A Few Useful Travel Tips For Getting Around Ireland

Ireland coastline

The possibilities for travel are endless, from the beach to the mountains or cross country to traveling abroad. Useful travel tips will always come in handy! Traveling entails a lot of planning and researching from how to travel, accommodations and itineraries. One of the standard travel plans for summer is traveling abroad with either family or friends. I daresay, we all have a summer bucket list and how we wish we could check them all in one summer!

In most bucket lists one item would say “travel abroad”, well why don’t we? Let’s go to the land of Leprechaun, Ireland! Ireland is full of beautiful places in history, majestic countryside, pubs for everyone. And the weather is just right, not too warm and not too cold in summer. Where sunset sets at 10 in the evening, just a lot of time enjoying the Irish after hours. So here are useful travel tips for you to consider when visiting Ireland.


Ireland has two currencies, Euro and Pound Sterling. So make sure you can change currencies before crossing the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Have enough loose bills and coins for those outright travel expenses. The rest you can keep in your debit card, you can find an ATM during your travel and in airports.

Car rentals

It is best to rent small cars if you plan to take road trips around Ireland. Roads going to and in the rural areas of Ireland are quite narrow, so a small car is best. Also, practice your right-hand drive driving since you are going to drive on the left side of the road.

Tips and paying at the restaurants

If you are used to giving tips, check your receipts before paying because, like restaurants, they add 10% to your bill for tips, or you can add it when you pay your bill. For service providers like taxi drivers, for example, you can also give about a 10% tip if you are happy with the service you received. Tipping really is at your discretion.


Chairs arranged in pub


It’s best to prepare for Ireland weather as it may rain today, and tomorrow it may get sunny, then rain again. Always have coats and umbrellas with you and best if you already wear sneakers or walking shoes, just in case it rains again. Imagine if you are wearing flip flops or sandals, and all of a sudden, there’s a downpour! Poor feet!

Working hours

When traveling or doing sightseeing on a Sunday, better check ahead of the places you are planning to visit. Most sites in Ireland are closed or open late, some at 2:00 in the afternoon. Sunday is a rest day in Ireland. They also have Monday Bank Holiday. 

Medieval castle on the seaside, Ireland

Traveling to another country entails a lot of planning, the experiences and memories that you will have will be worth it, especially if you go with your family and friends. Travelling is one of the best educators a person could have. We hope these tips at least intrigued you to go to Ireland – here you can find out more about traveling there! Let these useful travel tips to help you on your journey to Ireland!