Must visit destination when in Thailand

Thailand has been one of the favorite holiday destination spots for westerners. Over the years the number of tourists visiting Thailand has increased in numbers. The exotic feel which Thailand provides, along with some wonderful places to visit makes it one of the most desirable places of visit for tourists. Those who love to party should visit the Koh Phangan where the “full moon party” takes place. The night at this party is sure to be a memorable one.

Chiang Mai is just the opposite of Koh Phangan. This place is peaceful with very less foreigners. You will bump into quite a few Buddhist monks at this place. The Thai food you will get here is different and delicious. From Chiang Mai you can start a trekking journey on an Elephant, ride on bamboo rafts, etc. Bangkok is a must to visit if you are in Thailand. The Thai girls, golden palaces and the cuisine in Bangkok will just stun you.

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