A Guide on How to Find Friends While Traveling

Finding good people to hang out with while traveling is essential as it makes the whole experience much more memorable. Here are some tips on how you can find friends while traveling solo. 

Traveling is a fun experience, especially if you’re doing it alone. You can even go with friends, but making new friends while traveling opens up new opportunities and makes it all so much more exciting and adventurous.

Ways To Find Friends While Traveling

The people you meet while traveling have the potential to change your life as they are valuable connections that spark meaningful relationships. Travel and friends go together because we are humans, and we need social interactions to survive.

So here are some tips that you can use while traveling to meet new people and become friends with while traveling.

Social Media and Facebook Groups

Social media has gained so much popularity over the years and has become an essential medium to make friends. You make friends online via social media and meet them while traveling in real life. 

There are many Facebook groups where you can find people with the same interests as you and arrange meetups while you travel. Here are some travel groups you can join to find great friends while traveling.

Here are a few groups on Facebook dedicated to only travelers:

  1. Ultimate Travel Group: a community of travelers.
  2. Girls LOVE Travel: this one is only for girl travelers.

NOMADS – a life of alternative travel: discusses alternative ways of life and travel.

Local Events

Local events are the best place to make friends while traveling. You can search for an event in the city, festivals, and even concerts. These events are fun and entertaining. There are also numerous applications that you can use to find the most popular events near you. Eventbrite is one platform for search events near you that interests you.


Check out bars nearby to find friends. Communicating with people over a drink can take away the awkwardness when making the first contact. You can find bars on google maps and head over there to make new friends.

Be aware that you must enjoy bars yourself. Otherwise, you might not like the types of personalities you meet there 🙂


Hostels are an essential place to make friends while traveling. When you’re staying in a hostel, don’t be shy and try to socialize with the people in the communal area, nearby cafes and restaurants. Hostelworld is one fantastic platform for searching safe hostels before traveling so you can connect with the people there.

Take Classes

You can search for local classes of your interest to find friends while traveling. It could be related to fitness, yoga, cooking, and anything, really. As long as it interests you, it will help you find people who can become your friends during traveling. 

So, what are you waiting for? Select your next travel destination, plan your trip, and make new friends with the help of social media, Facebook groups, local events, bars, hostels, and nearby classes.

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