Things To Do In Las Vegas

Las VegasWhen you think of Las Vegas the first thing hitting your mind is casinos, clubs and night life. But this not it, Las Vegas has lot more stuff to offer. Las Vegas is bucketful of amazing things to do and places to explore whether you are here for wild weekend, or for your bachelors trip or on a family trip or for a short gun wedding, Las Vegas has all covered. Las Vegas is known as sin city yet people thrive to come here and experience the madness of this city. There are plethora of exciting things to do in Las Vegas which will make your mouth drop and keep your eyes wide open. This is a happening city and there are such happening things to do Las Vegas. From the best Las Vegas shows to the heart throbbing places, from the mouthwatering best food and restaurants to soothing spa, Las Vegas has it all. Go on with the article and explore the places and things to do in Las Vegas.

  • Enjoy betting at the world famous casinos

Casinos, Las VegasA perfect combination of old times glamour with modern amenities, about 50 years old Caesars palace is an icon for casinos in this sin city. One of the best things to do in Las Vegas is playing casino in Caesars. Caesars is among the only old school properties which is left in Las Vegas and only few casinos can match up atmosphere of this place. And thus it is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. There are many people who think that casinos are the only thing to do in Las Vegas and they come here with only that intention. Another important things to do in Las Vegas before you hit casinos to visit the gamblers general store in downtown Vegas which has a library on “how to” gaming books and it also has gifts. Several other things to do in Las Vegas are to play poker at Bellagio, or you can head to palms where you can have fun from video poker.  If you want to have a glimpse of vintage past of Vegas you can go to Circus Circus or Gold Coast.

  • Have a world tour in Las Vegas itself

Paris, Las vegasLas Vegas has such themed hotels which imitates the some of the best parts of the world. Hence one of the fun things to do in Las Vegas is to see those themed places from the corner of the world. These could look tacky in any other place but not in Las Vegas. If you want to see Eiffel tower of Paris, visit Paris Las Vegas. If you want to see Venice or time square or gondolas, you can visit Venetian in Las Vegas. Yes of course it is unbelievable you get to see the popular places across the world in sin city Las Vegas. Thus there are such fun loving and mind blowing things to do in Las Vegas. Visit Bellagio if you want to experience the magic of Italy’s Lake Como and head to New York New York if you want to see the charm of statue of liberty, central park and empire state building.  This is the spontaneous and unique things to do in Las Vegas. Visiting this places will give you feel of having a world tour.

  • Dine mountainside: Wynn’s man made wonder

Wynn waterfall, Las vegasOne of the fabulous things to do in Las Vegas is to see Dine Mountains. It is actually a man-made wonder. If seen from outside, Wynn Lake looks like a tree covered hill which small and cute. But when seen from inside the resort, Wynn has made an Alpine like huge getaway with 150 feet huge mountain 40 feet of beautiful waterfall. It will really drop your heartbeat. It’s that beautiful. It is old foliage which is recreated and with the view of desert it just look astonishing. Have dinner on the terrace of the lakeside or SW steakhouse or enjoy the cocktail at parasol down and meanwhile you can see the astounding lake coming alive with magnificent hues and more than four thousand lightings enlightening the view with holographic images and soft and lovely music taking you altogether into another world. This is one of the most beautiful things to do in Las Vegas and if not done you will have regret in your heart.


  • Tour the strip for less than 10$

Deuce trip, Las VegasOne of the exciting things to do in Las Vegas to have a ride in the city’s fleet double decker buses which explores the strip all the way to back and downtown. These bus rides are well known as deuce. One of the cheapest, yet interesting things to do in Las Vegas is Deuce trip. These trip comes really cheap it’s only 6$ for a two hour ride and 8$ to get on and off all the day at any time you want. Spending 20$ will give you three day ride and your fellow passengers will be delightful and entertaining in their own way.


  • Have fun from water based show

Water show, Las VegasOne of the things to do in in Las Vegas which should not be missed out any cost is to see this water show at Bellagio. It is one of the eye catching attractions of Las Vegas. It is supersized dancing fountain. It possesses more than 1200 geysers and it is placed in a lake of eight and a half acre right in front of the Bellagio on the strip. It is really a wonderful things to do in Las Vegas. This fountain erupts every half hour and it starts from 3 pm and it also happens every 15 minutes from 8 pm and continues till the midnight. Watching this fountain is like free retreat if you have paid to watch the Bellagio’s main attractions. This is really heart throbbing experience and you must see this while your stay in Las Vegas.


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