Take a trip to the mysterious Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, travel Angkor WatIf you a fetish for mysterious and adventurous things, then a trip to Angkor Wat can really be an amazing experience for you. This 900 year old temple built by King Suryavaman II is work of great craftsmanship and mystical beauty. It took only 35 years to complete this amazing building and the King offered the temple to lord Vishnu to show his dedication.

The best time to visit this ethereal place is early morning on a bike. You will get bike service from Siem Reap and around $10 to $12 is charged by the drivers for one ride. The empty corridors, magnificent walls and amazing work of architecture will spellbind you. It is the most popular temple of Lord Buddha built on 203 acres of land personifying beauty and grace. Visit the center temple, gardens and get mesmerized by the mystic towers surround the main temple. If you want peace of mind, visit Angkor Wat once in your lifetime for sure.

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