Experience the Havana Jazz festival

Havana Jazz festivalThe Havana Jazz festival is the ultimate way to experience the exotic Cuba culture at its best. The festival is the best platform to witness the best of Cuba music, dance, food and the patent warm Cuba hospitality- a true treasure for every traveler here.

Havana Jazz Festival originated in the year 1983 & the festival has been the host of some of the most prestigious jazz musicians of the world like Chucho Valdes, Luis Monge, Dizzy Gillespie and many more. The festival involves a wide range of performances all through the day & night as well. More than the scheduled events, it’s the impromptu musical sessions which attract the optimum attention here.

Music & dance are the sole part of the world famous Havana Jazz festival. The visitors here get to witness some of the biggest musical and dance shows taking place in Havana’s historic and beautiful landmarks. The festival brings you the opportunity to experience the world class jazz musicians performing live in a famous World Heritage spot.

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