Vacation hotspots for Labor Day

Labor Day, holiday hotspotsLabor Day is universally considered as a national holiday, especially in the industrialized countries. It’s celebrated with great festivity and grandeur and there are a lot to do on Labor Day. Here are some suggestions on interesting vacation hotspots for Labor Day.

Beach picnic would be great option. Head on to the nearby beach with a beach bag packed with snacks, sunscreen, toys & towel and celebrate a feast with family and friends under the basking sun. A great drive across the scenic countryside would be lovely and relaxing. Take a food basket and a bottle of fine wine for a cherishing romantic excursion with your lady love.

Then, you can always hit on to the parade grounds to enjoy the parades and different events such as contests, concerts and exhibitions commemorating the great day. Otherwise zoo would be a good option to hang out and enjoy the day with the kids.

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