Love luxury: Abu Dhabi is the place to be

Abu Dhabi is a magnificent tourist destination with all its glamour and extremely rich culture that makes the area so intriguing. There are several religious places, historical monuments and some modern attractions like the very popular Ferrari World Abu Dhabi which is a very famous theme park. There are some amazing shopping areas in Abu Dhabi which keeps the shoppers busy all the time.

A very auspicious place in Abu Dhabi that you may visit is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. If you like to travel a lot, you will love take a trip to the Liwi Desert and have an exciting and memorable experience. This place has some very tall sand dunes and some of them are among the tallest ones in the world. Kids would love the Al Ain Zoo in Abu Dhabi that has an amazing collection of many exotic animals in a natural habitat. The Arabian wildlife is a also a great place to visit.

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