Practical Travel Apps & Websites

The internet has really brought up new ways of traveling. It has shaped a whole new ecosystem of travel apps and websites to attend to the needs of travelers worldwide. The most popular apps and platforms are Uber, BlaBlaCar,, Airbnb, Couchsurfing. In this article, we want to introduce you to a few practical applications.

These will help you explore new horizons beyond booking reservations, flights, and packages.

Planning a trip is much more than just booking hotels, flights, and tour packages. Especially when you’re heading to new destinations where you’re not familiar with the local culture, transportation system. All the doubts that come up when planning your adventure in the middle of the difficulty to find reliable and accurate information about the places in your travel wishlist.

Travel Apps & Websites to Look Into

New travel apps and websites are founded every single day. Some startups are doing great in solving the biggest pain points travelers face around the world. In this article, we introduce some of the best apps and websites that can help you plan your next adventure. These will consider cultural differences, travel tips, local recommendations, transportation. And even the challenge of bad internet connection!

As Russia has its own internet ecosystem, we also share the travel apps to use when traveling there. Further, you will find apps that will help to move around the biggest cities, book trains and taxis and deal with the language barrier.


CultureMee is an excellent app for travelers looking for information about the cultural particularities of the destination they’re going to visit. As well as the cultural differences compared to their home countries. It’s also suitable for business travelers. It includes practical information about almost all countries around the world. Available on website, iOS and Android apps.


Tiplr comes with the proposal of a digital travel guide. It aims to build a feature to allow travelers to create their own guides by selecting their favorite travel tips. Combining text and images, Tiplr also works as a practical travel microblog. You can share your recommendations without the dominium, web host and all the work of starting up a travel blog. They have abundant tips about NYC, Paris, London, Italy, Greece, among more than 7,000 tips about the destinations around the world. Available on the web platform and iOS app.


Refundit is a smart solution for travelers to cut through the red tape when doing tax-free shopping and getting VAT refunds skipping the lines using a mobile app. It’s already present in more than 50 countries, mostly in Europe, charging lower fees than the traditional VAT refund services. Available on iOS and Android versions.


Arrivedo aims to give hotels the authority of local hosts and online concierge through its Neighborhood Guides. It shares with travelers the local experiences organized by travel writers. This platform is useful if you look for hotels to stay and local recommendations about things to do, events, where to eat, essentials, routes, and more. Available on the web format.


If you’re more into video content, SeeVoov is the best app for planning your trips by crawling relevant videos. You can find videos based on image analysis, travelers’ reviews, pictures, location, site information and the data stored by its Deep Learning tech. After planning your trip, you can take the content offline. Available on the web format, iOs, and Android. Another advantage of SeeVoov is tagging videos in different languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, and Hindi.


If you’re into a more adventurous approach by hitchhiking, the best source to find information is on the collaborative platform Hitchwiki. It gathers lots of relevant travel tips about hitchhiking around the world. And also other options for cheap transport, to tips for budget travelers. is a smart navigation tool when traveling to a destination with a lousy internet connection. It works offline and gathers maps from places around the world, as well as hotels, restaurants, attractions, and relevant local places. Its content is available in 12 languages and you can download the map before your trip.


Worldpackers is suitable for travelers looking for volunteering opportunities in exchange for accommodation while traveling. Most of the opportunities listed on its platform require a minimum of 3 or 4 weeks and a maximum of 10-12 weeks. It has become popular among hostels and backpackers.

Travel Apps to Use in Russia

Since Russia has its own internet ecosystem, most of the popular apps in the West are not the best ones when traveling in the country plus the language barrier. Instead of Google, Russians use the search engine Yandex and its apps. So here the apps that will make your trip to Russia easier.

  • Yandex Metro: maps all the metro stations and lines in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, also available in English. It would be best if you typed the station you want to reach out and the app shows the fastest route. It also covers Yerevan (Armenia), Vienna, Baku (Azerbaijan), Minsk (Belarus), Tbilisi (Georgia), Prague, Helsinki, Athens, Budapest, Milan, Rome, Almaty (Kazakhstan), Lisbon, and more cities in Russia and around the world.
  • Yandex Taxi: it’s the alternative to Uber in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, and other major cities in Russia, identified by the yellow color.
  • Yandex Trains: allows you to check train timetable, ticket prices, and the platform number. It works offline and covers a large part of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, and Armenia.
  • Yandex Transport: allows you to find the best routes by bus, tram, train, metro in the major Russian cities, in Astana (Kazakhstan), and in some towns in Belarus.
  • 2GIS: similar to Waze, it shows free business listings on a 3D map that can be downloaded and used offline.

Do you know another app that we missed and was useful on a trip you did? Let us know so we can also share it with other travelers. Travel apps are an amazing way of how to get out more of your journeys!