Puerto Vallarta: Exotic travel at its best

Puerto Vallarta is the 2nd biggest beach resort in Mexico. The place is highly renowned for its many tourist attractions and was once dubbed as the friendliest city of the world. The place looks beautiful with its vast stretch of coastline and is primarily known for its exotic beaches.

Apart from the beaches in Puerto Vallarta which are regarded as the largest attractions here, there are many other notable sights to look out for. The several tourist attractions here include Guadalupe Church, seahorse statue and yes the Aquilles Serdan Plaza. Then, the visitors here would also like Isla Rio Cuale which features a notable archeology museum.

The Mexican beach resort is also famous for its amazing nightlife and the place is dotted with several restaurants, bars and clubs. The tourists here will find a great variety of drinking, eating plus shopping destinations to check out for. Most of these attractions are clustered over many popular beaches here and in Isla Rio Cuale.

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