Phuket, sand, sea and green all around

Phuket the resort island of Thailand is considered as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide. This tropical region hosts some of the most amazing beaches around that are truly alluring for every visitor here. The pristine sandy beaches here are the perfect destination to relax under the warm tropical sun.

You are also going to love the cool blue waters surrounding the Phuket Island. Apart from dipping your toe or taking a dip in the clear waters, the aqua bodies here offer for a great variety of water sports and adventure activities. The travelers here get an excellent opportunity to try out scuba diving, snorkelling, river rafting, diving and much more.
Besides, the tropical island is also well known for its lush green stretch that adds up much to the panoramic view offered by the Thai hotspot. The most famous here is the rubber tree and the tourists here will get a chance to witness how latex is collected for rubber manufacturers.

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