Top 5 travel spots for history buffs

Are you a history buff looking for some great historical sites to explore? Well, the article here is all about 5 famous historical destinations of the world. Firstly, you have Machu Picchu, the platform of the ancient Inca civilization. It’s one among the 7 World wonders and the Machu Picchu relics are noted as some very amazing and mysterious specimens of world history.

Then, you have Tikal of northern Guatemala, the biggest urban base of the legendary Maya civilization. It still stands reflecting the glory of Maya kingdom with its monumental architectural expressions. The third one is surely the Giza Pyramids of Egypt, another World Wonder. The Giza Pyramids were built centuries back to preserve the royal personalities after their death and are an excellent example of ancient craftsmanship and architecture.

The Angkor Wat Temples are another spot of historical attraction. They represent Hindu cosmology and were built aligning with stars. Lastly, you have the very astonishing and mysterious Easter Island, surrounded by some monumental statues.

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