What to do when in Shanghai

travel to ShanghaiOne of the most developed and famous city of China is Shanghai. People visit this city not only for business trips but also to enjoy their vacations. One has lots to do when in Shanghai. The Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar is the hot-spot for people who love shopping. A normal person would also indulge in shopping if he or she visits this place because of the very cheap price tags and bargaining.

A river cruise after sunset is a great way of witnessing the lighting and beauty of Shanghai and Pudong, on the river Huangpu. The Buddhist temples and shrines are some places where you could visit to find peace of mind. For your taste buds, you can have variety of cuisines being served at the restaurants in Shanghai. The Shanghai specialties will get your mouths watering when you smell the dishes being served to you. Shanghai is a beautiful and fun city to visit.

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