Doha, Qatar- tradition, glamour and glitz

April 30th, 2013 by cooldude

Doha, QatarDoha is the capital city as well as the economic centre of Qatar. Doha on one hand is a centre of the Arabian culture and tradition as well as it is a glamorous city. You can experience both glamour and tradition in here.

The education system of Doha is very rich and it is completely in compliance with the Arabian culture and tradition. There are many national universities and school in and around Doha. The Qatar government has given enough focus on the education in the recent years.

The city as said earlier is very glamorous too. There are many items available in Doha which is not available in many places around the world. The glamour world of Doha is much attractive and probably the best in the world.

The hotels and resorts in Doha, Qatar are awesome with world class amenities for the guests staying there. If you are ever to Doha, then you will definitely get to experience the glamour world there.

Packing tips for an African safari

April 18th, 2013 by cooldude

African safariIf you are going on an African safari, then you have to take proper care of the things you pack and carry with you. Take proper cloths that cover your whole body properly during your safari trip. Also take proper warm cloths since it is likely to get much cold in the night after sunset. Since there may be a lot of insects and pest that can sting you and cause infection, so it is advisable to wear covered cloths.

Take enough of drinking water as you will not get drinking water during your safari. Moreover even if you get some ponds or lakes, it will not be safe to get down anywhere and take water. Also carry dry foods with you as you may require it during your trip. You will no foods once you leave the city and enter the jungle area for the safari. Don’t take heavy foods, carry something which is light. Don’t forget to carry torch, candle, match sticks, inflammable oil, etc. You may require them to light a bon fire in you are stay in some area during the safari. It is advisable to carry tent also since sleeping or taking rest in open is not safe.

Also carry some guns, swords and similar protective items that you may require if you are in any danger.


Mui Ne, Vietnam: the Hawaii of South East Asia

April 18th, 2013 by cooldude

South East Asia, beach destinationsSouth East Asia has got some of the exotic beach side locations where people from all around the world visit to enjoy a quality time. Mui Ne in Vietnam is one such beach side location in South East Asia. Since there are no airports in Mui Ne, you have to get down at Ho Chi Minh City airport and have to take a taxi to Mui Ne.

The 10km stretch all along the beach has some of the awesome hotels and resorts with fine amenities for the guests. There are hotels and resorts of all budgets to fit the need of any type of tourists. However if you are looking for a luxurious and high class hotel, you have to go towards the western side of the beach.

The sand dunes in Mui Ne are most famous attractions of the place. You can take a taxi or a bicycle to travel to the sand dunes. The sand dunes are white and red in color and you can slide down on a sled on the sand dunes. It is advisable to visit the sand dunes during sunrise or sunset if you want to catch the most heavenly scene ever.

Due to all these things, Mui Ne is successfully given the title of Hawaii of the South East Asia.

Lands Untouched By City Life- Hydra, Greece

April 13th, 2013 by cooldude

Travel Greece, EuropeHydra- The sardonic gulf island situated in Greece is a place that is like a world away from the city life. It is one of the favorite holiday destinations for travel lovers because of the peace and serenity that envelops this place.

Hydra is a very fashionable place and people love to hang out in this island because it gives them a break from the hum drum of the city life.

One very interesting aspect of this island is that automobiles are not allowed to be used on this island. Transportation here is carried out with the help of horse drawn carriages, taxi boats, mules and donkeys.

The nightlife in Hydra is mesmerizing. If you want to get a taste of the nightlife in Hydra then you have to visit the harbor front. Sea foods found on this island are very tasty and renowned all over the world. Hydra is a national monument of Greece reflecting the rich architecture and culture of Greece.

Explore The Historic Ruins Of Machu Picchu

March 22nd, 2013 by cooldude

Machu Picchu, historic destinationMachu Picchu is an Inca site (15th century) located in South America. This site was discovered by Hiram Bingham (American archaeologist) in 1911 and today it has become the hub for history-lovers. The Incas had built their estate in 1450 and had abandoned it when the Incas were conquered by the Spanish.

This site is a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary (1981) and UNESCO World Heritage Site (1983). Machu Picchu is considered to be a sacred and cultural place. The main historical ruins in Machu Picchu are:

Sun Gate: When you arrive at this site through the trail of Inca, this will be the first ruin you will experience.

Temple of the Sun: The stonework of this temple is mesmerizing.

Intihuatana Stone: This is a ritual stone facing the sun and casting a shadow which acts as a sun dial.

Temple of the Condor, Moon temple, Temple of the Three Window, Great cave are other important historical ruins to explore in this site.

Take a trip to the mysterious Angkor Wat

March 16th, 2013 by cooldude

Angkor Wat, travel Angkor WatIf you a fetish for mysterious and adventurous things, then a trip to Angkor Wat can really be an amazing experience for you. This 900 year old temple built by King Suryavaman II is work of great craftsmanship and mystical beauty. It took only 35 years to complete this amazing building and the King offered the temple to lord Vishnu to show his dedication.

The best time to visit this ethereal place is early morning on a bike. You will get bike service from Siem Reap and around $10 to $12 is charged by the drivers for one ride. The empty corridors, magnificent walls and amazing work of architecture will spellbind you. It is the most popular temple of Lord Buddha built on 203 acres of land personifying beauty and grace. Visit the center temple, gardens and get mesmerized by the mystic towers surround the main temple. If you want peace of mind, visit Angkor Wat once in your lifetime for sure.

Cruising Across Caribbean & Mediterranean

March 3rd, 2013 by cooldude

caribbean cruise, caribbean cruise travelThere are a great bunch of cruising locations all around the world with their own distinct set of delights and attractions for the cruisers. However, if you are looking for the best two cruising options there cannot be anything better than Caribbean and Mediterranean cruising.

Caribbean is usually taken as the most perfect destination for cruising. The Caribbean islands pull up a great lot of cruisers every time with their sunny sandy shores, the azure seas, stunning climate, the panoramic natural landscapes and of course the vibrant street carnivals and sumptuous local cuisine.

Mediterranean is another brilliant option for an unforgettable cruising. The region is especially favored given its fantastic display of diversity with the amalgamation of different nations. A Mediterranean cruise is always interesting as it enables you to relish several cultures & a huge number of famous historic stops in a single trip only and with so much diversity around you are never bored here.

Take an unforgettable road trip around Australia

February 26th, 2013 by cooldude

Travel  Australia, travel tipsAre you planning to visit Australia with your friends soon? Well, enjoying your time with friends Down Under is actually a lot of fun and you will have a blast. However, if you want to experience Australia at its very best, steer clear of the treaded path and explore Australia through a road trip. A wonderful amalgamation of urban landscapes, quaint towns, amazing outback and coastal scenery ensures that a road trip across Australia is one of the best experiences of your life.

Arranging a road trip in Australia will not be a problem since there are many Aussie companies which organize road trips for their clients. When you travel with your buddies in a car, not only will you be able to see the popular Australian landmarks but also discover the lesser known spots which are uncluttered by lights and noise. Before you embark on a road trip just assess your needs, go through the entry requirements, and check the quarantine regulations and weather conditions.

Top 2 Tourist delights in Brazil

January 23rd, 2013 by cooldude

Travel Brazil, travel destinationBrazil, the 5th largest nation in world attracts great tourist hits all the year round with its tropical island dotted with pristine sand beaches, beautiful colonial towns and warm sunny ambience. There are a great host of attractions pulling travelers from all over to this South American zone and the post here highlights on top 2 delights which are a must watch for anybody taking a trip to Brazil.

If you wish to experience the beauty of Brazilian beaches at its best and take part in aquatic adventures, you should not miss out on Fernando de Noranha. It’s a panoramic archipelago embellished with beautiful white-sand beaches, vast landscapes & diverse wildlife. Its located 354 km off northeastern coast of Brazil & the archipelago was the discovery of Amerigo Vespucci. The island is considered to be the Mecca for snorkelers and divers given year-round warm waters.
Then, of course you have the famous Rio Carnival which attracts around 2 million visitors per day throughout its four daylong celebration. The Carnival is celebrated all over Rio and the most spectacular part of it is the Samba Parade of Sambadrome.

Attractions Paraguay offers

January 16th, 2013 by cooldude

A South American country with an enriched collaboration of historical and contemporary attraction is known as Paraguay. This country has a great mix of modern revelations and ancient historic background, Paraguay situated on the hills by Paraguay river. You will love the waterfront district where most of the city`s action takes place. You will surely enjoy the vast attraction of this country which is affordable and very lowest price of any travel destination in the world.

Paraguay offers you one of the finest botanical garden and zoo include of the famous zoological park. The national museum and the fine arts and The Andrés Barbero Ethnographic Museum are the another center of attraction. The local waterfalls are the must watch for its scenic beauty. You should also visit the local markets The Petrossi which is situated in the center part of the southern American culture. It is very interesting and colorful place for watching the beautiful scenarios. Finally Paraguay is a passionate place for thrill and gambling so don`t miss the casinos as well which are mostly situated in Asuncion, which is the capital city.