Enjoy amidst nature at its best in Yellow Stone

The Yellow Stone National Park is considered as one of the best tourist attractions in America. The park is entirely located within the Rockies and displays a great variety of fauna and flora species. People from all over throng here to get a glimpse of the native wildlife here such as cougars, wolves, bears and bisons.

Then, Yellow Stone is also famous for its beautifully colored geysers and pools scattered throughout. The most notable of these is the “Old Faithful” geyser. The geyser eruptions and vibrant pools are the result of super volcano lying beneath the apparently safe granite Rockies Mountains.

The pool colors are created from volatile chemicals that come out from volcanic activities within. Thus, these pools are famous among the many natural spring pools of the world. Besides, YellowStone also offers hiking, horse backing and river rafting to its visitors.

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