Where To Go In San Francisco

The world famous Golden Gate in San Francisco

Among the most famous travel destinations in the USA, San Francisco holds a good position. The city is located on the coast of San Francisco Golden GateCalifornia. The place is known for its moderate climate, one with chilly winters and warm summers. It has steep streets that overlook beautiful views of the surroundings mountains. The city’s huge array of activities, attractions and personality-infused neighborhoods appeal to tourists of all ages. There are a number of tourist attractions in San Francisco .some of them include:

• Alcatraz: It is a small island that is situated in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California, USA. The rocky island rises to an average height of 135ft approximately. It has served as many different purposes. Initially it used to be a lighthouse, then it became a site of military fortification. Soon, it became a military prison and then a federal prison. It has always been a site of landmark and national recreation. At present the place is a historic site that is operated by the national park service. It is open to tourists and visitors. The island can be reached by a ferry ride. The ferry runs from Fisherman’s Wharf located in San Francisco.

• The Napa Valley: California is one of the most famous places as vine-growing areas. Currently the valley proudly features three hundred wineries. It grows many varieties of grapes. Some of the grape types are Chardonnay, Sauvignon and other famous kinds too are grown. Almost five million and more people visit this valley every year.

• Ride the cable cars: the best way to see the steep hills of San Francisco is by taking a ride of its world famous cable cars. You can observe and enjoy the traditional feel of the place. It is so good to see how the people still use their old historic means of transportation to travel from one side to another. This makes it one of the top things that you would want to do in San Francisco.

Mars exploratorium San francisco

The exploratorium in San Francisco lets you see microscopic imaging and explore the planet of Mars in details

• Aquarium: You could spend a day enjoying at the marine nature center. You get a chance to be close to the sharks, bat rays and many other animals. The clear acrylic tunnels that have been made allows you to have a personal experience. There are almost 20,000 marine animals that live in the filtered water of the bay. This is a place that represents the diversity of ecosystems and aquatic life.

• Exploratorium: It is a place that hosts microscopic imaging station. It also lets you enjoy the adventures of the Mars Rover. You might think of it as a place for science lovers and nerds but you shall be amazed to see how it can take you by awe. It is an iconic destination where the cow’s eye dissection display and many more such things are a must watch.

• Golden Gate Bridge: it is one San Francisco’s most renowned landmark. It is a bridge that can be crossed in cars, by bike or on foot and over 9 million visitors come here to be a part of it. You can enjoy the view of San Francisco from the bridge.

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