Top 3 off beat destinations in Europe

If you want to have a different kind of holiday this year in Europe then you can choose some eerie spooky destinations to bring a twist to your trip. There are several well known “haunted” places in Europe which is open the public. You can check out the catacombs of Paris. This is an eerie tourist spot. In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s an excavation was made where bodies and remains of about 6 million people were found in this area. The skulls of the people are still embedded in the dim lit passageway walls which is a very creepy atmosphere to be in.

If you’re in London, You can take the “Jack the Ripper” tour. These excursions are held in groups where the guide will show you several places where the Ripper travelled and killed and tell you stories which are related to him as well. In Budapest, the night visit under the Buda castle is one of the scariest and most exciting tourist travel tours in Europe. You’ll have to buy a ticket and enjoy a 40 minute spooky tour around the “haunted” dark passages in the Buda castle.

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