4 Extremely Useful Tips For Thailand Travel

Regardless of whether you choose to visit Thailand solo, as a couple, or part as a larger group, there will be plenty of activities for you to take part in. However, your trip will be more impressive if you keep in mind some tips before embarking on that plane. Here are the most useful ones.

Take a plug adapter

If you are coming to Thailand from Europe or the United Kingdom, then you will definitely need a travel adapter. Unless you want to run out of precious juice for your devices and spend countless hours in local markets buying suitable chargers, you will need such an adapter.

There are plenty of online options in this regard, but we recommend an adapter that has at least 3 USB ports and the combined power of at least 4A. However, if you travel solo and you only have 1 smartphone with you, a simple adapter will be more than enough.

Plan your routes in advance

Most people who plan to visit Thailand wish to stay anywhere between 5 days and 1 month. However, we can bet that you don’t want to do the same route every day (e.g., go to the beach, then to the restaurant, and back to the hotel).

Thailand has a lot to offer, from the quiet villages of Pai to the fantastic festivals in Chang Mai. Take all traveling options into consideration, including trains, buses and tuk-tuks.

Plan your budget ahead of time

Unless you are wealthy, we advise you to stick to a budget to avoid running out of cash. Do not let this ruin the last part of your trip. There are many temptations when it comes to Thailand. From the renowned Thai massage up to a luxury restaurant with infamous Thai dishes.

But before you go on a splurge, you need to know just how much money you can afford to spend daily.

Assuming your budget is 1000$ (except flight costs) and you want to stay in Thailand for 14 days. You will afford to pay 71$ per day. Accommodation ranges from 6$ to 50$ per night, while food costs between 1$ and 15$ per single meal. It depends on the places where you stay and eat at. Therefore, plan carefully!

Be careful what you pack along

Surprisingly, many people fail to pack their luggage accordingly when traveling to Thailand. Keep in mind that it’s very hot here, even during the night! Therefore, you have no reason to pack a thick jacket or a sweater.

These will only take up precious space in your luggage.

Instead, focus on summer clothes! But do pack a training jacket and some pants, just in case it rains. It’s also recommended to bring a pair of long pants, in case you need to visit a temple. 

Thailand travel is something that many people dream of, yet few can afford it.

Many people who visited this country rejoiced from epic memories to keep them for a lifetime. Take into account Thailand mentioned above travel tips and your adventure trip should go as planned.