Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Disney World Deluxe Resorts

Are you planning a magical vacation at Disney World? Deciding where to stay at the end of the day will set the tone for your entire trip expense. If you stay on Disney World Property, they break the hotels into three categories based on the price tag – Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. Despite being expensive, most prefer staying in the Disney World deluxe resorts. From awesome pools to easy access to the parks, they offer top-tier amenities for top-notch prices. Keep reading to discover the top Disney World deluxe resorts and why staying in one of them will be worth it.

Why Disney Deluxe Resorts? 

Here is a list of benefits of choosing Disney World deluxe resorts

Early Theme Park Benefit

Early theme park entry is the new perk at all Disney World deluxe resorts and a few selected partner resorts. Doesn’t that sound amazing? We know 30 minutes might not be a ton of time, but still, you can have the best bet in getting on the popular rides and may be able to accomplish your vacation goals in a shorter trip.

Extended Evening Hours for Deluxe Resort Guests

Extended evening hours at the parks, Magic Kingdom and Epcot will let you enjoy good hours with your loved ones. With the park hopper tickets (to visit multiple parks in a day), you can make the most of the extended perks for the best time with your loved ones.

Spacious Rooms and Views

Another biggest perks of the Disney World deluxe resorts are the large, spacious rooms and luxurious views. While the valued and moderate resorts have restricted accommodations, deluxe is an exception. The rooms make it comfortable and cozy for you and your loved ones.

Better Dining Options

Dining options are one of the best perks for staying in Disney World’s deluxe resorts. It allows you to pay fixed pricing for your daily meals. As an all-inclusive resort, the dining options will help you budget your costs ahead of time. You can maximise your credits and dinner ahead of purchases. Some dining options are fast-casual, sit-down meals, and more.

Better Pools and Recreation Options

When you decide to stay in one of the Disney World deluxe resorts, you can relax thanks to easy access to an impeccable pool and recreational options. As hopping is prohibited, you can relish in your respective pool, including Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation, Lava Pool at the Polynesian Village Resort, and more.

More Transportation Options

Generally, Disney transportation options are available to every guest, despite the type of resorts they choose to stay at. You take a Disney bus at Animal Kingdom until the Caribbean beach resort and then board the Skyliner to Epcot. However, the perk for being a guest in Disney World deluxe resorts is getting served directly by Disney transportation. You will have free transportation to all the parks, including Disney Springs and water parks. While everyone is passing through the transportation and ticket centre, you will be dropped off directly at the Magical Kingdom.

List of the Disney World Deluxe Resorts – Ranked

Disney World’s deluxe resorts present a comprehensive range of premium and exceptionally themed hotels and boast countless luxury amenities. They are categorised based on the closest attractions; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Springs, and Animal Kingdom. Here is your complete guide to all the Disney World deluxe resorts. 

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

Disney's Booardwalk InnDisney’s Boardwalk Inn is an attraction itself amidst the entire park. It is a perfect spot to picnic and play if you visit with your family and kids. When you stroll down the boardwalk at night, the delicious smells, the majestic muscles, and the light on the water will give you a magnificent experience. Rooms At Disney's Boardwalk Inn

During my stay, I Loved the Boardwalk Inn’s proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The ambiance felt less chaotic, with a pleasant vibe. However, encountered some hiccups: “Do Not Disturb” was overlooked, and room cleanliness could improve. The staff was generally friendly. Despite some issues, the location and transportation options made the stay worthwhile.

Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort

Disney World Swan And Dolphin ResortDisney’ Swan and Dolphin Resort is where you can turn your dreams into a reality. As a famous entertainment architecture, the playful demand of the beautiful design contributes to the grandeur appeal of the resort. An element in these deluxe Disney World resorts is the inspiring integration of water, the swan, and dolphin statute foundations. Dotted with intricate details, the hotel creates a mesmerizing ambiance to transport you to a different world. Rooms At Disney World Swan And Dolphin Resort

During my stay at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort, I was captivated by its prime location, granting seamless access to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The room, especially the corner King, was spacious and comfortable. While dining options were diverse, they leaned on the pricier side. The pool complex, with its slide and waterfall, was a standout. Some minor room issues arose, but the overall experience was delightful.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney's Contemporary ResortDisney’s contemporary resort is one of the A-list deluxe Disney World resorts built with modular construction and houses the sophisticated Bay Lake Tower. The resort has an exotic lounge and member-only pool to immerse in the water for a refreshing day. The contemporary space possesses a charming view of the beloved Cinderella’s castle and is five minutes from the park entrance. Rooms At Disney Contemporary Resort

During my recent stay at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, I was thoroughly impressed by the sleek and modern design of the rooms,  which offered a bright and airy ambiance. The convenience of the monorail inside the hotel added to the experience, and I was pleasantly surprised by the minimal noise from the bustling concourse. The garden wing provided a peaceful escape, and the ability to easily walk to Magic Kingdom was invaluable. Although the resort comes with a premium price tag, the unparalleled proximity to the attractions and impeccable service make it worth every penny. The breakfast from Steakhouse 71, especially Walt’s Hash, was the cherry on top of a fantastic stay.

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Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Disney's Yacht Club ResortDisney’s Yacht Club Resort offers the fascinating and formal grace of the New England-style yacht club. The space has refined touches of nautical theme decor, gardens, and Bayside Marina. The expansive water playground of spas, lazy rivers, and pools makes it a grand attraction in the eyes of visitors. You can easily reach the skyline transportation, board the gondola and indulge in the bird’s eye view of the park. The plush amenities and private balances will make your vacation at Disney memorable. Rooms At Disney Yacht Club Resort

Staying at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort was an unparalleled experience. Its proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, especially with the convenient back entrance to Epcot, made our travels a breeze. The boat rides linking various resorts added to the charm. Our room was spacious, clean, and featured a serene balcony view. Surprisingly, the TV didn’t have Disney+, which seemed like a missed opportunity. The quieter, hidden pool provided the perfect relaxation spot away from crowds.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is where you will find a Victorian-styled opulence space to stay. The decadent Disney resort has a must-visit lobby area, packed with majestic music from the skilled piano player and the talented team of Grand Floridian Orchestra. It also boasts delectable restaurants and the infamous Gingerbread house, available during the holiday season. Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

My stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort was nothing short of enchanting. Nestled in the Boca Chica building, my lagoon view room offered breathtaking views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks, with the added charm of the nightly electrical water pageant. The recently refurbished rooms exude elegance and functionality, making our stay even more delightful. The resort’s impeccable service is exemplified by individuals like Elise from Citricos, who went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. The convenience of the boat ride to the Magic Kingdom and the monorail transport is unmatched. Rooms At Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Disney's Wilderness LodgeDisney’s Wilderness Lodge allows you to escape the hectic relay and explore the exquisite Great Northwest regions. The master craftsmanship and the inspiring design of National parks make this place one of the must-visit Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Relished in the peaceful ambience of the outdoors, trolled by beautiful nature, you can enjoy your time in the rocking chairs amidst a bubbling creek.  Rooms At Disney's Wilderness Lodge

During my stay at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, I was captivated by the resort’s tranquil atmosphere and stunning theming. The boat service to Magic Kingdom was both efficient and scenic, making park visits a breeze. My room, overlooking Bay Lake, provided an unexpected treat with clear views of the fireworks. Dining at Roaring Fork offered a variety of tasty options, while the pool, with its fun slide, was a hit. One minor hiccup was the limited splash area access for older kids.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney's Polynesian Village ResortDisney’s Polynesian Village Resort is one of the Disney World Deluxe Resorts, a favourite for visitors built around the peaceful ambience of an island paradise. Apart from the amenities, the dining and luxurious feel make this a choice for every family trip. If you are an adult seeking some time away from the hectic life, you will love visiting Trader Sam and a relaxed time on the beach, catching the Nighttime Spectacular for the Magic Kingdom.  Rooms At Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Staying at Disney’s Polynesian Resort was like stepping into a tropical oasis. The Moana-themed rooms, with monorail views, captured the essence of island vibes. The lush landscaping was a highlight, and every staff member greeted us warmly with an “aloha.” The convenient monorail access and vibrant atmosphere at Captain Cooks added to the experience. However, some rooms had minor issues, but the overall charm and island ambiance of the resort made it a memorable stay. The Club Level service was top-notch and added value to our visit.

Biggest Downside of Disney Deluxe Resorts

Even though you can savour the dreamy perks of staying in one of the Disney World deluxe resorts, remember some drawbacks of the place.

  • They are expensive –   Almost every aspect of Disney World comes pricier, and deluxe resorts are no exception. It could be a drawback for most people planning to spend the entire day in the park. If you are one of those, you can easily book at value or moderate resorts.
  • They are loud –  Though the stay at Disney World’s deluxe resorts could be a nostalgic feeling, some spaces could be particularly noisy. Some resorts are near the parks, and Magic Kingdom and monorail resorts are around heavy foot traffic from overnight guests and guests visiting for dining. If you love seclusion, centrally-located excuses are not the perfect choice.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts Room Size

The size of your room in the resort plays a factor in determining where to stay at Walt Disney World. The rooms at Disney World deluxe resorts are larger than the Moderate resorts, with a precise range of 380 square feet. However, the range might vary depending on the resort you choose.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts Square feet
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn 370
Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort 360
Disney’s Contemporary Resort 394
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort 380
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa 440
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge 344
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort 415
Disney’s Beach Club Resort 380
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge 344



Disney World Deluxe Resorts Price

The Disney World deluxe resorts come at high-end prices. However, you can indulge in their incredible customer service by the stellar staff during your stay, making the spending cost worth your comfort. Here, we have listed out the price range of every deluxe to help you decide which one makes sense for your vacation.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts Price per night (in dollars)
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn 574
Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort 358/ 405
Disney’s Contemporary Resort 531
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort 522
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa 763
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge 439
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort 633
Disney’s Beach Club Resort 522
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge 450


Disney World Deluxe Resorts Transportation

When you stay on property at Disney World, you are opening yourself to many transportation options available. The resorts bring the guests complimentary resort lines, Monorail and Skyliner, to get them around the magical world. 

Deluxe Disney World Resorts Magic Kingdom EPCOT Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Monorail Walking path,  Boat Skyliner, Boat, Walking path Bus
Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort Bus Walking path, boat Skyliner, boat, walking path Bus
Disney’s Contemporary Resort Monorail, Walking path Monorail, Bus bus Bus
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Bus Walking path, boat Skyliner, boat, walking path Bus
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Bus Bus Bus Bus
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Bus Walking path, boat Skyliner, boat, walking path Bus
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Boat, Monorail, Walking path Monorail, bus Bus Bus
Disney’s Beach Club Resort Bus, Monorail Walking path, Boat Skyliner, Boat, Walking path Bus
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Bus Bus Bus Bus





Some Disney World deluxe resorts have limited transportation facilities, leaving you with just the bus ride as a complementary option to get from and to the parks. The long bus rides and large internal bus loops could make you angsty.

Enter the Most Magical Place on Earth for a euphoric Experience.

While you drive under the gateway, Walt Disney World welcomes you with a sign that reads ‘The Most Magical Place on Earth!’ and when you decide to stay in one of the best Disney World deluxe resorts, you can feel the magic spill over into your vacation even outside the park as well. The special touches like whimsical décor, the convenience of morning coffee, and hidden Mickey will make your trip even more memorable. Nonetheless, remember that not every resort is equal. Do your research and figure out the perks to find the right choice!

Now, what are you waiting for? Let your real world fall away and replace it with a carefree, contemporary world of magic at Disney’s world.


Q1. Is Deluxe worth it at Disney?

Like other high-end experiences, Disney World Deluxe Resorts come with an expensive price tag, making it a challenging decision for most people while planning a vacation. However, if you are comfortable spending, the deluxe is worth it. The resorts are designed with themes and offer a variety of amenities. 

Q2. What is the Cheapest Disney Deluxe Hotel?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge are some of the cheapest Disney World Deluxe Resorts available. While the rooms are a bit smaller than other deluxe rooms, they are considerably better options due to the convenient location.

Q3. Are Swan and Dolphin considered deluxe resorts?

Yes, Swan and Dolphin are considered deluxe resorts in Disney World. They are neither owned nor maintained by Disney. They have world-class amenities common to the best Disney World deluxe resort.

Q4. What is a Disney Deluxe villa?

Disney Deluxe Villa allows the guests to stay contiguous to all the fun and exciting activities in the park, allowing you to enter and exit the place at your own pace. It also offers big, spacious multiple-room accommodations, fully-equipped kitchenettes, and flexible room arrangements.

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