Take a trip back in time in Lamu

Lamu island, travel to LamuOn the Lamu Island in Kenya lies a small town called Lamu. It is fortunate enough to be one of the oldest surviving towns of Kenya. It is also considered to be the primitive home of the Swahili people. People of varied ethnicity comprise and team up to constitute the place. The Swahili architecture is officially regarded as a tourist attraction. However the tourists have to explore the place either by walking or with the help of a bicycle because of the narrow roads that are present there since its inception. One can, very funnily but truly take a donkey ride here too.

As majority of the inhabitants of Lamu are Muslims, it is advised that you do not wear very short clothes as a mark of respect. The Lamu museum is again a tourist’s must visit place. The Lamu fort which is history was built by Fumu Madi, the sultan of Pate and is believed to have been constructed to protect the members of his unpopular government. It has become a site to behold. The Riyadha mosque is the home of the maulidi or cultural festivals. The birth of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) is celebrated here. On this occasion several activities like donkey and dhow racing, Swahili dances, exhibition of crafts of the local people take place. This place has no transport other than donkeys.

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