Top 2 Tourist delights in Brazil

Travel Brazil, travel destinationBrazil, the 5th largest nation in world attracts great tourist hits all the year round with its tropical island dotted with pristine sand beaches, beautiful colonial towns and warm sunny ambience. There are a great host of attractions pulling travelers from all over to this South American zone and the post here highlights on top 2 delights which are a must watch for anybody taking a trip to Brazil.

If you wish to experience the beauty of Brazilian beaches at its best and take part in aquatic adventures, you should not miss out on Fernando de Noranha. It’s a panoramic archipelago embellished with beautiful white-sand beaches, vast landscapes & diverse wildlife. Its located 354 km off northeastern coast of Brazil & the archipelago was the discovery of Amerigo Vespucci. The island is considered to be the Mecca for snorkelers and divers given year-round warm waters.
Then, of course you have the famous Rio Carnival which attracts around 2 million visitors per day throughout its four daylong celebration. The Carnival is celebrated all over Rio and the most spectacular part of it is the Samba Parade of Sambadrome.

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