Spookiest destination on the planet

Are you on the lookout of some of the creepiest destinations on earth? Well, here is brief list on the best spooky places on the planet. To begin with we have the blood-chilling Dracula’s Castle of Transilvania in Romania. This was the castle of Vlad, the infamous medieval vampire where the Impaler had sucked out blood from many of his victims.

Then, there is Mystery House of Winchester, located in California. The mansion is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the several people killed with Winchester rifles. It was actually the house of William. W. Winchester, the famous gun magnate.

The Death Valley of Tibet is another of the most eerie destinations till date. It’s a frightful field full of human bones where yogis meditate to to die and many others travel to obtain secret knowledge or attain purification. Very few travelers to the Tibet’s Death Valley could come back in a sane mental state.

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