How To Prepare For a Trip And Not Forget Anything?

It seems we all know that to prepare for a trip you need to make a list with must needed things. But, it must be said, that often we give ourselves a bit too much credit for trying to remember all and keep it in our head as we think we can handle it all well. In this way, it is easy to forget some important things for a trip.

Preparing for a trip, shorter or longer, is always a responsible job. Only a very rich person can afford to go to an unknown place with only a passport in his pocket  – tickets, daily necessities, clothing – getting all of these things require money. While everyone should experience a spontaneous trip at least once in their lifetime, here are some tips for preparing for a stress-free trip.


Without documents, as well as without tickets, traveling is very hard if not impossible. Of course, if it is a trip to another city in your country, you do not need to be as serious as you just need to bring your identity affirming document. It is quite different if it is a trip to an exotic country or to a third country destination. Then, when thinking about preparing for your trip, you need to make sure:

  • What kind of documents are required for entry/exit from a country?
  • What is the validity period of the documents – will it be valid for the time needed?
  • Do you need a visa? You can check this here:
  • Insurance. Carry out research on travel insurance options and carefully evaluate which one you will use. A weekend trip to a European capital city may not be as risky as a three week trip to America or Asia, where insurance is definitely required.

Vaccine and Medicine

Health and safety come first, so make sure what vaccines, if necessary, you have to have before your trip. Some countries may not allow you to cross the border unless you have the necessary vaccines and you can prove that you have had them. 

For information on necessary and recommended vaccines, look here:

Also, remember to take the medicine that you may need while traveling. The best thing to do is to make a list with your carry-on-kit – this will allow you to think more carefully about all the possible situations. If you are traveling to a country with a different culinary tradition, take some cure for various digestive disorders or any systematic problems. Here’s an advice, try to keep the original packaging of the medicine. If these are prescription drugs, then remember to bring a copy with you. 


Preparing for a trip requires quite a lot of research, including thinking about money. Explore the situation, market and opportunities available in the country of your destination. You can change your cash to save money in a place where there is a better exchange rate for it to be more profitable for you. If you do not like cash, leave all your funds in your account, but find out what additional charges your bank will charge you. You may want to warn your bank that you are going on a journey – there are banks that pay so much attention to security that they block an account if they see something unusual for the user. And of course, today’s rapid development now offers a variety of ways to travel more comfortably, for example, by using a Revolut card


As we mentioned before, safety comes first while traveling, so, here are some points to take in consideration to prepare for a trip:

  • Share your travel plans! Even, if you do not go to it alone, tell in detail your plans to another, trusted person.
  • If no one is home during your absence, try to find someone to look after your place. It is best if somebody stays there for the duration of your trip.
  • Make copies of important documents and keep them separately in each bag.
  • Carry out research on the legislation of the country of destination. What is the norm in one country, can be criminal in another! 

Tip for picture security: keep them in a cloud or any other storage options offered by the internet.

Travel Daily Necessities 

The list of daily necessities for each person will definitely differ. But in order not to forget anything or not to take something unnecessary, make a list. When it comes to clothing, it is better to carry less than more – it will be easier to travel as it is known that all of the along brought clothes are never even worn! Also, make sure that the clothing you choose fits well with the different possible weather conditions at your destination!

Although a simple but most effective way to prepare for your trip is to make a list of things to take along. Take the same list with you on the go so you can make sure you don’t forget anything when you are coming home!

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