Surfer’s delight: top 5 surfing spots in Australia

The east coast of Australia is like a paradise to the ones who enjoy surfing. One can find professional surfers on the east coast beaches of Australia. To select the top 5 spots amongst hundreds is not an easy task. Bells Beach Victoria is amongst the famous beaches in the east coast of Australia. The lack of sand on this beach shore makes it the most desirable surfing spot because of consistent high waves.

The North Narrabeen New South Wales beach located in Sydney has offshore deep waters which assists good wave breaks. Then there is the Kirra Beach Gold Coast in Queensland which is amongst the best place to go surfing in Australia. Tamarama Beach in Sydney New South Wales is another hot-spot for surfing. The fifth spot for surfing in Australia is the Byron Bay Beach in New South Wales which promises great surfing as well as an excellent atmosphere.

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