6 Tips On How To Take Travel Photos Of Yourself

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Can you imagine traveling without taking photos and you being a part of it? It is easy to do if you are traveling in a group of people, but what about if you are traveling solo? Here’s some great advice about taking incredibly easy and memorable travel photos of yourself no matter if you are traveling solo or in a company.

You may think that it isn’t necessary for you to be a part of your travel photos, that it works well if you only take pretty landscape photos, but, think again – when you are older and you are telling those great adventure stories of your own to your grandchildren and they want to see photos of your younger self! By being seen in your travel pictures you are not only making a memory last but also making these pictures more interesting and enjoyable. Pictures bring value to your memories for years.

Travel photos of yourself that are taken by yourself – it doesn’t require as many skills as you may think it does. Further on we gather some great tips for taking travel pictures and ways how to feel comfortable while posing for them. 

Woman tourist taking photo of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on the mobile phone. Travel in Europe

Taking travel photos of yourself is important, easy and fun!

There are several ways how you can take pictures of yourself while traveling that can become handy in your daily life too – not only by the skills you gain while using different kinds of technology, but also the improvement in your personality by gaining more confidence, enjoying yourself and not feeling ashamed of it. 

Now, let’s look at 6 tips on how to take amazing travel photos of yourself!

Stop worrying about what others may think

Feeling awkward at first is good. You may feel like everyone is watching you and what you are doing. Guess what! Even if they put a glance at you, they are doing their own stuff and won’t remember what you were doing the minute they walk away. Be confident and feel free! The more comfortable you feel, the better the pictures.

Show up early

Crowded places and strange people are not the things you want to be seen in your pictures, right? So, to get the best shots of yourself to go to places early – a lot of tourists like to sleep in and start sightseeing around midday. By getting up early you are able not only to take amazing photos with great lighting and free space but also to feel more comfortable as there are no people who may be disturbing you.

Get the gear ready! 

Use your phone, its timer, tripod, GoPro camera, selfie stick and so on! There are a lot of possibilities in the gear of great photo shooting and the best thing is, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in it, it is totally enough to use your phone and the timer on it to get great travel photos

Tip: get a remote shutter for easier photo taking! It will save your time and energy in running back and forth to set your timer on again and again.


Backpack with things needed for travel

Don’t be afraid of asking for help

A great way to get beautiful photos of yourself is to ask for the help of others. It will be a lot easier and quicker to get your photo taken if you have someone who can take it for you. Another great plus, you get to interact with others, communicate with different people.  Maybe, even get some new friends or help them with taking their photos.

Leverage your surroundings

If you are using your phone to take your travel pictures and don’t have any other items that can help you in your photo making (like, remote shutter, tripod) you can use almost everything to help you – put your phone or camera on a wooden pole, a pile of rocks, backpack and so on… Use your imagination, creativity and play with the best angles you can get! 

Try, try and, again, try

Look for your best poses, angles and experiment! Be creative and dare to feel free, confident and beautiful. Your travel photos are for you – take as many photos as necessary to get the ones you like the most. Smile and be the best YOU, you can be! Enjoy!

For more detailed ideas and tips on looks, poses, angles and other useful things, read this post.

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Feeling weird? Know that you are not the only one who is on the path to getting the perfect travel picture. Feel as weird as you want and get the most fun and amazing travel photos of yourself!