Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Travel Blog

It’s highly desirable to have such a blog nowadays due to the possibility of making a side income.  Also not being restricted to the order of a boss is good benefit. Moreover, you can let your imagination run free, which is usually not allowed in a typical job. Creating a travel blog will lead you there!

But if you want to be successful in the process, you have to avoid some common mistakes. Here are the most important ones.

Not writing original content

This is a mistake that many people make out of laziness or lack of time. However, it’s incredibly harmful to the blog. Original content is treasured by search engines as long as it’s grammatically correct and makes sense. Google, Bing and other search engines have algorithms that detect that automatically within seconds.

If you are going to post plagiarized content on your blog, then the same algorithms will sink your position in search results to the point where you will no longer appear there. Imagine your article being on page 997 of a Google search; who is going to click on it?

Posting rarely

If you want to have a great travel-related blog, then you need to post daily. Why? Because it helps you to rank better on search engines and entertains your loyal readers. Would you return to a blog that is updated monthly? I don’t think so.

If you don’t have the time to write 1 post per day, try to write more on the weekends (e.g., 3-4 articles per day) and then post the articles throughout the week.

Not paying attention to the comments

Once their blog becomes popular, many people make the mistake of not paying to the comment section. Are you writing for yourself or for the people? If you are writing for the people, then you need to pay attention to the feedback they give.

Maybe they will point out some grammar mistakes or tell you that your content is too similar to that of another site. Constructive criticism should be appreciated. Besides, you may have spammers in the comment section that need to be blocked, or they will discourage loyal readers from coming back.

Not focusing on a niche

While it’s okay to post just about anything about traveling on your blog, it’s not the best idea. It would be wise to focus on a niche. For instance, you may write about the best holiday destinations for those that want to go on a splurge and post a new destination each day.

This is a great idea, especially for affiliate marketing, since it’s enough to refer to even 1 client per week to get a hefty commission. Let’s assume that your visitor (client) reserves and pays 7,000$ for 1 week at a 5-star hotel in Manhattan. If you have an affiliate relationship with the booking site and they give you a 5% commission for each client that you refer to, you will instantly receive 350$. Sounds exciting.

Creating a travel blog enables you to get out of routine and earn some money on the side. However, you need to avoid the mistakes mentioned above if you want to be successful in your venture.