Lands Untouched By City Life- Hydra, Greece

Travel Greece, EuropeHydra- The sardonic gulf island situated in Greece is a place that is like a world away from the city life. It is one of the favorite holiday destinations for travel lovers because of the peace and serenity that envelops this place.

Hydra is a very fashionable place and people love to hang out in this island because it gives them a break from the hum drum of the city life.

One very interesting aspect of this island is that automobiles are not allowed to be used on this island. Transportation here is carried out with the help of horse drawn carriages, taxi boats, mules and donkeys.

The nightlife in Hydra is mesmerizing. If you want to get a taste of the nightlife in Hydra then you have to visit the harbor front. Sea foods found on this island are very tasty and renowned all over the world. Hydra is a national monument of Greece reflecting the rich architecture and culture of Greece.

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