Quick Facts About Phuket

Facts of phuketIf you have never been in Phuket ever before then you probably don’t know what to know about Phuket except from those annoying pictures which people usually post on Facebook. If you are having a plan to visit Phuket, you must know some of the facts about Phuket. If you don’t want to surf the internet for hours and take every different detail from different page and want a quick overview on Phuket then here are some of the quick and interesting facts about Phuket. These quick facts about Phuket is not meant to give you every single detail about Phuket and it does not have everything about Phuket, but it is an time saving article which can give you big picture of Phuket in just few minutes.  Those who want to have details about Phuket but don’t like to read much, here is such an article which just what you will like to have.

  • About Phuket

Phuket is combination of both an island and a province. It is the largest island of whole Thailand and it is as big as the size of Singapore. Phuket is situated on the south west coast of Thailand in Andaman Sea and it is connected to the mainland with the Sarasin Bridge. The currency of Thailand is Thai baht and the electricity of Phuket is 220 volt. Majority of the population of Phuket is Buddhist and Phuket also has its international airport which is mostly deserved by the Thai airways, Nok air and Air Asia.

  • Phuket history and name

Many of the times, Phuket is pronounced as pooket and the original name of Phuket was jungceylon. Now there is a shopping mall named Jungceylon shopping mall. Before it became Phuket city, the main town of Phuket was Thalang which is not much far from the Phuket airport. The main source of income of this beautiful place is tourism. Tourism has now became so much prevalent in Phuket, before it there was this tin mining which brought Phuket on the world map and was famous since 16th century. There is a different Kathu mining museum which is built in a remote location to preserve and cherish the whole tin mine history. Cashew nuts, palm oil, frozen fish and latex pineapples are also some of the main sources of income in Phuket.

  • Beaches of Phuket

Phuket is on a whole a collection of beaches. It houses 36 beautiful and trendy beaches. All the beaches of Phuket are very much famous and popular for its white and pristine water and sandy beach. The most famouis among all the beaches of Phuket is Patong beach, Kata beach, Kamala Beach, karon beach and Bangtao beach. Apart from these beaches, there are also some peaceful and nice beaches in northern part of Phuket like Naithon beach, haad sai Gaew beach and Maikhao beach. East coast of Phuket is wholly covered by mangroves in the north and it is rocky in the south, there are an exceptional beach which is hidden like Laem Ka.


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