Disney World Resorts with Water Slides (WholeTravel List)

Exploring Disney’s water park with your family is no less than a dream vacation. After all, who doesn’t love a day filled with magic, water slides, pool flash, and exciting rides? Such an experience fascinates everyone, and if you too want to have this enthralling experience, the Disney World tour deserves a place on your travel bucket list. Disney World is famous for its theme park, pool activities, and other recreational amenities. Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are the two water parks in Disney World. However, the fun of water slides is not limited to these two theme parks only. You can create eternal memories of Disney’s iconic water slides while staying in its resorts. 

Walt Disney World houses some of the best resorts with water slides and exotic facilities. A vacation at Disney resort is the best escape from extreme summer heat and monotonous routine. Moreover, you can have the joys and thrills of Disney World Water Park during winter in its heated pool and water slides. All Disney Resorts’ pools have several rides, complementary towers, life jackets, and availability of lifeguards. Most resorts also have impressive dining options near the pool area and pool bar. Let’s learn more about different Disney World Resorts with a water slide that are a perfect fit for staying.

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Resorts Have Pools with Water Slides at Disney World

Disney World has over 20 hotels with water rides, but the question is which resorts are the best. Below is the list of Disney’s top resorts with waterslides.

  •  Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Live a blissful Lifestyle near the Pacific Islands with Polynesian Village Resort. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is a mesmerizing hotel with a waterfront view. It has a Lava pool with zero entry points. It boasts a waterfall and a 142-long water slide.Water Slide At Disney Polynesian Village Resort

The Polynesian Village Resort’s Oasis pool, motor rides, fishing activities, and water slides are worth the visit. On my recent stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, I was captivated by its tropical ambiance and waterfront views. The Lava pool’s slide was exhilarating, and the Dole Whip is a must-try. Evening relaxation by tiki torches and the ever-welcoming staff makes it a memorable escape.

  •  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas (Kidani Village)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas (Kidani Village) is a not-to-miss resort with waterslides. It’s a Samawati Spring Pool with a 128-foot-long water slide, hot tub, and jacuzzi. The pool area also hosts various pool-theme games, activities, and parties. You can dive into its exciting waterslide following a short staircase to enjoy the water splash in tranquility.Water Slide at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas (Kidani Village)

My stay at Animal Kingdom Villas was a serene escape amidst Disney’s hustle. My spacious savannah-view room offered daily wildlife spectacles. Convenient parking, efficient bus service, and the tranquil ambiance made our stay memorable. It’s a peaceful contrast to the park’s excitement, with a thrilling waterslide to boot!

  •  Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort 

At Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, families can enjoy the motor ride, fishing activities, specialty cruise sail, and the soothing views of Seven Seas Lagoon. The night water parade and private cabana are the chief highlights of this hotel, with a slide pool. Besides these admirable features, it has an 181-foot-long water slide, an aesthetic waterfall, and a walking bridge.Water Slide At Disney Grand Floridian Resort

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is a luxurious haven. It blends elegance and Disney magic, From boat rides to the Magic Kingdom to the newly renovated rooms. The views of the Seven Seas Lagoon and nightly fireworks are unmatched. With impeccable service, especially at Citricos and Gasparilla Grill, it truly offers a top-tier Disney experience.

  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort 

Modern and luxurious contemporary resorts near the shores of Bay Lake will bless you with pristine white sand and a 17-foot high curving water slide. In addition, it has fountains, a water playground, and a poolside bar for snacks and beverages. You can also enjoy water skiing and pool-theme games in this resort.Water Slide at Disney's Contemporary Resort 

I recently stayed at Disney’s Contemporary Resort by Bay Lake. The 17-foot water slide and playground were highlights. Our Garden Wing room comfortably fit my family, and walking to the Magic Kingdom was a breeze. The staff, from front desk to housekeeping, was exceptional.

  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge 

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is the best option for a resort with a gentle water slide for your kids to enjoy. Besides a 67-foot water slide, you can enjoy hot and cool whirlpool spas, an electrical water pageant, and guided fishing in its Copper Creek Spring pool. Water Slide At Disney Wilderness Lodge

During my stay, the gentle 67-foot water slide was a hit with the kids, and the Copper Creek Spring pool offered guided fishing and an electrical water pageant. Dining indoors during the rain was a plus, and the convenience of everything being walkable was fantastic. The boat to Magic Kingdom added a touch of magic, and the staff, especially at the pool, were top-notch. The room views were unexpectedly beautiful, even for a standard view. 

  • Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club Resort 

Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club Resort is a 3-acre aquatic area comprising 7,50,000 gallons of water. It boasts an amusing shipwreck replica, high water slides, three whirlpool spas, and several pools. You will love the 230-long Jib water slide in this resort.Water Slide at Disney Beach And Yacht Club Resort

My recent stay at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club Resort was nothing short of magical. The 3-acre aquatic area was highlighted especially the 230-long Jib water slide. My room was spacious, offering all the comforts needed. The pool and lazy river were delightful, and I appreciated the quieter pool at the back for some relaxation. The resort’s location is unbeatable; I loved the convenience of walking to Epcot or taking the boat to Hollywood Studios. A special shoutout to Giovanni for his exceptional service and for making us feel at home.

  •  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jumbo House)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jumbo House) has a Uzima water pool, a tropical oasis featuring a super fun water playground and slides. It has a 67-foot-long water slide where kids get the perfect beach life experience. The relaxation activities here are soaking up in the sun and enjoying the poolside games.Water Slide At Disney Animal Kingdom

The natural surroundings and diverse animals of Savannas highlight Animal Kingdom Resort. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is exceptional. We marveled at giraffes and zebras from our room right from the balcony. The space was spotless, spacious, and well-appointed. The 67-foot slide delighted the kids. Although the food variety could be enhanced, the resort’s charm is in its unique animal vistas. 

  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness 

Disney Fort Wilderness has kids-friendly curving water slides and rides. The families can explore horse rides, pony rides, rental water crafts, fishing, and wagon rides here. The rides in this resort are perfect for kids because of the gentle sloping, short heights, and easy access. Water Slide At Disney Fort Wilderness

The campsite was a highlight of my stay at Fort Wilderness, with its unique blend of outdoor activities. We especially enjoyed the pool and the campfire with Chip N Dale. However, the food options could be improved, and some services were not up to Disney standards. Still, the fireworks and water pageant were mesmerizing.

  •  Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

The Luna Park at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is the center of attraction here. It has a 200-foot-long water slide inspired by an elephant statue spouting water through its trunk. In addition, it has two leisure pools to relax. Its water ride is similar to a classic roller coaster ride. It is one of the best Disney hotels with a pool and slides. Water Slide At Disney Boardwalk Inn

At Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, I was completely taken by the Luna Park. The location is unbeatable, nestled perfectly between Hollywood Studios and Epcot. I loved the variety of transport options – from boats to buses and even the sky rail. But sometimes, I just enjoyed a leisurely walk to the parks. The ambiance of the hotel, paired with top-notch facilities and the ever-attentive staff, made my stay unforgettable.

  • Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort 

The Grotto pool at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort has a tropical waterfall and exciting water slides. It has a separate kiddie pool as well. Moreover, there are three poolside restaurants, several watercraft rental options, and a beachside volleyball court. Thus, with a water slide, you can enjoy exploring the lake and beach in Swan boats at this Disney World Resort. Water Slide At Disney Swan And Dolphin Resort

I stayed at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort and was thoroughly impressed. The Grotto pool with its water slides was a highlight, and the proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios was unbeatable. The resort, blending Disney magic with Marriott standards, offered multiple transport options, comfortable rooms, and spectacular views. Despite wishing for more food variety at Fuel, the overall experience was memorable.

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort 

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort features five leisure pools, beach campfire activities, the finest fishing experience, and a water play area. It has a stunning Spanish-themed zero-entry pool boasting two waterslides and a spray of man-of-volcanoes. It also has some mini waterslides for kids’ entertainment. Water Slide At Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Orlando

I stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and was thoroughly impressed. Our room in Barbados – Bldg 33 was conveniently located near the main lobby, Skyliner, and bus transport. Despite nearby refurbishments, our stay was peaceful. The room was simple and clean, with a comfortable king bed and efficient A/C. The grounds were lush with tropical flora, and the pool was pristine. The Centertown Market offered quick, delightful meals.

  • Disney’s Port Orlean Resort French Quarter

The Doubloon Lagoon at Disney’s Port Orlean Resort is all kids want for a perfect vacation. It has an alligator band and a blue sea serpent water slide. The serpent water slide does not impose danger but rather a splash of water that will gently slope you into its iconic pool. However, all children under 12 years must enter the pool with an adult to enjoy the water slides in this resort with water slides. Water Slide At Disney's Port Orleans Resort

During my stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, I was charmed by its quaint Southern USA theme, reminiscent of 19th and 20th Century New Orleans. The serene Sassagoula River nestles the resort and has beautiful gardens and seven 3-storey room blocks. My room in block 3 was spacious, featuring two king-sized beds and a serene ambiance. The Doubloon Lagoon was a delight, especially the blue sea serpent slide, which my kids adored.

  •  Disney’s Riviera Resort 

It is impossible to miss Disney’s Riviera Resort while exploring Disney’s hotel with pool slides. It has a mesmerizing pool and a water playground inspired by the great fountains of Europe. In addition, it has kids-friendly and gentle water slides to ensure a safe experience blessed with fun and laughter.Water Slide At Disney's Rivoera Resort

I had a delightful stay at Disney’s Riviera Resort. The European-inspired pools and water playground were a hit with the kids. Our Tower Suite room, though snug, was thoughtfully designed, with a spacious, luxurious bathroom. The Skyliner’s proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios was a game-changer. The boutique ambiance and top-notch service and dining, particularly at Primo Piatto, made our vacation unforgettable. 

  •  Disney Saratoga Springs Resort 

 Disney Saratoga Springs Resort boasts a 141-foot-long water slide, horseshoe theme whirlpool spa, miniature slides, and Horse theme Canons. The other attractions are the waterfall, the pool deck’s lighthouse, and Spanish miniature slides. Water Slide At Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort

During our recent family trip to Disney, we chose to stay at Saratoga Springs Resort. Our room in the Grandstand section was spacious clean, and offered a serene escape from the park’s hustle. The resort’s recent renovations added a fresh touch, making it feel even more luxurious. The Paddock pool area, with its unique kids’ play zone and dining options, was a particular favorite.

  •  Disney’s Old Key West Resort 

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is an excellent option for a stay at a resort with a water slide. It has a sandcastle pool where you can dive from an exciting water slide. In addition, there is a dolphin fountain and three leisure pools.Water Slide At Disney's Old Key West Resort

Our stay at Disney’s Old Key West Resort was nothing short of magical. The sandcastle pool, complete with its exhilarating water slide, was a hit, while the dolphin fountain added a whimsical touch. Our one-bedroom villa was spacious and luxurious, particularly the bathroom with its walk-in shower and jacuzzi. After action-packed days at the parks, the resort’s tranquility was a welcome retreat. The convenience of boat rides to Disney Springs was a delightful bonus.

  •  Disney’s Port Orlean (Riverside)

The 3-acre O’l Man Island at Disney’s Port Orlean Resort (Riverside) is ideal for enjoying water activities, fishing, and rustic water slides. This resort’s pool also has wheelchair-accessible pool lifts and other facilities for people with disabilities.Water Slide At Disney's Port Orleans Riverside

We loved our princess-themed Royal Guest Room in the Oak section. Although the room’s AC struggled a bit, the staff’s prompt response was commendable. The Riverside Mill Food Court was our dining favorite, and the boat trip to Disney Springs was a scenic delight.

Final Words

Although Disney World has several Resorts with water slides, which suits you the best depends on occupancy and budget. The opening hours of all the resort waterslide areas vary. In addition, several rules are attached to each resort’s waterslides and other pool rides. The resorts listed here are the most-visited and highly-rated water slide hotels of Disney World. 

Moreover, these resorts are ideal for enjoying water slides when Disney’s water parks are closed for refurbishment projects. A simple pricing comparison, rules regarding kids’ access to slides, and online availability details will help you choose the most suitable resort for your Disney World vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does Disney have water slides?

Disney World has some out-of-the-world water slides that guarantee pure bliss. Besides the top resort listed above, its water park and other resorts also have various waterslides. You will find an array of exceptional slides and water activities to enjoy at Disney World.

  • Which Disney hotel has a 5-acre waterpark?

Four Season Resort Orlando has a 5-acre water park. This 5-acre water park boasts the famous Lazy River, several water slides, and many tourist attractions.

  • Why is Typhoon Lagoon still closed?

Typhoon Lagoon was closed in 2022 due to a refurbishment project. However, Disney has hinted that it may reopen soon with better and additional water slides and facilities.

  • How long is the water slide at the Polynesian resort?

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has a 142-foot-long water slide. It is a towering volcano that you can access by climbing a staircase. You can dive into the zero-entry pool through this exciting water slide at Polynesian Resort. 

  • Which Disney waterpark is permanently closed?

Two Disney water parks are permanently closed, i.e., River Country and Discovery Island. There are various assumptions regarding the reason for closing these water parks. However, according to the official, these parks were closed due to reducing demand. Additionally, after closing these, Disney World introduced new and more exciting water parks.

  • Why did Disney abandon the water park?

Initially, the River Country was not supposed to be abandoned. It was closed for the refurbishment project but was later abandoned due to low booking. It is one of the oldest water parks of Disney World. The new water parks with more rides soon became popular and caught everyone’s interest. Thus, River Country water park became less popular and closed permanently. However, some rumors suggest a brain-eating Amoeba was found in this water park pool. Filtration didn’t help remove this amoeba, leaving any option other than closing it. 

  • Is Disney still getting rid of Splash Mountain?

Disney has closed Splash Mountain after over 30 years. It is closed from May 2023 because of a new exciting project. Inspired by The Princess and The Frog, Tiana Bayou Adventure will replace Splash Mountain in 2024. 

  • How long will Splash Mountain be closed at Disney World?

Disney World’s Splash Mountain was open till May 30. It was closed due to a transformation project. It will soon be transformed into Tiana’s Bayou adventure. A certain date is not announced for the opening of this new project. However, it is expected to open in 2024. Till then, Splash Mountain will remain closed.

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