Don’t judge a destination by its size: Bulgaria, Destinations fit for the kings

Bulgaria might be a quaint little country but the beautiful place can never fall short when it comes to its wealth of attractions. The picturesque East European nation is a wonderful tourist detination given its diverse culture, rich history, ski slopes, stunning landscapes and the exotic resorts along the Black Sea. People coming here love to soak themselves in the warm sun shine lying on the amazing beaches.

Its capital city Sofia is famous for numerous architectural and cultural attractions for the tourists here. The other popular cities in Bulgaria are the coastal cities of Varna and Bourgas. Varna is pretty interesting with its excellent blend of modern and medieval styles. You will find magnificent medieval architectural expressions everywhere in the city as well as the most trendy resort accomodations.

The city of Bourgas is an industrial zone and is one of the most developed places here. The place is scattered with a great range upscale hotels, electrifying nightclubs, countless clubs and bars.

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