Have a nose for art: Vatican City is the place to be

The Vatican City is one of the most sought after tourist destinations if you have an eye for art and its wonderful expressions. The place truly features captivating architectural wonders which is sure to impress any art connoiseur.

Among the wealth of attractions here, one cannot simply miss out on St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s one among the largest churches across the globe and is beautifully crafted with detailed attention to every intricacy of the architecture here. Besides, Vatican is also treasured for its wonderful museums. These Vatican museums are massive in structure and display an excellent collection of artifacts including the works of Raphael, the globally famous artist.

Then, there is Sistine Chapel, another amazing specimen of Vatican art. This is the chapel where the great Pope resides and the building dispays excellent art works on its walls created by some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period, like Michelangelo.

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