See the best of Asia, in Malaysia

Malaysia, often dubbed as “the Orient Pearl” is regarded by many as the most amazing country among the places of S.E. Asia. It’s a magnificent and enticing travel destination and draws large number of tourists from all over every year. The tourists hitting the beautiful place would surely enjoy Fraser’s Hill for its charm, cool climate and awesome tourist attractions.

You have the global city of Kuala Lampurwhich comes with a wealth of Asian delights. The places worth hitting here are Btau Caves, Twin Towers of Petronas, Tower of Kuala Lampur, the Buddhist Temple of Thean Hou, Merdeka Square and many more.

You would also love the Cameroon Highlands here which impresses every visitor with its cool relaxing climate, lush green grasslands and beautifully maintained tea gardens, the hills dotted with wild flowers and of the gorgeous valleys. Then, you have Malacca, a must visit here for its rich heritage and culture.

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