How to Start Your Own Travel Blog

A travel blog can be a source of sharing your beautiful and adventurous experiences with the world. 

If you love traveling, then you should definitely start your own blog. Your love for traveling can open up new doors for you as you share your experiences with the world through a blog.

First things first, you would need to know how to start a travel blog.

Therefore we have curated this article to help you start your very own blog step by step from scratch. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Steps to Start a Travel Blog from Scratch

Pick the Perfect Travel Blog Name

The perfect blog name should be one that matches your personality and should portray what your blog is about. Make sure the name you pick stands out in the numerous blogs out there and is easy to memorize. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect blog name

  • Check .com domain is available for the name
  • Please keep it simple and concise
  • Check social media sites for availability of name
  • Avoid numbers and symbols
  • Make sure it stands out

Set up Hosting for your Travel Blog

Sign up for hosting your domain name. You can find numerous hosting websites online for registering your domain. We recommend using HostGator or Bluehost due to their exceptional customer service and reliability.

Install WordPress

After you have decided on the blog name and hosting, head over to WordPress for installation. It is easy to install and use. Many professionals are using it as it is the most popular and widely used content management system in the world.

Select a Professional Theme

Once WordPress is installed and ready to use, start with building your website. You can choose a free theme or buy a theme and customize it according to your style. 

For buying an already built theme, you can visit Elegant themes or Theme forest. Browse through their full range of WordPress themes to buy the one that most suits your personality. 

You can even hire web designers and developers online through Upwork to get your website built professionally.

Write your First Blog Post

Now that your website is built and hosted, it’s time to write your very first travel blog post. Write an engaging post considering the audience you are targeting. You can use Canva to create graphics for your blog posts and share them on social media pages. 

We hope this article helped you. Now that your blog is up and running, share your incredible journey with the world and grow your audience.

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