5 Tips For Traveling Easy With The Kids

Summer car trip and young family on vacation

Family travel is wonderful and at the same time a difficult way of spending time together. Parent and children’s needs, being away from home, little fights and other stuff… To make it as pleasant as possible, less painful for parents and joyful for kids, we have gathered some useful tips on how to make traveling with the kids easy!

Traveling with the kids as a whole family has several valuable benefits that can not only provide parent and child together spent time, but also teach values such as patience, responsible time planning, collaboration and the ability to listen to each other. Benefits that not only promote the development of children, but also the ability of parents to set an example for their children.

Traveling With The Kids Is A Must

The main reasons why families choose to travel together are the time spent together. Also the opportunity to explore new places and get new impressions together. A 2019 study by Expedia Group Media Solutions found that 83% of travelers go and plan to travel with their family members, including the smallest members of the family. 95% of family travel enthusiasts plan their travel in a way that is fun and entertaining for all of the travelers. Also, travel should be organized to be as friendly as possible to the needs of children, 70% of respondents confirm.  Look how to simply and responsibly you can prepare for your family trip with our 5 travel tips below!

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1. Take your time and be flexible!

Considering how small your children are, it is necessary to evaluate their endurance abilities during the trip. A child at the age of 6 is unlikely to be full of patience and energy for a 4-hour long city tour which includes a museum visit and dinner in a restaurant. Moreover, carrying a baby on hands throughout the whole tour is not the easiest way for parents. Also, you must take extra time to spare, for example, for going to an airport that includes check-in, security check as well as snacks to buy and boarding. It is a usual practice for a couple, but being with children requires some extra time. You do not want to miss your flight just because there is a hitch with the child’s desire to stay in a store longer than it is expected by the parents.

2. Take care of the things you will need on your travel.

When traveling with the kids, you need to take care of a lot of things. You must take along with you – documents, clothing, medicine and so on. If you are traveling with an infant you’ll need a full set of things to bring with you – diapers, bottles, strollers, favorite toys and more. In this case, the most important thing is to provide a safe environment for the baby – the better the baby will feel, the easier it will be for the parents. The same goes for older kids. At the same time, you must remember that the count of items you carry along with you does not make travel any easier. You must evaluate all the things that are really important. Keep in mind what things you definitely need to take with you and what can be bought on the spot – at your destination. 

Family packing clothes in suitcase

3. Take care of the necessary reservations and the activities on the road and on your destination early.

Flight tickets, hotels and sightseeing tickets must be booked in a timely manner. Make sure that the place you plan to stay in is safe and friendly for children. 70% of travelers emphasize that one of the primary determinants of a destination is its ability to provide convenience for children.

Regardless of the type of transportation your family chooses to travel with, you should provide travel activities for children. These can be games, toys, fairy tales, movies and snacks. The happier the child will be on their way to the destination, the calmer the road will be. Which won’t cause exhaustion and running out of patience in either the children or the parents. Along with the road activities, activities at the destination are also important. When traveling with children, parents should be aware that they are not traveling alone. Even our little ones have their own interests, desires and needs. This point also includes the need for parents to be flexible and to incorporate different activities into their plans because after all, family travel is for the whole family. Moreover, activities for children can provide valuable insights and new knowledge for the parents too. The joy of children is irreplaceable travel and daily life value.

4. Talk to your kids.

Going on a trip together as a family for the first time, with kids who are older than 4-5 years, it is important for the parents to talk with them. First of all, tell them about what is traveling in general. Then where are you heading, why and what you can see and do in the new place that you will be visiting. If you think that your little one does not understand what you are talking about, you’re wrong. Kids of all ages are very smart. Moreover, parents are the first knowledge source for kids, from whom they learn, develop and gain values and several skills. 

Family talking

5. Be ready for the unexpected!

When traveling with the kids, there will be many things that absolutely will go wrong. But that doesn’t mean that the trip will not succeed. Be prepared for everything, for example, crankiness and evening tiredness after a long and adventurous day. This is all normal! Enjoy the time spent together, the smiles and joys of children. By following the tips above and being as prepared as you can for different situations, you definitely will be ready for the unexpected and unplanned. The main thing is, let yourself accept the current situation and enjoy every moment together with your family!

+ additional tip – before going on the BIG trip, try something smaller

If possible, before the big family trip, try going on a test trip. A short outing in the local area will provide an insight into the extent of the child’s patience while driving. And also the wishes your child could have on the way and at your destination. You may not even suspect that your child is intrigued by animals and walks in nature or by city sceneries. 

Give in to an adventure with your family. By traveling together we can learn so much! Being together – it is an irreplaceable value that is important for both children and parents, and travel is a way that can unite even more than originally expected.

For inspiration look at this Instagram account about a family that is traveling together with their daughter since she was just 5 weeks old. It seems unbelievable, but adventures, memories, learned skills and the time spent together is an irreplaceable value for each of the family members.