of the facts about Phuket. If you don’t want to surf the internet for hours and take every different detail from different page and want a quick overview on Phuket then here are some of the quick and interesting facts about Phuket. These quick facts about Phuket is not meant to give you every single detail about Phuket and it does not have everything about Phuket, but it is an time saving article which can give you big picture of Phuket in just few minutes.  Those who want to have details about Phuket but don’t like to read much, here is such an article which just what you will like to have.

  • About Phuket

Phuket is combination of both an island and a province. It is the largest island of whole Thailand and it is as big as the size of Singapore. Phuket is situated on the south west coast of Thailand in Andaman Sea and it is connected to the mainland with the Sarasin Bridge. The currency of Thailand is Thai baht and the electricity of Phuket is 220 volt. Majority of the population of Phuket is Buddhist and Phuket also has its international airport which is mostly deserved by the Thai airways, Nok air and Air Asia.

  • Phuket history and name

Many of the times, Phuket is pronounced as pooket and the original name of Phuket was jungceylon. Now there is a shopping mall named Jungceylon shopping mall. Before it became Phuket city, the main town of Phuket was Thalang which is not much far from the Phuket airport. The main source of income of this beautiful place is tourism. Tourism has now became so much prevalent in Phuket, before it there was this tin mining which brought Phuket on the world map and was famous since 16th century. There is a different Kathu mining museum which is built in a remote location to preserve and cherish the whole tin mine history. Cashew nuts, palm oil, frozen fish and latex pineapples are also some of the main sources of income in Phuket.

  • Beaches of Phuket

Phuket is on a whole a collection of beaches. It houses 36 beautiful and trendy beaches. All the beaches of Phuket are very much famous and popular for its white and pristine water and sandy beach. The most famouis among all the beaches of Phuket is Patong beach, Kata beach, Kamala Beach, karon beach and Bangtao beach. Apart from these beaches, there are also some peaceful and nice beaches in northern part of Phuket like Naithon beach, haad sai Gaew beach and Maikhao beach. East coast of Phuket is wholly covered by mangroves in the north and it is rocky in the south, there are an exceptional beach which is hidden like Laem Ka.


Famous Beaches of USA

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Beaches are considered to be something in the world which we are in always need of. Yes, you heard it right. The actual satisfaction which we get when we visit the beach arena is something we cannot get by sitting at our home. The natural fragrance, beachy wind, the coconut trees, with blossoming nature, shimmery water, with little bit of taste of the culture of that place, etc. and many more of such things which we can enjoy when we are planning of visiting the famous beaches of USA. I know USA is being considered amongst the huge countries but just think that you are planning of visiting it and you don’t have adequate knowledge of the place you are visiting than? For this instance situation it is better to have all the information before visiting the beaches of USA so that you can have the utmost fun over there.

This article will help you in knowing and getting you more knowledge about the famous beaches of USA which you can visit and enjoy with your family of your loved ones. For little knowledge let me provide you with some of the explain which you can go for ta the time of knowing about the famous beaches of USA like, Myrtle beach, South Caroline, clear water beach, Florida, etc. and many more of the options of the famous beaches of USA which you can go and enjoy to your extremes.

Famous beaches of USA

  • As we are discussing about the famous beaches of USA which you can go for than mark my words there are many options which you can exercise when you are planning for your vacation because beaches are considered to be such place which the travellers are in love to visit whether it is near or far. Who will not love to have the natural fragrance and the natural touch of the god’s creation which he has supplied to us? The further discussion will help you with all the knowledge which you are in need of when it comes for the question of famous beaches of USA to go for.
  • Clearwater beach, Florida

Clearwater beach, FloridaThe beach which is considered to be all in one is the Clearwater beach which is being situated in Florida. If you are planning of going for the tour with your family members than mark my words, Clearwater beach is considered to be your beach which can help you in not only enjoying the sport but will also help you in enthusiastically getting through it. You can get the best relaxing effects with the help of having sunbath, and playing up with the famous beach game that is the volley ball games. There are many things which you can go for like you can go for the renting of fishing boards, parasailing, taking the dolphin ride, etc. and many more of such things to be attempted. This beach is being stretch for up to 3 long miles which is being supplied with the beautiful white sand and the blossomy water which makes you feel rejuvenating.

  • Coronado, California

Coronado, CaliforniaAs stated that there are many different and famous beaches of USA which you can enjoy with. The further stated beach is considered to be one of the best beaches which you can go for when you are planning of visiting USA. Coronado beach which is situated in California is 1.5 miles stretched which is just appealing and interesting as its name is. Its full name is Coronado central beach. If you are planning to visit it, than the best season to visit this beach is from December to February where you can take the advantage or privilege of having the fun of watching the whales or the dolphins which is considered to be having the best feeling ever. Sand sculptors, tide poolers, board surfers, are considered to be the most attractive things which you will find in this beach. Most of the surfers are being found in the early mornings.

  • East Hampton, New York

East Hampton, New YorkIn the list of the famous beaches of USA one which we cannot forget to mention up is the east Hampton beach which is being situated in New York. It is considered to be that beach of USA which you can visit any time in the whole of the year. Yes, you heard it right. Well, we can say it that east Hampton is considered to be one of the beloved place of New York which you can go for when you are planning of visiting it. The white sand with the roaring of the waves is just your thing which you can enjoy when you are visiting one of the beautiful beaches of USA. But don’t forget to enjoy up with the lobsters when you are taking the round of the beach because it is considered to be something special about the beach which you are visiting.

  • Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, New JerseyI know it becomes very difficult when you come across a varied choices of beaches of USA which you can go for in your vacation but let me help you option in this matter by showing you up with another option of the famous beach of USA which you can go for is the Cape May which is situated in New Jersey. Well, this beach is considered to be having the crown glory which you can go for of the region in New Jersey. I know everyone is fond of seeing dolphins than mark my words, this beach is considered to be your jam which you can go for. Bring up with your binoculars which will help you in exploring up with the view of dolphins which are mostly noticed in that area. The core motive of this article was to provide you up with all the details regarding the famous beaches of USA which you can go for when you are planning for the visiting USA for your trip with your loved ones or your family members.


Places to Visit in Phuket

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Phuket Beach

The world is not a small place because it is filled up with gems and beautiful locations which the tourists should not miss to visit. Beaches is one of the important and beautiful creation of almighty which have been craved and crafted in such a way that people feel the best place to get relaxed and quit up their stress. One of the beautiful beach is also Phuket which the tourists love to visit every year with their families and relatives. Phuket is ranked under the beaches which can be considered as family beach where families can enjoy with their children. And the great advantage of Phuket is it does not allows you to sit ideal, it always shows and gives the best time to spend in Phuket.

Not only the island but there are many other things which can be done in Phuket. The beach arena is awesome but there are many other places which can be visited by the visitors. Visitors must see the different place in Phuket like.

Places to Visit in Phuket:

  1. Old Phuket Town

old town phuketOld Phuket town is one of the historical place to visit in Phuket which gives the visitors the glimpse of the traditional culture and rituals of Phuket. This town was constructed under the metal concept in the olden centuries when there was the extreme valuables of metal. This town was build under the hands of richness of Phuket King. The best time to visit the old town in Phuket is the early morning because it gives the exact feel of ancient towns.



  1. Bangla Road Nightlife

Bangla Road NightlifeEvery place have their distinct features as the same Phuket also have its fascinating nightlife which attracts most of the visitors to visit Phuket. Bangla Road nightlife has its own place in Phuket which gives rise to the crowds inflowing the place. The neon colorful lights, people with fascinating and attractive clothes, despicable beers, cool people all around boosts up the enthuse of visitors. The bars are opened with the tables filled up with the crowd increase the demand and trend of Phuket culture.


  1. Big Buddha

Big BuddhaOne of the most famous places of Phuket which the tourist must visit is the Big Buddha. It is the biggest structure of Buddha which is constructed and is seen from the south of Phuket. It is considered as the ancient and historical thing which have been constructed in Phuket for the visitors. This structure is build on the Nakkerd Hills of Phuket. This structure of Buddha increases the faith in god and the ethics which he has followed in his life.


  1. Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret ShowPhuket is also famous for its Simon Cabaret show which is organized every day in the island. The different colorful colors, the display lights blue, green, orange and what not. Beautiful girls perform their dance and their talent on the stage which delights the mind of the visitors visiting it. This show is a musical theater which gives the exact feeling of live concert in Phuket.


  1. Phuket FantaSea Show

Phuket FantaSea ShowAnother mesmerizing show which the tourist must not switch to other. The visitors visiting Phuket Must visit and watch the fantasia show in Phuket. The animals like elephants and other artists are called upon and the show is performed for entertaining the tourists. This show is considered and ranked under the top 10 places to visit in Phuket.


Best Beaches in Hawaii

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

The dream place where the people and the visitors love to visit during their vacation time is the Hawaiian beaches. Hawaii is considered to be the most beautiful place for which visitors are fond of. In fact Hawaii is having the most beautiful beaches in the world which is explored by most of the visitors around the world. The symbol of greenery, turquoise water with sandy arena all across the place is considered to be Hawaii. There are many beaches which are present and are increasing the value of Hawaiian beach. The volcanic rocks, the shore islands in Hawaii increase its views towards the visitors of the beach. This article will carve up the best beaches which are situated in Hawaii.

Beaches in Hawaii

  • Hanalei Bay Beach, Kauai

Hanalei Bay Beach, KauaiIt is considered to be the best beach amongst the beaches in Kauai, Hawaii. Hanalei Bay Beach has its distinct features which make it more relevant towards the visitors visiting it. It has the largest Bay in Kauai, Hawaii. This beach consists of the perfect semi circled white sand arena which makes it more beautiful. The backside of the beach is filled up with gorgeous waterfall and the emerald mountains which garb the attraction of the visitors visiting it.


  • Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Hanauma Bay, OahuPretty considered to be the formally formed beach which was craved by the volcanic crater around the beach. The shape of Hanauma Bay is circled which increase its views for the attraction of the tourists. This beach is famous for its snorkeling and the scuba diving arena. The popularity of this beach is fish life. It is famous for its fish and marine population in Hanauma Bay.


  • Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui
A day at the beach

A day at the beach

The kapalua bay beach is considered as the beach of paradise which the tourist loves to visit in the west of Maui, Hawaii. The emerald sand, wavy water with the sparkling effects in the beach is the myth for the visitors visiting it. This beach is known for the tranquil surfing arena around the beach. In short this beach is more fascinating and can be visited with your loved ones and the family members and children.


  • Poipu Beach, Kauai

Poipu Beach, KauaiIn simple words the best beach which can be visi9ted with the families and the children in Hawaii. The Poipu beach in Kauai is the safest beach because of its broad way of ocean with less depth. It feels like you are swimming in the pool arena with your families surrounded with coconut trees and the lushed greenery which makes it more relevant as the best breach to be toured with families in Hawaii.


  • Hulopoe Beach, Lanai

Hulopoe Beach, LanaiThe Hulopoe beach of Lanai in Hawaii is also known as the Pineapple Island. Formerly there had the vegetation of growing fruits in lanai. Well Lanai is considered to be the best destination in the terms of beaches. This beach is well famous because it is known for the pineapple which grew earlier in the beach. You will observe colorful and vivid species of fish in the arena of the beach which makes it more popular and loved for.

Mui Ne, Vietnam: the Hawaii of South East Asia

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

South East Asia, beach destinationsSouth East Asia has got some of the exotic beach side locations where people from all around the world visit to enjoy a quality time. Mui Ne in Vietnam is one such beach side location in South East Asia. Since there are no airports in Mui Ne, you have to get down at Ho Chi Minh City airport and have to take a taxi to Mui Ne.

The 10km stretch all along the beach has some of the awesome hotels and resorts with fine amenities for the guests. There are hotels and resorts of all budgets to fit the need of any type of tourists. However if you are looking for a luxurious and high class hotel, you have to go towards the western side of the beach.

The sand dunes in Mui Ne are most famous attractions of the place. You can take a taxi or a bicycle to travel to the sand dunes. The sand dunes are white and red in color and you can slide down on a sled on the sand dunes. It is advisable to visit the sand dunes during sunrise or sunset if you want to catch the most heavenly scene ever.

Due to all these things, Mui Ne is successfully given the title of Hawaii of the South East Asia.

Top 3 scuba diving destinations in India

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Scuba diving has always been a popular sport among people coming from all walks of life. It marks a standard of living. People tend to give you praises if you do well in the sport. And surely you can take back winning memories to treasure all your life. If we talk about the top three scuba diving destinations in the beautiful country of India namely, they are:

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Island: This place collectively consists of 572 Islands. Namely the Havelock Island in the place is a mention worthy place for scuba diving.
  2. Lakshadweep Island: Pristine waters and coral Islands encapsulate the engaging ad mesmerizing place of Lakshadweep.  The Bengaram and Agatti Islands hold enjoying places.
  3. Goa: Now this is a place which you simply cannot miss out if you were on the lookout for a place for scuba diving. It is like a heaven for tourists flocking down from different places of the world to India.

The Venice of America: what is it?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Florida, USALocated on the Atlantic Ocean, the Fort Lauderdale is a coastal city in the state of Florida of the United States. Its extensive system of canals has earned the city of Fort Lauderdale the title of the Venice of America. The city of Fort Lauderdale is located in the south of Florida in the Broadway County. This coastal city of Florida has a population of more than 170,000 people. As Fort Lauderdale is a coastal city, it is obviously popular for its splendid beaches and the various beach related activities that it offers.

Though the Fort Lauderdale is a city that occupies a small area, the name Fort Lauderdale is often used to refer the sprawling metropolis that has grown around it. The metropolitan area of Miami-Fort Lauderdale- West Palm Beach has a population of more than five million people. The city of Fort Lauderdale offers amazing attractions to the tourists who visit it.

Witness nature at its enthralling best in Madagascar

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Travel Madagascar, island travelMadagascar, the fourth largest island in the world is situated 300miles off Africa. It is also termed as the Island of a thousand faces due to its biodiversity comprising of rainforest to barren steppes. A large part of the island comprises of National Parks and has many plant and animal species. You can experience the nature very closely in some of the national Parks of Madagascar. Andohahela, a very famous national park is the habitat to a large variety of wildlife.

The environment here is not fixed comprising of the rainforests to dry spiny forest and many others. You can see some very distinctive animals and plants species in the Masoala National Park. It has a wide range of habitats from rainforest to marshes to mangroves and the surrounding is very beautiful. So if you visit all the national parks in Madagascar then you can experience the diversity of nature very closely. It will be a lifetime experience for you.

Surfer’s delight: top 5 surfing spots in Australia

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

The east coast of Australia is like a paradise to the ones who enjoy surfing. One can find professional surfers on the east coast beaches of Australia. To select the top 5 spots amongst hundreds is not an easy task. Bells Beach Victoria is amongst the famous beaches in the east coast of Australia. The lack of sand on this beach shore makes it the most desirable surfing spot because of consistent high waves.

The North Narrabeen New South Wales beach located in Sydney has offshore deep waters which assists good wave breaks. Then there is the Kirra Beach Gold Coast in Queensland which is amongst the best place to go surfing in Australia. Tamarama Beach in Sydney New South Wales is another hot-spot for surfing. The fifth spot for surfing in Australia is the Byron Bay Beach in New South Wales which promises great surfing as well as an excellent atmosphere.

Gorgeous Hawaii: ignite passion back in your life

Friday, January 20th, 2012

A trip to gorgeous Hawaii is the best way to bring back the passion in your life. So if you are planning for an exotic anniversary celebration this year, the Hawaiian Islands are your place to be.

The islands of Hawaii have always been regarded as some of the best destinations for a romantic holiday. The beaches here look beautiful with their pristine sand stretch, soft touch of velvet waters, the warm sunny ambience and the scenic volcanoes. The overall surrounding looks fantastic and is the perfect to bring back the mushy feelings of your early courtship days.

Apart from the amazing scenic vista, Hawaii also offers for top notch dining and accommodation facilities like the Maui Villas. If you are especially on a romantic holiday in Hawaii, don’t miss out on the Hawaiian dinner cruises that are sure to take out your romantic best. You can avail the dinner cruises in Hawaii for your wedding celebration or even just for a casual romantic evening with your life long partner.