Guide to Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort: A Comprehensive Review

Have you been planning a Disney vacation with your family but still want to keep it within the budget? Then, opting for Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort will help you! Accommodations are the most expensive part of a Disney vacation; All-Star Sports Resort is the go-to option for families who want to enjoy the perks of staying at an official Disney World resort.

Disney vacations are not typically cheap, and the last thing you want to do is regret the expenses of a dissonant stay. We have thoroughly researched if you want to know more about the All-Stars sports resorts. Review our comprehensive review of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort and decide whether it aces the championship among other valued resorts.

Guide to Disney's All-Star Sports Resort: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort: A Sports Lover’s Paradise

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is an official suite at Walt Disney World that offers sports lovers a world of competitive sports from baseball, basketball, and football to surfing and tennis. It is one of the five value resorts on the Disney property. Despite the lack of amenities, the resort is popular due to its affordable pricing per night stay. The sports décor and stunning amenities will let you celebrate your vacation with joy.

Why Choose Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort for Your Stay?

Exploring the Resort

The Sports-Themed Sections: From Surf’s Up to Touchdown

At the All-Star Sports resort, you will find bright and bold pop-art icons facing each other as a part of the theme.

  • Surfs Up – The theme will bring the waves and thrills to the entire All-Star Sports resort, featuring giant surfboards and lifestyle standards to resemble the beach.
  • Touchdown – A football theme featuring giant helmets and footballs will let you relish in the real spirit of the sport.
  • Centre court – You will love this tennis-themed section, where you can enjoy the four-story rackets and jumbo cans of tennis balls.
  • Homerun Hotel – A home for baseball lovers, the resort features gain bats, balls, scoreboards, and cups of Coca-Cola. It will make you feel like you are in your town, cheering for your favorite team.
  • Hoops Hotel – The theme rebounds on the basketball court and provides big whistles and mega-sized megaphones to the guests.

Hoops Hotel At Disney All Start Sports Resort

I was immersed in a sports lover’s paradise during my stay. The ‘Surf’s Up’ section transported me straight to the beach with its towering surfboards and beachy vibes. The ‘Touchdown’ area, adorned with massive football helmets, reignited my passion for the game. I enjoyed staying in the ‘Hoops Hotel,’ where the basketball court theme, complete with oversized whistles and megaphones, was delightful. The beds were among the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in.

The Magic of Mount Mickey: The Heart of the Resort

The Magic of Mount Mickey is the heart of the resort, where you can enjoy the view of your favorite Disney friends practicing their games. You will see Mickey Mouse running to the end while Minnie Mouse resizes on the tennis court. Donald Duck seems to be waiting for the perfect couch, and Daisy Duck catches waves. On the field, you might also meet other pals like Louie, Huey, and Dwewy.

Accommodations at All-Star Sports Resort

The Room Options: Standard View vs. Preferred View

Two rooms are available in the All-Star Sports resort – a standard room and a preferred room. The design is the same, but the preferred view is expensive and close to amenities like the lobby and pool compared to the standard room.

Standard view

  • Double beds
  • Accommodates up to four adults
  • Views of the pool, parking area, and courtyard

Preferred view

  • Double beds
  • Accommodates up to 4 adults
  • Pool, parking area, and courtyard views
  • Nearby dining, shopping outlets, and transportation at the stadium hall

Room Amenities: What to Expect During Your Stay

Rooms At Disney All Stars Sports ResortBoth standard and preferred rooms have the same design, two double beds, and a beverage cooler. There will be television to enjoy entertaining during your stay in the room, and also check out the offerings of Disney World. You can access complimentary Wi-Fi services, 24-laundry services, housekeeping, and overnight parking facilities. The best part about their vending machines for laundry is you will be notified through text when your laundry is finished.

During my stay at the All-Star Sports resort, I was pleasantly surprised by the nuanced differences between the standard and preferred views. Opting for the preferred view, I was treated to a convenient proximity to the resort’s prime amenities. Waking up to the sight of the shimmering pool and being just a short stroll away from the lobby was a delightful bonus. The room itself was cozy and well-maintained, with a comfortable bed ensuring a good night’s sleep after a day at Disney World. The highlight, however, was the impeccable service. The staff were attentive, making sure my experience was nothing short of magical.

Dining at All-Star Sports Resort

The End Zone Food Court: A Culinary Touchdown

End Zone Food Court is a cafeteria-themed quick-service restaurant. The food court encompasses food stations with various breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. It has every pizza and kind of pasta flavor, nachos, soups, salads, snacks, hot dogs, and other grab-and-go items like ice cream and fruit cups. As the stations are centrally located, you can make easy choices from the station of your choice.End Zone Food Court At Disney All Stars Resort

During my stay at All-Star Sports Resort, the End Zone Food Court truly felt like a culinary touchdown. The cafeteria-style setup offered various choices, making it a breeze to find something delicious at any time of day. I was particularly taken with the variety of pizzas and pasta, and those nachos became a favorite treat of mine. For quick snacks, the ice cream and fruit cups were my go-to. While the menu might be typical of Disney, it was more than enough to satiate my appetite. I must also mention the refillable mugs, which proved to be a fantastic deal, especially during my extended stay. The food variety was commendable, but the Mickey waffles? It’s an absolute treat.

The Poolside Bar: Relaxation and Refreshments

You can hang loose at the luxe and lively poolside bar, just a few feet away from the nose of the Surfboard Bay pool. You can find a broad range of beverages here, including cocktails, draft beer, sangria and wine, frozen drinks, and more.Pool Side At Disney All Stars Sports Resort

I was frequently drawn to the poolside bar near the Surfboard Bay pool. Its design, reminiscent of a ballpark concession stand, added a unique touch. The staff, for the most part, were friendly and attentive, ensuring my drink was just right. I particularly enjoyed their signature cocktails, which were refreshing after a long day. However, on one occasion, I did notice a slight hesitation from a bartender when assisting with a wine bottle.

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Transportation Options

Navigating Disney: The All-Star Sports Resort Bus Service

The intimidating thing for many guests staying at All-Star Sports Resorts is finding the transportation service. However, the resorts offer Free bus service to the theme parks and Disney Springs. In addition, you can also reach the water parks and any of the other hotels in the landscape. Now, where do you find the bus stop? – Super easy to locate, the bus stop can be seen directly outside the stadium hall (the main entrance and the lobby).

Once you arrive at the bus stop, pay attention to the signs to get on the correct bus. It includes,

  • Magic Kingdom – 6.3 miles with 15 minutes of traveling time
  • Animal kingdom – 2.6 miles with 10 minutes traveling time
  • Hollywood studios – 3.3 miles with 10 minutes traveling time
  • Epcot – 4.8 miles with 10-15 minutes traveling time
  • Disney Springs – 5 miles with 15 minutes of traveling time

The bus service to the theme parks will usually begin 45 minutes before the opening of parks and close one hour after the closing. Disney changes the bus route and schedule based on the season. Moreover, the bus will not directly let you reach the desired location. Since The service is shared between all the All-Starresorts, the trip will take longer than you expected due to more additional stops.

Amenities and Activities

Dive into Fun: The Surfboard Bay Pool and Grand Slam Pool

  • Surfboard Bay Pool –  Bigger and more active, the Surfboard Bay Pool is designed for kids without a slide or diving board. Situated right outside the back of Stadium Hall, the pool is built like a beach for kids to enjoy.
  • Grand Slam Pool – Designed in the same shape as a baseball diamond, the whole Grand Slam Pool is for families to enjoy their leisure time. The statue of Goofy as a baseball pitcher will steam to the water, making your time more fun.

Pool area At Disney All Stars Sports Resort

I was thoroughly impressed with the pool area. Open until 11 p.m., it’s perfect for unwinding after a day at the parks. The pool’s size is generous, ensuring everyone has space to relax. Cleanliness is top-notch, and the attentive lifeguards ensure a safe swimming environment. The evening Disney movie screenings are delightful, making pool time even more special. The sports-themed decor, especially the oversized surfboards, adds a fun twist. While it might not rival the luxury of higher-end Disney resorts, it offers a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Recreation at the Resort: From Movies Under the Stars to the Jogging Trail

Recreation Facilities at Disney All Stars Sports Resort

  • Movies Under the Stars – What would be a better recreation than watching a good movie under the stars? At Disney’s All-Star Sports Resorts, there is outdoor movie time for the guests. Grab a blanket, take your favorite snack, and enjoy the movie in your comfort.
  • Fresh dip in the pool – The resort features two themed pools for the guests, – Grand slam pool with a baseball theme and Surfboard Bay Pool with Goofy Pitcher’s Mound, where you can spend time with your loved ones, taking a fresh dip and enjoying the refreshment drinks.
  • Jogging trail – Enjoy the early morning breeze by taking a mile walk or run and give your personal best for the day.
  • Campfire – Gather with other guests when the sun goes down for an old-fashioned campfire celebration as you roast the delectable dishes by a cracking fire.
  • Playground – Children can climb and slide around the playground near the Touchdown hotel space.

For a concise overview of all the things concerning Disney’s all star sports resort, take a look at this table:

Category Details Additional Information
Themed Sections 1. Surfs Up – Giant surfboards, beach vibes
2. Touchdown – Football theme with giant helmets
3. Centre Court – Tennis-themed with four-story rackets
4. Homerun Hotel – Baseball theme with bats, balls, scoreboards
5. Hoops Hotel – Basketball theme with whistles, megaphones
Accommodations 1. Standard View – Double beds, up to 4 adults, views of pool, parking, courtyard
2. Preferred View – Double beds, up to 4 adults, closer to amenities, views of pool, parking, courtyard
Room Amenities – Two double beds – Beverage cooler, TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, 24-laundry services, housekeeping, overnight parking, vending machines
Dining 1. End Zone Food Court – Cafeteria-themed, variety of food options
2. Poolside Bar – Cocktails, draft beer, sangria, wine, frozen drinks
Transportation – Free bus service to theme parks and Disney Springs – Bus stop outside the stadium hall, different routes to various parks
Amenities and Activities 1. Surfboard Bay Pool – Designed for kids, beach-like design
2. Grand Slam Pool – Baseball diamond shape, family-friendly
Recreation – Movies Under the Stars – Outdoor movie time
– Fresh dip in themed pools – Grand Slam Pool and Surfboard Bay Pool
– Jogging trail – Mile-long walk or run
– Campfire – Evening gathering
– Playground – Near the Touchdown hotel












Wrapping Up: Is Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort the Right Choice for You?

With clean and comfortable accommodations, the All-Star Sports resort features two pools and a vibrant, sports-themed building. Despite being one of the value resorts, you can still enjoy the ‘Extra magic hours’ at the park, like the guests at the expensive resorts, but at an economical price. On the other hand, the rooms are small in size.

However, it is also suitable if you spend most of your time in the parks and want a convenient place to rest at night. Moreover, during the off-season, the resort typically shares the bus facility. Even though there is a food court, you will not have the luxury of table service. The resort is often home to sports and teams to play sports-related activities, meaning you must endure the extra noise in the surroundings. Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort might be the perfect option for a wallet-friendly vacation to Walt Disney World.


Q1. What is the current state of refurbishment at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort?

The refurbishment is proceeding at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. The work is complete in the Touchdown (football) and Homerun Hotel (baseball) parts of the hotel. The project will be completed by early 2023. You will find a refreshed lobby, room, and fine dining location when visiting the resort.

Q2. What are the room options at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort?

Rooms available in Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort are Standard rooms and Preferred rooms. Preferred rooms are near the lobby, transportation facilities, and food court. On the other hand, standard rooms are a bit far from these main areas, with similar size and amenities.

Q3. What amenities are available in the rooms at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort?

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort offers excellent amenities such as complimentary transportation facilities, Wi-Fi internet, parking space, online check-in, laundry, dry cleaning services, and housekeeping services.

Q4. What dining options are available at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort?

All-Star Sports Resort at Disney World offers an array of delicious fresh food in their dining section. The numerous dining options are End Zone Food Court and Grandstand Spirits Pool Bar.

Q5. What transportation options are available at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort?

If you are trying to figure out how to travel to Disney parks and other areas from Disney’s All-Star Sports Resorts, remember you have four different transportation options. It includes free bus service, a taxi (Lyft or Uber), a Minnie van, or a drive.

Q6. What recreational activities are available at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort?

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort offers various recreational activities for guests, a campfire, a movie under the stars, and a jogging trail. You also find a playground for kids, a game point arcade, and more to spend an enjoyable time with your loved ones.

Q7. How does Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort compare to other Disney resorts?

All-Star Sports resorts might lack luxurious amenities and transportation options. However, All-Star Sports might be the right pick if you focus on spending your vacation in Disney within your budget.

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