Top Cities To Visit In Asia For Budget Travel

Basically every destination in Asia outside of Japan will be affordable for most of the travellers. But as you cannot visit each and every destination Asia, just because it is affordable, you need some selected cities to visit in Asia. The main expense in any place would be its stay. In Asia, the hotels are also nice and budgeted and it is easier to find such hotels in Asia as compared to that of in other places. If you properly know how and where to find, you can easily get clean and lovely rooms at family run hotels which will charge just half of what you spent on hotel booking sites. Hence there are many cities to visit in Asia which avails you with such budgetary benefits but only if you know the right spots. To guide you with these cities here is a list of cities to visit in Asia for budget travel.

  • Hanoi, Vietnam

View of hanoi, vietnam

Scene of hanoi, vietnam

Hanoi is ancient city of Vietnam along with being the capital city. It has easy to visit and compact center which is a great mix of Asian and colonial architecture. However the motorbike traffic can feel really overwhelming for those persons who are new to Asia. It is one of the top cities to visit in Asia and it’s really fun to learn how to cross the road safely in daredevil fashion.  It is one of the top cities to visit in Asia because it also has notoriously excellent food. It has unarguably best street side Pho soup in the whole country. If you share the chair with local people on the sidewalk, you can eat really amazing food with really no cost. Even if you visit tourist restaurants, they also offer tasty food with reasonable rates. The places like Ho Chi Minh’s Tomb and the Hanoi Hilton prison are totally free or let’s say very cheap to visit and have fun from.

  • Goa, India

Eveneing view of goa, india

Beaches of goa, India

India usually refers to temples and culture but this western Indian state is not for religious excursions, in fact it is a fantastic place having cheap group of beach towns which are perfect for relaxing and chilling in sun. It has such a heady reputation but despite of this fact also there are virtually no chain restaurants or hotels which makes these place feels very authentic and local even though majority of the visitors are Europeans. This is one of the best cities to visit in Asia as there is no rule or restrictions regarding consumption of alcohol. In fact let’s say it’s a hub for alcohol. Goa is considered as a drinking paradise as it has giant alcohol bottles of kingfisher which costs just 2$ even at beach shacks. The hotels which are found at low end are very basic but of course better quality is available if you go for higher budgets.


  • Hoi An, Vietnam

Night view of hoi-an, vietnam

Night scene of hoi-an, vietnam

There are only few people who are not charmed by beauty of Vietnam. But for majority of the people, visit to Hoi is like a highlight to the whole Vietnam. This is small town and is a protected Chinese style fishing village which is a UNESCO heritage site. The modern city which surrounds Hoi also has a very pleasant feel along with budgeted hotels. It is one of the best cities to visit in Asia as it can give bit of a feel of Disneyland feel. This city is very much unique and extremely beautiful. The best thing here is its food which is one of the finest in Asia. There are certain local dishes of here which is nowhere else except here. You will be availed with farm fresh food and it will also be inexpensive. These is one of the best cities to visit in Asia on budget as it has the world’s cheapest beer which is known as Bia Hoi. Don’t miss out this one of the cheapest cities to visit in Asia.


  • Pokhara, Nepal

Beautiful view of pokhara, nepal

natural scene of pokhara, nepal

The basic highlight of Nepal for most of the people is its extraordinarily beautiful scenery and the trekking which goes along with it. Visitors generally fly to the capital of kathmandu but actually pokhara is the real tourism hub in Nepal and one of the best cities to visit in Asia. It is the starting point for majority of the treks including the very famous Annapura circuit. Most of the time travellers would be busy hiking all around majority of the time; it would be really tough to find an elegant and pleasant backpacker town like pokhara. It has a lakeside neighborhood which is really low key and is lined up with cheap restaurants and guesthouses. You will also get countless shops selling name brand trekking gear and souvenirs. The only issue is that it will rainy or chilly or hazy at least for six months in the whole year. Hence it is advisable to pick your dates very carefully while going to visit one of the best cities to visit in Asia.

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temples of chiang-mai, thailand

Evening view of chiang-mai, thailand

In between Bangkok and Thai islands, there lies an enormous shopping city and also a touristy beach area which is known as Chiang Mai. This is one of the best cities to visit in Asia as it has abundance of beautiful temples to visit along with being cheaper and low key. Hence its best place to visit in Asia for budget travels. It’s a good place to go and relax and enjoy the cool evenings along with the fascinated night markets. It’s also a great place for trekking in the area along with visiting small and less touristy places and hence it’s a great base for long trips. The food available in Chiang Mai is one of the highlight with little variation on majority of the popular dishes found in Bangkok and elsewhere with even lower prices. The weather of Chiang Mai is also beautiful which most of the people likes to visit. Thus while you are in Asia don’t forget to go at this one of the best cities to visit in Asia.



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