Enjoy the oriental feel at its best in china

Travel China, travel destinationIf everything oriental has inspired you for a long time, it is time that you visit China. China is all about what the oriental culture stands for and you will definitely have a lovely time here. China is rich in culture and history and what is unique about this country is it juxtaposes the old world charm with modern progress.

When you are in China, some of the places that you must visit include Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Guilin. You must also visit the Hongcun village of Anhui. The tranquility of this place and the stunning architecture makes it a must-visit. You must also not miss out on the Fortress Towers of Guangdong. This tower was built by the Kaipingers to display their wealth and it also served to protect the local people from war. If you are a water person, visit the Yalong Bay that has everything quintessential Southeast Asian holiday stands for.

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