Stay Out Of Trouble! International Travel Tips

Finally! You are going on your trip around the world. That makes you very happy and excited, but also a little bit scared, right? Going to unknown places and countries that have a different cultural heritage and legal rights can be overwhelming. Make sure you research more on international travel tips before embarking on this adventure!

You might also wonder about documents and visas that you have to get. We will not answer this question in this article because each country has its own system. It is important from which country you are traveling, where to, as well as the length and aim of travel. However, we will try to resolve at least some of your worries. Even the smallest things, like electrical adapters, might worry you. These troubles that may arise and give you an extreme headache can also stop you from enjoying your long-wanted traveling. That is just not what you deserve, which is why we have comprised a list of the best international travel tips that will save you from problems and enable you to have all the fun you want! 

Check All The Documents Twice

Yes, you are probably aware of the fact that a passport is the most important travel document you will need. However, what if it gets stolen, what are you going to do?

Good international travel tips will be to:

  • Pack a copy of your passport– This will help you recover fast from the stress the mugging may have caused and enable you to continue your trip safely. 
  • Leave the copy of your passport to your close people– A good plan B is to give the copy of your passport to your family members or friends that can help you in case all your language disappears. 
  • Register at your embassy– To find solutions at your embassy would be a plan C and last resort in case you are fully hopeless and can’t get your passport in any other way. So, make sure that you register on time. This will also help everyone to find you in a situation where there is a national riot in certain countries (hope not).  
  • Check the visa requirements– Every country has different visa requirements that you need to fulfill in order to enter the country. Thus get this tip very seriously or there will be no trip you want. 

Health and Safety on International Travel

Many parts of the world have a different climate, insects or the risk of certain diseases that your immune system is not prepared for. 

Therefore, ask your doctor if you have all the necessary vaccines for the country you are going to. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in a hospital because you got bitten by the bee in Japan, right?

Also, double-check if your medical insurance applies to your picked destinations. You never know what can happen. So stay safe! 

Money Tips for Going International

No money, a lot of problems! Being in a foreign country all alone and with no money is the worst scenario! You might turn out to be out of cash or maybe some local thief decided to grab your bag. However, it can also be difficult if your card doesn’t work.

Therefore make sure to:

  • Check if your card will work in the country you are visiting. Many banks have switched to a far way more secure chip-and-Pin technology. Also, so many companies abroad no longer accept the outdated-strip cards. 
  • Consider monetary conversion. Oh, those prices that are somewhere higher and somewhere lower than the prices in your country. It is highly relevant to check the worth of your money in other countries as well as to check the conversion fee to not spend more than you planned to. Seriously, this can eat your daily budget! 
  • Have local cash in your pocket. Not every place accepts credit cards, so scan the labels to not end up in trouble after you had a perfectly good meal or a beer. 

And that’s it! These are the most basic international travel tips that you should not forget. Now you are ready to go and have the journey of your life! Enjoy!