An Easy Guide On How To Be A Travel Blogger

You think about how to be a travel blogger after traveling a lot and often getting a lot of questions about travel tips, right? Or you’re already known amongst relatives and friends as the person to ask when it comes to traveling.

From the moment you start getting a lot of questions, it’s worth considering starting a travel blog. With the growing number of tools and platforms, it’s never been so easy to start a blog. There are also many free options, so you don’t have to spend large amounts of money!

So you think about starting a travel blog to make it easier to share your tips and avoid wasting time writing the same answers all the time. But how do I begin to write? What platforms to use? Is it worth paying a dominium and a web host for a blog? Will I make money?

It’s pretty typical such questions coming up in the beginning, and in this article, we’ll show you don’t need big gigs to be a travel blogger.

Just Write to Start Your Travel Blog

In the first stages, the most important thing to do is to write something, experiment, and play around with ideas. Then, start straight answering what people usually ask you when it comes to travel tips.

After getting more familiar, pay attention to what’s missing on most of the travel blogs and what you can do better. 

The significant advantage of being a travel blogger is the possibility of sharing stories that people can relate to. They are written by an ordinary person like the readers, instead of the boring formalism of travel magazines. They want to know about your experiences and imagine how they can do the same.

Writing Skills & Travel Experiences

What about monetizing my travel blog? Monetizing is not something to concern in the beginning, sincerely. You aren’t going to make any money out of your blog before building a big enough audience who engage with your stories.

Firstly, you need to be consistently putting the best content you can.

However, being a travel blogger is more than just sharing travel tips about the places you’ve been around the world. It involves combining writing skills and travel experiences. Writing must be your craft to be cultivated every day, followed by discipline and hard work. Creating the content is just one phase, publishing, promoting, and monetizing are more advanced steps to take. So we share a couple of tasks to help you on how to be a travel blogger.

  • Reflect on why you want to be a travel blogger. Do you want to share content for fun, or you want to become a professional travel blogger?
  • In case of not ready to commit full-time to your travel blog, start approaching it as a hobby. Start small and test what platforms so as the kinds of content work better for you on a long-term perspective.
  • Join travel bloggers communities for support, advice, events, meetups, learn about the trends on blogging, and get updated through the discussions. These communities also open doors for collaboration and opportunities to work with other travel blogs.

If you’re more serious about generating income through your blog, start testing SEO and social media strategies. You will find the approaches that best resonate with your content and your audience.

Where do I Start a Travel Blog?

Options to start a travel blog are abundant as new platforms are launched around the world on global and national scales. If you have been blogging and feel sure you want to run your own blog, it’s worth considering pay for a dominium. Also consider hosting on platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy, Hostgator, to name a few.

In case of not sure about running a website or not being able to dedicate a lot of time, it’s best to start small on platforms that allow writing for free. Medium is a publishing platform open for all topics while Tipler and Triptipedia are more specific to travel content. There are many travel platforms open for contributors and flexible to share online across social media if you want to share tips at no financial cost.

Before making any conclusion, the best thing to do – try out and see what happens about writing for a travel blog. If you don’t feel about writing, you can try to express your experiences sharing pictures, videos, or short voice recordings.